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1.8.3 now available! Go out and play!


Discussion / Re: Ask Winter
« on: June 28, 2008, 06:40:11 am »
Nope, there are no duplicates in battle....hmmm

Actually, I think I just figured it out.  It is because those two agents are mounted.  I was afraid the -1s would affect a script, but they wont because I use the agent is human operation.

Interesting bit of data there, horses getting spawned with an entry of -1? Probably never useful, but interesting . . .


Discussion / Re: Ask Winter
« on: June 28, 2008, 04:33:51 am »
Lord Montfort also appears twice in there, one time at entry -1. Are you actually seeing clones being deployed in the battle?


Discussion / Re: Ask Winter
« on: June 27, 2008, 03:22:52 pm »
Lets say I have the following

slot_item_first_slot = 1
slot_item_second_slot = 2
slot_item_third_slot = 3

can I do
(assign, ":slot", slot_item_first_slot),
(val_add, ":slot", 2)

to have ":slot" be slot_item_third_slot

So I can do


I am having error messages display in battle for a trigger that does this.

You can certainly do that, it's exactly how the module system works. I do it all the time in Craftmod. Your error messages may be related but not a direct consequence.


Will the source be released?

Of course, when it's no longer buggy as hell. No point releasing source until version 1.9.0.


Craftmod Community Expansion Project / Re: [NEW] Bugs
« on: June 26, 2008, 11:56:16 am »
First, so cool you incuded all of AlbionĀ“s Swords

Here some bugs i discovered:

Its not possible to give horses personal touch, when i enter the Training theres no horse and all the treetrunks are flying with a big ? on top

Its not possible to fleth arrows, it allways says shafts are missing though i have loads of them

Flething shafts: it says need 0 INVALID ITEMS have ... INVALID ITEMS or something (dunno how to insert screen) when trying dyed mewfeather it says need 634 or so INVALID ITEM

Fletching a Bow only gives me a walnut bow despite the chosen wood, can fletch bows without using up woodstock...

Theres no difference between for example a poor squire and a squire but the price

the update actually made it worse, before only arrowfletching didnt work

oh well, and there are still two or so timbergroves flying somewhere above the mountain, and at least the vaegir mine isnt accessible


It says in the download that it's not compatible with old saved games, so don't come to me with your own errors.

Craftmod Community Expansion Project / Re: [NEW] Bugs
« on: June 25, 2008, 11:44:20 pm »
It's looking like none of the new modifiers (strong, exquisite etc.) are making any difference to weapon stats.

I noticed that. If it's the same for M&B 1.0, I'll take out any modifiers that don't work.


Craftmod Community Expansion Project / [NEW] Bugs
« on: June 25, 2008, 12:53:06 am »
Report any bugs you find in this thread!


The Big Bugfix is out, enjoy it!


1.8.1 update is here:

http://crossedswords.co.nr/storymod/Craftmod960-Update1.zip (download and extract to your Craftmod folder after installing 1.8.0)

This fixes several commonly reported bugs. I think there's still a few left to find, so let me know.



Fresh 1.8.4 installer now up:


Bugs fixed: CTDs with blacksmiths and guns.


The Craftmod CEP has gone through a complete redesign and is now available on M&B 0.960. You can find the download here:


This version (1.8.3) should be bug-free. Please make a detailed report of anything you see that doesn't work or look right.

Also, remember to support the development by buying my finely-crafted and excellent novel!


Discussion / Re: Module System for .960
« on: June 19, 2008, 02:32:07 pm »
Alright Mr. Smarty-Pants-I'm-on-the-Dev-Team  :green:

Can you go through some of the new modding features, like the tableau?

I could, but it would be a very short session, since I've not actually touched tableaus and don't intend to unless I somehow get paid fo doing more M&B work.

Maybe I could be like Colt and sell Storymod. :P


Discussion / Re: Module System for .960
« on: June 19, 2008, 12:52:52 pm »
Code: [Select]
[party_tpl|pt_looters|auto_proceed,"start", [(eq,"$talk_context",tc_party_encounter)], "Warning: This line should never be displayed.", "looters_1",[
(str_store_string, s11, "@It's your money or your life, {mate/girlie}. No sudden moves or we'll run you through."),
(str_store_string, s12, "@Lucky for you, you caught me in a good mood. Give us all your coin and I might just let you live."),
(str_store_string, s13, "@This a robbery, eh? I givin' you one chance to hand over everythin' you got, or me and my mates'll kill you. Understand?"),
(store_random_in_range, ":random", 11, 14),
(str_store_string_reg, s4, ":random"),
(play_sound, "snd_encounter_looters")
  [party_tpl|pt_looters,"looters_1", [], "{s4}", "looters_2",[]],

This 'auto_proceed' flag apparently moves the dialog to the next state, which is nice, but look at what's going on in the consquences block of the first dialog. I don't know if v.903 Native does this, but this opens up random dialogs immensely, and the ability to use variables instead of constant values in the str_store_string_reg operation is very powerful. Also, in addition to repeat_for_troops, etc, there is repeat_for_100 and repeat_for_1000. What these do I'm not sure yet (repeat every 100?).

At this point I'd just like to point out that that entire block of code, and all these ideas, were mine. ;)

Repeat for 100 and 1000 simply repeat the dialogue option 100 or 1000 times, feeding the current value to the store_repeat_object operation like a try_for_range on a dialogue option.


Discussion / Re: Extreme Trading
« on: June 07, 2008, 03:54:18 am »
Difficult to implement, but it might be possible -- it'd be ugly codewise, though, and I don't see how that system really makes much improvement on the current trading system. It just adds more annoyances.

If you want to make the game more interesting, work on a proper economy system and give caravans some actual impact on the game world.

I already encountered this a couple versions ago with Craftmod, it's an old problem with no fixes in sight.

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