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The Last Days / TLD For new Mac Version of warband?
« on: September 07, 2014, 08:25:17 am »
I have the new macversion of mount&blade warbands which got released on steam like a month ago. Im trying to install TLD mod for it to work with my mac war band game, but the furthest i come is that it quite and jumps out on loading screen right after i hit play game. No crash report or nothing just quits out to steam again. Ive followed the manual of how to install in every way and tried everything. Before i used to play m&b wb using wine but now when it has officially been released for mac i like to play mods on my mac version. I can't seem to get the auto installer to work on my mac, i know how to do it with wine but without wine I'm not sure. Mac version runs soooo much better then my wine version so i would so much like to see any fix so this awesome mod can be used for mac version of war band as well.

Mac side of war band in steam has a workshop, please please please post the mod there working for mac, OR please make it so manual installation is possible. Or please tell me how to get the auto installer to work on my steam M&B WB version.

Hope anyone understands and can help! Would so much appreciate it. This mod is my childhood :)

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