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Hi, my fellow SWC followers! In order to centralize the entire Community we're going to open a new board in our Mod DB page.
Hope this change helps people to join/track us more easily. This have been the home of Star Wars Conquest since the first alpha.

Lots of developers, fans, players and old mod titles has led us to what we are today. I, on behalf of the Dev Team want to sincerely thank Winter his support giving us this space in his MBX site. Sharing board with The Last Days and other renowned modules. Thank you!

Our new home:

Our new forums:

We probably leave a transitional weeks before lock the main threads.
Hope you like the New Star Wars Conquest Community!


Hey there, well today after redoing some extra icons to the map, finishing the copy pasting code from motomataru and making some double-sided lightsaber anims (cool but in developing) I started to wrote a "Player's Guide" But as I'm not a native english speaker, the text should look lowly-understandable by a normal guy... so now ask for help.

Ideal Writter:

+ In deep SWC player

+ Good english narrator, without spelling mistakes etc...

+ Word 2007 (not required but useful)

+ Shakespeare son... (why not?)  :)

If any of you is interested, PM me. The credits of the document are completely of the creator (honor and glory for you), but I have already a design in mind.
<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

The objectives of the Guide are:

- Installation walkthrough

- anti-boring info, illustrative and enjoyable (word plays... etc)

- Basic Starter info

- Gameplay Mechanics

- Min ~8 pags. Max 12

- Other interesting things...

Anyone?  ;)

Star Wars Conquest / Star Wars Conquest Theme (Persona) for Firefox
« on: May 15, 2010, 01:42:04 pm »
Hi people... Today I bring to you a Star Wars Conquest Firefox theme (Persona) It's cool and helps to spread words about the module, Hope you like it...
It has just been aproved and added to the Mozilla gallery... If you're interested in wearing this, click on the preview image...

Enjoy it!


Star Wars Conquest / Tutorial: How to Install Star Wars Conquest
« on: March 22, 2010, 01:04:06 pm »
Hey there, as many people can't play the mod because is difficult to install :-) (*cof* richard1*cof*) I suppose I will do a tutorial where all the steps are explained:

Tutorial: How to Install Star Wars Conquest

0. Check that you have Mount&Blade installed in your computer, without this Star Wars Conquest can fail...

1. Go to the Star Wars Conquest download page and download the module [the latest version is] Click here!

2. When the download has finished correctly, you will see a *something*.ZIP (or .RAR) file, that is a file with files within... so we need to open it with a "zip extractor"

3. Search in Google for "7zip", "Winrar" or "Winzip", the first is free... and install it, easy... you can ask to your big brother!

4. Open your zip file with one of these programs and extract it to the Desktop... You can do this thru drag & drop, drag the folder of  the zip program into the desktop...

5. Now you have a folder in the Desktop named "Star Wars Conquest *numbers and dots*" Open your Mount&blade folder at "C:\Program Files\Mount&Blade\"

6. A lot of files are awaiting you, well, there is a folder named "Modules", open it and you will see the Native module folder, the following steps are simpler, copy the "Star Wars Conquest *numbers and dots*" folder of your Desktop into the modules folder close to the Native one.

7. Cool, You're done! If you have been lucky, you have two folders front of you, Two playable modules... Now you can say to your friends and family that do you know how to install Mount&Blade modules. There is nothing as hard! Impresive!  :idea:

Hope it works...  :green:

Hey, people, I've just made a complex script {cmd coded} to fight the "useless" of IronLauncher (and yeah, I created it  :P)
I love the real SWC font, but only a few of players use it, so I wanna change that... with this small script

With this font, you'll feel the real SW atmosphere, almost perfect... try it, if not, you can undo anytime instantly :idea:

Sorry for the Linux(Wine) users, but surely they can patch the font themselves   :P

The file weighs 944 bytes, so the old excuse of the 56kb/s modem internet connection fails!
Download Links:


1. Simply download the zip, open the zip with 7zip/winrar/winzip/windows explorer zip utility and...

2. Copy the cmd to M&B Path\Modules\Star Wars Conquest V{X.Y.Z}\Change Star Wars Conquest Font.cmd

3. Double Click "Change Star Wars Conquest Font.cmd" [Vista/Seven users maybe want to use "Run as Administrator" by right clicking]

4. Read the beauty-colored new window and press Enter

[!] Ah! The same script detects if the file has been modified... so you don't need to worry about anything, undo & redo as you can by pressing Enter...

 Hope it helps to facilitate the process to everybody!
 Greetings  ;)

Star Wars Conquest / New Interface suggestion (Revan Shan and mine)
« on: January 05, 2010, 03:39:48 pm »
Hi there, as I'm currently without work  :) (no animation request, etc...) Revan Shan and me where thinking about upgrading the interface to make it a little more "Starwish"

BTW, I have made a font some days ago and I want to share it with everyone:

I have only made an early concept of the final result with the files that Revan's sent me:

The font that you see in the pic is the same that the mediafire's zip, the main problem in M&B UI editing is the font color, currently I can't change the color to a more lighter one (light blue, white, etc) in the menus, buttons and somewhere else... :!:

Comments and suggestions are welcome   :D

Star Wars Conquest / New Signature/banners
« on: December 19, 2009, 05:11:59 pm »
Hi there, maybe you have been noticed that SWC has new logo (I think), so I upload some resized images that you can use as banner/signature:


Code: (FORUM BBCODE) [Select]

Code: (FORUM BBCODE) [Select]

Greetings...  ;)

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