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Storymod / Re: Storymod Chapter 2: War Feature Brainstorming
« on: January 13, 2007, 05:47:38 pm »
Please explain the front system, how does it work?

Also I just checked your old thread on War Feature brainstorming and you mentioned making troops of opposite faction into prisoners via a trigger. That was before v0.8.

You may already know that as of v0.8 we can (also) do this at the capture screen. I've got it implemented in Band of Warriors: if you liberate troops of a faction that you have hostile relations with, they become available as prisoners, not as recruits.

It's just a cut-and-paste and a couple of lines of code. I can post the how-to in the relevant subforum if anyone needs it explained.

Not quite all what I meant. I've upgraded that idea to doing it for all AI parties, continually.

It's very simple. The front system keeps track of batches of vertically-arranged towns. Once all towns on a front are captured, the system moves war script inputs to the next front. Not much to it.


Storymod / Re: Storymod Chapter 2 v0.0: Suggestions
« on: January 13, 2007, 05:41:39 pm »
Bah.  Read the PC's level; add 100XP to the NPC, read the NPC's level, compare.  Lacerate, rinse, repeat. :P

Mind you that if you don't want this idea, let me know... and once I've got "basic" Schattenlander done, I'll use itmeself.
- Hellequin

That is exactly what I had in mind for if I ever get around to doing it. I don't know if I will, though -- after the war system and special features are done, I think I'm going to be pretty tired out.


I'm considering incorporating Craftmod into Band of Warriors. Now that I've made Band of Warriors closed source the main problem of source accessibility is gone...

If I do this I'll document the whole process and post a tutorial. Might be a while before I get to it though, real world is busy.

That'd be brilliant. Fortunately most of the code is a lot more accessible in the new version, apart from , and I've painstakingly documented the inputs, outputs and (in some cases) operations of every new script. That's become quite the hornet's nest. :-\

Still, I've included lots of comments as to proper incorporating, but it would be great to have someone else go over it and tell me what needs more or clearer commenting.


Craftmod CEP 1.5 is now released for M&B 0.8xx. The source is now fully open and may by edited or added to by anyone for noncommercial purposes. Most of the source is stable, particularly Version 1. Known unstable code is marked as such in the readmes and is included for those who want to play with it.

Craftmod is a large modification for M&B that adds a full-fledged player crafting system to the Native game. There are hundreds of new items you can craft and play with, from crossbows to primitive firearms. It is designed as a project that will aid the general quality and scope of M&B mods by increasing the art and scripting resources they have available, and can therefore be expected to be featured in many other mods.

If you'd like to use any of Craftmod's various components in your mod, simply download the source and edit away.


- 6 skills: Blacksmithing, fletching, mining/smelting, leatherworking, horse rearing, tailoring.
- Crafting shops in every town.
- Several new interiors, many new meshes and items.
- Dozens of crafting materials and components.
- Craft the same items out of different resources; from ash to yew, from bronze to damascene steel.
- Mine your own ore, chop your own wood.
- Players getting ambushed while resting in camp.
- Player-initiated ambushing system. Catch any party you like flat-footed and beat the hell out of them, if you can.
- Crafting batches of items for your Retainers and equipping them with same.
- NPCs walking around town.
- Fully-featured player camps. Craft, rest, hunt, trade with party heroes for free -- it's all possible.
- And more!

Screenshots by Septa Scarabae:

Screenshots by Flamelock:,10025.msg205233.html#msg205233


- Unique stats for bronze and iron weapons.
- Trained saddle horse texture (very lightly-armoured)

Download it here:

Source code:

Known issues:

- Brass-hilted swords show up as bronze in inventory. This is a Native problem, Armagan knows about it, and there is no telling when it will be fixed.
- Stat incongruities remain. Work on this is welcomed.


Many weapons and item meshes donated by RR_Raptor, Luigi, Yoshiboy, Jik.
Armour donated by Septa Scarabae.
New terrain textures by Chel.
Stats help by Pinetor, Damien.
Timber grove redecoration by Hussey.
Logo by Septa Scarabae.

Draught horse (unarmoured) (Leodan Flamelock)
Gelding (unarmoured) (Leodan Flamelock)
Palfrey (unarmoured) (Thorgrim)
Destrier (unarmoured) (DaBlade)

Trained draught horse (unarmoured) (Leodan Flamelock)
Trained gelding (unarmoured/very lightly-armoured) (Leodan Flamelock)
Trained palfrey (medium-armoured) (Highelfwarrior)
Trained destrier (heavily-armoured) (Ryuta)

Trained sumpter horse (medium-armoured) (Septa Scarabae)
Trained saddle horse (very lightly-armoured) (No one yet)
Trained steppe horse (anything from lightly-armoured to heavily-armoured, armour could be done in cataphract style) (Eagle114th)
Trained courser (lightly-armoured) (Lhorkan & Flamelock)
Trained hunter (medium-armoured) (Leodan Flamelock)
Trained warhorse (medium-armoured) (Chilly5)
Trained charger (heavily-armoured) (Leodan Flamelock)

INTERIOR MODELS, in order of importance
- Smithy (weapons and armour) (Stryker)
- Bowyer/fletcher's shop (Dynamite Cow)
- Mine (Thorgrim -- preliminary mesh done)
- Leatherworker's shop (Yoshiboy)
- Horse farm (Dynamite Cow)

- Polearm heads for all the native polearms/axes and RR_Raptor's Weapon Expansion polearms. (Me)
- New arrows and bolts with different heads. (Yoshiboy)
- Arrowheads for the native arrows and the new types. (Yoshiboy)
- Arrow/bolt/throwing weapon shafts. (Yoshiboy)
- Heads for the native throwing weapons. (Me)
- A big black lump of coal. (Ubberdorc)
- Shield bosses (Lhorkan)
- Crossbow mechanisms (Lhorkan and Me)
- New Crossbows (Lhorkan and Me)
- A square of unworked leather. (Me)
- A square of untanned hide. (Me)
- A hunting horn, for hunting. (Leodan Flamelock)
- A spinning wheel. (Marsec)
- Timber grove map icon (Cartread)
- Horse farm map icon (Scion)
- Mine map icon (Me)

-'s steel redone to look like damascene (watered) steel. (Jace)
-'s steel redone to look like bronze. (Ubberdorc & Jace)
-'s steel redone to look like iron. (Jace)
- Native bows retextured to proper wood colours. (Me)
- Native iron bar retextured to bronze. (Me)
- Native iron bar retextured to steel. (Me)
- Native iron bar retextured to damascene steel. (Me)
- Weapon Expansion retextured for different crafting materials. (Jace)

- A dense forest on rolling hills. (Me)
- A mining camp. (SigniferOne)
- A high-speed obstacle course for horses. (Me)

- Weavery interior
- Horse barding
- New items of any persuasion (weapons must be either mapped to weapons1 or RR_Raptor's sword textures or come with their own bronze/iron/damascene textures)

Please post here or PM me if there's anything you would like to add to the Craftmod CEP.


If you have a suggestion for Chapter 2 of the epic story, which features the continuation of the brewing war at Chapter 1's end, post it here.

Right now I'm looking for suggestions regarding the AI economy that, ideally, incorporates all things such as town merchants, villages, each town/village producing something, and fluctuating prices and demands. Perhaps even work it into the war system at the highest levels as a full country economy. Please post away!


Storymod / Updated -- Storymod Chapter 2: No More Donations
« on: January 12, 2007, 08:33:24 pm »
[EDIT] As of today, 14 April 2008, I'm no longer taking donations. The reasons are that I don't like begging, and because you can help my mods far more and get a much better deal by buying my books over at

Thanks a lot for your support!

Storymod / Storymod Chapter 2: Screenshots Thread
« on: January 12, 2007, 08:29:50 pm »
Right, finally replaced some of these old screenshots with some new ones. The AI system is fully working now, and as you can see the war can get fairly involved.

Here's a little series demonstrating the party command system:

Some of our new scene props:

Finally, nearly a year after its creation, St. Uligo's sword has its own art:

Scene props are either made by me or free models heavily edited by me. Uligo's sword brought to you by KON_Air.

Another new screenshot:

Texture shots of some of the new heraldry banners for Chapter 2:




Here are some older screenies of our battle formations, unfortunately not included in v0.2:


Storymod / Storymod Chapter 2: War Feature Brainstorming
« on: January 12, 2007, 08:26:35 pm »
Hullo chaps,

I'm soliciting implementation ideas for several features of the Storymod war system. There are some things I'm trying to fit into the war system, but I'm not sure how they would best be represented. This thread is where you should post your ideas.

The features I'm currently working on or thinking about:

1) Party morale system. This would be a party slot, tracked by triggers with various consequences. It would be generated at spawn for each individual party. Possibilities are to:

  :!:  Randomly generate morale number in a range for each party. Number is completely random.

  :!:  Randomly generate morale number in a range, where the range is defined by party template. More disciplined templates would get more points.

  :!:  Generate morale number from troop composition, with each troop type being worth X morale points.

2) Villages and the town food system. Currently towns receive food when not under siege, equal to 1 unit every 12 hours + the number of intact villages associated with that town. This is good for giving villages significance in the war, but I would like them to have even more importance.

3) Castles. Currently the front moves on after all towns on a front are seized. This does not feature castles, and I'm still thinking about ways to implement them.

One idea is to have them count as towns for the front system, so the front could move on when a faction controls a number of towns and/or castles equal to the number of towns on that front, not just when a faction controls all the towns on that front while ignoring castles. Of course, this would require some recoding of the front system, but I'm going to have to do that anyway to make castles work.

Feedback on these ideas and your own brainstorms are welcome.



The war system has undergone significant changes, and here's the new post regarding it:

Since the war system has changed significantly with the new version, some more brainstorming is required. :P

The system is the same with regards to siege camps and slowly starving towns into submission, but it now operates on territories, with each town and castle having its own territory and several neighbouring territories. Only neighbours can be attacked; I don't think we'll ever have effective support for behind-enemy-lines operations.

Castles have also been incorporated into the system, and drain food from surrounding friendly neighbours because they have no villages of their own.

Staging areas will be coded in soon, so that multiple parties can gather and attack a single target together.

What other features do you think are needed for the war system?

Storymod / Storymod Chapter 2: v0.2 -- Status
« on: January 12, 2007, 08:25:10 pm »
v0.2 ETA -- Soon.

Current team:

Lost-Lamb: Texturer
Winter: Team Lead, Lead Scripter
Yoshiboy: Modeller
James: Scripter, Modeller
Vraven: Painter, Modeller
Leprechaun: Scene Designer


Highelfwarrior: Village icon
Lord Jaden: Models pack
Cartread: Black knight equipment
RR_Raptor65: Helmets pack

Storymod Chapter 1 Contributors:

The Pope -- Renaissance Mod items, relic box, sandals, morion
Janus -- Arena Mod, BRF help
RR_Raptor65 -- Weapon Expansion models
Lu Bu -- Rusty textures (native weapons and Weapon Expansion swords)
Ancientwanker -- Many meshes and textures
Lost-Lamb -- Many meshes/textures and detail props scenes
noobsaibot -- Meshes/textures (not sure which)
DaBlade -- Many textures
Jik -- Many weapon meshes, cave icon, winch object
Ryuta -- Menu background
Ubberdorc -- Many meshes and textures
Raz -- Sallet meshes/textures
guspav and the MesoAmerican Mod team -- Spanish equipment meshes
zippy1991 -- New castle scenes
elMerda -- Light charger
DaBiggman -- Cataphract horse
BCO_Prowler -- Some storyline and dialogue: dark knights story branch
okiN -- beta-testing and detail props scenes
Worbah -- beta-testing
sheek -- beta-testing
CaptainBloodloss -- beta-testing
DynamiteCow -- detail props scenes
smaug_the_dragon -- detail props scenes, Reyvadin interior scenes
borispavlovgrozny -- shield textures (hoplite shield, P shield, others)
Raz & Assyrian -- Holy War mod meshes
The Hugemod/Mag7 team

Craftmod contributors:

Leodan Flamelock
Dynamite Cow
Septa Scarabae

Prospective team members or contributors should contact me via PM to announce their interest.


Post your bug/problem reports here, and I will read them! However . . .

There are several issues in Storymod that are carried over from Native, and are therefore beyond my power to fix. Do not bother to post about the following:

Crashes straight to desktop (without an error message) during dialogue. This is M&B's random dialogue crash bug.
Brass-hilted swords appearing bronze in inventory
Crashes during faction quests
Crashes during the dungeon crawl -- These are mainly due to having insufficient memory to load the scene. If you have little RAM, try upgrading or make more memory available in your system configuration.

As of 20/11/2006, Storymod Chapter 1 support has come to an end. Only Craftmod-related bugs will be investigated from now on.


Storymod / Storymod Chapter 2: Contributions Thread
« on: January 12, 2007, 08:18:32 pm »
This is where we will manage all incoming contributions, and where you should offer to contribute if there's anything you can do to help finish Chapter 2.

What we need right now is:


We are in need of:

1 new icon of a Dalician town.
1 new castle icon for Dalician castles.


We are in need of:
7 town centres, HIGH priority
7 merchant shops, LOW priority
6 castle interiors, MEDIUM priority
4 taverns. LOW priority

These are all intended for well-developed Dalician cities (should be of equal size or larger than the Calradian cities). 12 is the total number of Dalician cities, 50% of which are located on steppe, 35% on plains, 10% in forest, 5% in mountain snow. If possible each scene should have a medieval-Spanish atmosphere, and each city centre should certainly have prominent displays of Dalician heraldry, which is currently available in Storymod C1 by way of heraldic shields. They are in the Items category, named after the Dalician noble house whose image it bears. Each house completely controls its bit of countryside, so don't mix heraldry; mixing is only appropriate for communal places, such as the capital (Dalicia) and military outposts.

The current Dalician houses and their approximate locations (note that the map is rotated 180 degrees -- up is south, left is east, and so on):

Map --

Royals: Dalicia
House Redshield: Dalsha
House Maidentear: Escura
House Ascavar: Ascavar
House Tourmaline: Cul

More cities will be assigned as more heraldry becomes available.

NOTE: Dalician heraldry is currently not required for new scenes.

We also need:

5 peasant villages, with huts and rough houses and a few entry points in logical places. A good level of detail is required. The villages should preferably be of significant size, without too much in the way of battle-inhibiting walls, and they should not be scrunched up against the map borders. Rivers through the middle of town are fine, but make sure there's a bridge. This job is MEDIUM priority.

You can use any Native or StorymodC1 interior mesh for these scenes, with any Native or StorymodC1 props. Modelling new interiors would be even better, but not necessary -- we only really need decorations as per the in-game edit mode.

Please post here if you'd like to do any of the items listed above. The team and I would greatly appreciate it. Anyone who contributes will get a contributor credit on the release page and in-mod, same as in Storymod C1.


Modding Knowledge Base / Re: Mod related websites
« on: January 12, 2007, 05:44:47 pm »
If we're going to have this thread at all, it needs to be updated and cleared of the immense amount of deadwood. How many of those sites listed are still active? Half? Less?


Storymod / Storymod Chapter 1 v1.5 for M&B 0.751
« on: January 10, 2007, 09:57:45 am »

Available on the Repository now!

Storymod v1.5:
Fully 0.751 compatible --

(Hosting thanks to Janus! Please don't break the Repository trying to download it! :P)


After 6 months we finally have a new version of Storymod Chapter 1. There are several bugfixes and changes that will hopefully benefit stability. It also has the latest version of Craftmod integrated with a few additional fixes. This will be the last version of Storymod Chapter 1 to feature additional Storymod content. It will be updated with new M&B releases (these will include updated Craftmod and Arena Mod versions), but bugfixing/patch support for Chapter 1 will end once Craftmod has been rendered stable in this new version.

As always, there are simply too many features to name -- you'll have to discover them yourself. I'd like to thank everyone who helped me make this thing possible, and I hope you enjoy playing Storymod. If you do, feel free to post your comments on the chat thread here.

However, while posting on the Storymod subforum, please keep in mind the following requests:
Do not ask for storyline help or information. It will go unanswered -- at least by me. Use KON_Air's FAQ/walkthrough thread for such things:
Thanks to KON_Air for making it.

I will only be answering real bug reports that are:
1) Not retreads of already fixed bugs.
2) Showing at the very least an attempt at grammar, spelling and being informative.

I will not act upon or reply to reports that don't even try to help me find what's wrong -- that, in fact, make it more difficult for me to find what's wrong.

List of known bugs is a little further down -- if you think you've found one, read the list first please.

Please note, you WILL still have to create a new character (or import one) for M&B to function properly with any new or modified version of Storymod. Otherwise wonkiness and crashes will result. I wish it weren't so, but that's the way the game works.

Here is a guide to exporting and importing your characters, by the noble fisheye:

v1.5 completed feature list:

Further bugfixes.
Should be stable now.

v1.4 completed feature list:

Bugfixes and stability changes.
Additional items.
Craftmod integrated.
Added appropriate Storymod items into crafting system.

v1.2 completed feature list:
Final bugfixes
Updated Arena Mod
New Horsemen rewards

v1.1 completed feature list:
Further bugfixes
Restored modular sounds (both Arena Mod and Storymod)

v1.0 completed feature list:
More minor bugfixes
Various code improvements
End of chapter message
One-time reward for beating the Horsemen
More new items and meshes
New sounds! X--Disabled due to lack of module system, will be included in next update

Janus's Arena Mod
RR_Raptor's Weapon Expansion
dablade's Textures Pack
Tom's Mag7 Experiment
jik's Objects Pack
The Pope's Renaissance Mod
Tom's Rusty Items
Lu Bu's Rusty Weapons
Meshes and textures from many smaller mods

Known Bugs:
-Random crashes during dialogue: This bug persists in v0.750/751, and there's still nothing I  can do. Remember to save often!

The current Storymod team, and those kind-hearted souls who contributed their work to make it better:

fisheye -- Scripting, scene modelling, collision mesh modelling
Thorgrim -- Map icons, textures, scene modelling
Yoshiboy -- Map icons, scene editing, beta-testing
Winter -- Writing and scripting

The Pope -- Renaissance Mod items, relic box, sandals, morion
Janus -- Arena Mod, BRF help
RR_Raptor65 -- Weapon Expansion models
Lu Bu -- Rusty textures (native weapons and Weapon Expansion swords)
Ancientwanker -- Many meshes and textures
Lost-Lamb -- Many meshes/textures and detail props scenes
noobsaibot -- Meshes/textures (not sure which)
dablade -- Textures (battered war shield, others?)
Jik -- Many weapon meshes, cave icon, winch object
Ryuta -- Menu background
Ubberdorc -- Many meshes and textures
Raz -- Sallet meshes/textures
guspav and the MesoAmerican Mod team -- Spanish equipment meshes
zippy1991 -- New castle scenes
elMerda -- Light charger
DaBiggman -- Cataphract horse
BCO_Prowler -- Some storyline and dialogue: dark knights story branch
okiN -- beta-testing and detail props scenes
Worbah -- beta-testing
sheek -- beta-testing
CaptainBloodloss -- beta-testing
DynamiteCow -- detail props scenes
smaug_the_dragon -- detail props scenes, Reyvadin interior scenes
borispavlovgrozny -- shield textures (hoplite shield, P shield, others)
Raz & Assyrian -- Holy War mod meshes
The Hugemod/Mag7 team

If I left anyone out, please don't kill me! Just send me a PM and I'll add you to the list post haste.


Fully working interior by fisheye, with props by Yoshiboy.

Map icon by Dreadus.

Gold trim makes the dark knight!

Gossip system, makes the merchants give you random lines of town-specific gossip.

The new country, Dalicia.

Janus's Arena Mod, slightly tweaked; lance changed to a colourful tourney lance, and sallets for helmets.

Seen from the other side.

The sallet reappears in the melee, now open for better breathing and visibility.

It's not fun unless you can play a ruthless sadistic maniac...

Sandals by The Pope.

Bronze or gold? It looks quite fetching either way.

An example of the map changes.

Some shots of one of the many new units.

And now, the piece de resistance...

Presented without comment (except that it's even better when you're in there fighting wall-to-wall with a multitude of enemies...)

This ain't your daddy's M&B anymore!


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