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Storymod / Chapter 1 -- Porting Begun
« on: February 20, 2007, 02:24:17 PM »
With my other M&B-related commitments over and done with, and Craftmod laid up until it gets some serious testing, I've started porting Chapter 1 to M&B 0.808.

Please post here if you're up for testing when a playable version becomes available, or suggest (even code!) some small new features I may be able to incorporate during the porting process.


Discussion / Trouble with scene_prop_animate_to_position
« on: February 19, 2007, 07:04:23 AM »
I'm back. And I'm having a bit of a problem.

scene_prop_animate_to_position does everything I tell it to, but it does not move the collision mesh. This creates some problems when I'm trying to raise a portcullis to let people (including the player) through. Getting stuck in invisible walls is no fun.

Has anyone else been experiencing this?


Minor Mods / Minor Mods subforums
« on: February 18, 2007, 10:50:41 AM »
I'm considering creating subforums in Minor Mods for some of the mods which don't qualify as Major Mods but are still receiving heavy development and traffic.

To you, I leave the vote. Yae or nay?


For v1.5, the main testing areas and goals are:

1) Make sure that the new retainers code, batch crafting, and swapping batches with retainers is fully functional and unbugged.
2) Make sure that the new crafting code -- using item modifiers rather than duplicate items for bronze and iron -- is fully functional and unbugged. All bronze, iron and watered steel items need to be checked, and their various uses must be fully tried out.
3) Check previous bug reports regarding crashes and other problems with the ambush system. See if we can figure out if these problems remain in v1.5 and, if they do, try and hunt them down.

If you encounter a bug, please take a screenshot and submit a full detailed bug report. What you were doing, what you had done previously in the same conversation/menu, etc.

Thank you.


Craftmod Testing Board / Craftmod CEP v1.5 Beta
« on: February 16, 2007, 10:25:20 AM »
Craftmod 1.5 is no longer in Beta. See the main forum for the release.


Minor Mods / MBX Modder FTP Service
« on: February 04, 2007, 07:33:33 AM »
Hullo, everyone, this is an announcement.

I'm starting a free FTP service for MBX's major and minor modders. If you have a major mod subforum on MBX, please apply to Winter for FTP access and you will receive the username, password and URL for this communal FTP account. The MBX administration reserves the right to deny the FTP service anyone who we don't think can be trusted with this account.

With this FTP account you can upload any files you like -- such as beta versions of your mods and suchlike -- to the MBX server, and once the files are uploaded you can then provide download links to whomever you fancy. These files will be visible to anyone; if you don't want them accessed by unauthorised parties, put them in a password-encrypted ZIP file.


Anyone who abuses this service (for example by deleting other people's files or spreading the password around) will receive an immediate permaban from MBX and will have their boards/threads deleted with extreme prejudice.

Storymod / Storymod Chapter 1 & 2: 2d Art Wanted!
« on: January 24, 2007, 12:12:13 PM »
Because menu backgrounds have become moddable in the new version of M&B, I am now looking for hand-drawn menu backgrounds for the various menus in the game. Please post here if you're interested in drawing any, with samples, and I will contact you with what I need; or pick one of the following to submit. Note, it will have to be good to be used in Storymod.

List of available pieces:

Razed camp (description available in-game)
Khergit camp (description available in-game)
All cities (Vaegir, Swadian & Dalician + Zendar) (Zendar, Tihr, Wercheg, Ran Mar & Ran Torallo are ports)
Forts/castles (Vaegir, Swadian, Dalician & united Calradian)
Villages (random, any number of images will be useful)
Siege camps (Vaegir, Swadian, Dalician & united Calradian)


Apply here if you would like to become a Craftmod beta tester and have access to new, unstable versions of Craftmod for testing purposes.

Currently this means the upcoming v1.5 version of Craftmod, which should fix all bugs with retainers and make incorporation of Craftmod significantly easier.

Just write a quick message on why you should be allowed access to my top-secret materials. ;)


This is the thread for the Craftmod CEP source code.

The .808 source is up for download at the M&B Repository here:

This source is released under the GNU General Public Licence and may be used in your mods without permission, as long as you don't ask money for the project in which you're using Craftmod code.


Storymod / (Outdated) Storymod FAQ and Walkthrough
« on: January 17, 2007, 06:33:57 AM »
The following information pertains to an old version and is a little bit incomplete, but most of it remains reasonably accurate. If there is any missing or innacurate information, please PM me and I'll make the necessary changes to this thread. -- Winter

Craftmod implemetation errors are fixed with 1.5; now requesting a Craftmod basics tutorial. PM Winter to have it added to the FAQ.

   II-Quest Breakdown
- Alternate Paths
   III-Bug list
   IV-Easter Eggs
   V-Not so frequently asked questions.

   How to use this FAQ?
   Use walkthrought part for step by step advancing. Be sure to check the walkthrought since I've done all those steps and my game haven't crashed once.
   Check the Buglist, if your bug doesn't exist there PM me with a title of "SM FAQ". I will update the list and then one of the SM staff will likely to adress it. Posting a reply with a bug is just vanity.

  Error after installing 1.4; RGL ERROR; attempt to reregister black_armor
You will have this error if you install 1.4 over any previous version. Simply delete "StorymodC1" folder in ".../mount&blade/modules" and reinstall. Your saved games are already incompitable with 1.4. This also will probably apply to any other future releases excluding patches.

  Missing meshes; RGL ERROR; unable to find mesh ...something...
An expectable implementation problem with Craftmod. You can skip the RGL error (or multiple errors) but don't click on items in inventory screen and never ever equip them. Also please report which item meshes are missing at,10341.135.html

As a bonus if such item (with a missing mesh) is equiped by you or any NPC game will crash.

-> Presumed to be fixed with 1.42 patch, if happens please report.

   Where is north?
Please pay attention to the giant freaking compass at the top right of your map. That's what it's there for.

You will want to save a lot. It is also recommended that you should save before and after dialogs and attacking Quest parties (the ones with purple text. For example Strange Bandits) since there is a wild chance that a dialog will cause an exceptional error which will be followed by a gigantic memory leak and kill the game.

   Jumping the gun! (Or playing at hardest setting and suffering homophobia at the same time)
Do not start the Story mod quests (other then Trade Treaty) right away. Since you will be facing hordes of Kerghits and Dark Knights (especially Dark Knights have insane stats and equipment and come with stacks of 40 at least). Get around, do the regular count/trader quests. Start at somewhere around lvl20 or so... Seriously no matter what soliders you bring against Dark Knight stacks will live at least two or three seconds at most, and you will most likely have to solo them... which means getting killed almost instantly.

   Rare items... exotic traders...
There are loads of items the caravaners sell that are rare items which are not sold by anyone else. There are some really friggin' fantastic stuff (some of the well know hack'n slash items from games such as Diablo and D&D). But do resist the temptation and don't buy them right away. They will be a lot more use full later (see, there is Flambrand, with 120+ reach, fantastic for a 2H sword, it has a 60ish attack rate. To tell it simplier, you will be raped a few times before you swing it twice). But once you have high agility and the cost of it is not a big problem go get them. Because you will need every single extra damage and reach you can have.

Caravaneers; Northren Fort, Southren Fort, Dhorak Keep, Dalicia
Horse Traders; Khergit camp, later in Czengry Keep... (where are they?)

   Finish Him! Du du du dum... Technicality! (or "Gratz you broke the computer")
The Storymod runs on lots of scripts and just manages to run. Do not try to "out smart" it, because when you do something smart it will crash.
It is also recommended that you do not cheat at all (but I can gurantee that health, xp and money cheats don't cause anything that breaks the game, so all you really have to avoid is truesight and teleportation cheats).
It is also recomended that you do not enable the edit mode at all.

   II-Quest Breakdown
      The Trade Treaty
-Listen to Town Crier in Zendar Square, ask about the job
-Go to Constables office, next to trader the door with the blue shiled above.
-Ask about the job and Marnid, take the Leather armor and DO NOT sell or equip it.
-Go to Inn, ask Marnid to join give the Leather armor.
-Now to get Daclia, it is at the southwest corner of the world map, you probably won't encounter anyone on the way at day one so risk not hiring anyone for the sake of speed.
-In Dalica go to castle, speak to one of the castle guards they will let you in.
-Now you can only talk to the Prince. And you will start to debate about the treaty.
-Listen to Marnids advices and try not to use some of the obivious lies if your charisma is low.
-Retrun to Zendar, Constable and the quest is finished. If Constable like the plan you get extra Xp points (1000).

      Strange Bandits

-Strange Bandits will randomly spawn at the world map most likely around Reyvadin.
-The "Strange" part about them is they are likely to be better equiped then your army.
-When beaten a "Strange Bandits" party the smartest person in your party, in all his wisdom, tell you about their superior equipment for bandit standarts and naturally suggest interrogating one.
-In order to interrogate you need a prisoner from that party.
-After interrogating (via party screen/talk button) they will tell you where they got their weapons and the first weapon stash will be visible.
-When reach the first stash just hide and then follow the party, they won't turn around and attack you, because you are weewy sneaksy (you'll get the joke when you are chasing them with 50+ troops).
-At the second stash if you have what it takes (40+ Dark Knights with Dark Hunters) attack to gain more items from the stash.

      The Holy Relic
-Listen to the Tahskun in Zendar Inn
-Check the ruined camp between Reyvadin and Tulga.
-Go to Tulga, go to inn, inn keeper will tell you to check Reyvadin.
-Go to Reyvadin talk to the drunk in the inn.
-You will encounter Outriders when you leave Reyvadin, you will be directed to Kerghit Camp.
-Go to Khergit Camp, approach under flag of truce (dialog option), beat the bodyguard (he generally has a two handed weapon) Talk to their warleader, wait outside camp for several hours, return, talk again.
-Find the mentioned Dark Hunters (The group with the leader, they will patrol between Curaw and Four Ways Inn but they may stray from this route.). Do not worry they don't have any aggression, they won't attack any other party or be attacked. They also won't follow you if you retreat (which you might need to do).

From here the walkthrough contuines for retruning the Relic and becoming a Sandal Knight

-Return the prisoner to the Warleader at Khergit Camp, or kill him/set him free.
-Head to Czengy Keep and preapare to be raped by a full fledged army and friendly fire from the keep.
-Talk to the Duke and prepare for counter attack, you will have to do it three times.
-Talk the Dougin, choose hostile options, you will be back to Baron, a final charge will be done to the besiegers encampment. So you get to kill the Dougin twice one on the battle once again in conversation. Get the relic.
-Return the Relic to Tashkun, and become a Sandal Knight, you will be sent to Swadian Fort (up north)
-Talk to Sherra at Swadian fort, who is a guard wearing red, without and helmet and bonde hair. You must equip the Sandals when talking to him! Other wise he will avoid you, also should have them equipped in the inn.
-Exit the Fort with Sherra, travel a bit, Sherra will leave the party and reveal the cave entrance. Wait for morining on the world map.
-Sherra will give you instructions you need, you don't have to worry about having extra arrows/bolt... etc. they will replenish at each segment, but having a ranged item and a shield is a must, just be sure to get Sherra, Marnid and Borcha at the top of your party list. When you enter the cave and clear a segment you might be kicked back to world map, just enter the cave again for next segment.
-Caves have bunch of river pirates, easy pickings. But the interior of fortress (and the outdoors) is an adrenaline rush. I must add this is the most captivating part of the mod. Also is the end of the mod.

From here the walkthrough contuines for Becoming a Dark Knight

-Do what you like with the prisoner.
-Go to Czengy Keep, talk to Baron and tell him you are going to kill. Naturally he will attack (his party spawn next to keep and is small, he may run away)
-Return to keep and talk to besiegers under the flag of truce, talk to Dougin and ask him about how to benefit from that.
-Now a relatively hard quest, find a "Refugee Party" and attack them.
-Return to keep and talk to Dougin (dude seriously those guys could get any more typical) and you are now a Dark Knight.
-Attack the keep take it over and this is your new base. Here you can train your weapon skills (50g for 1 point?), buy horses and recruit Dark Knights (and hunters and lancers and crossbowmen)
-Talk to Dougin, get your first mission, and hurry to Dhorak keep, see the Dark Knight Caravan? join the fray, kill everyone. Getting the "Dark Knight Caravan" party killed means instant end, the plot won't advance.
-A messanger (oh please, A Dark Messanger) will come after you finish the battle, he will point you to the cave entrance. He can also your party if you wish as a hero.
-Dark Messanger will give you instructions you need, you don't have to worry about having extra arrows/bolt... etc. they will replenish at each segment, but having a ranged item and a shield is a must, just be sure to get Dark Messanger, Marnid and Borcha at the top of your party list. When you enter the cave and clear a segment you might be kicked back to world map, just enter the cave again for next segment.
-Caves have bunch of river pirates, easy pickings. But the interior of fortress (and the outdoors) is an adrenaline rush. I must add this is the most captivating part of the mod. Also is the end of the mod.

-Alternate paths
-Killing the warleader.
Don't wanna hound the Dark Knights? Go ahead, kill the Khergit Warleader (and his bodyguards). Then you will find a golden lined Dark Knight armor apperantly given by Dougin. You will have to ask around (but to who? however you can still simply go to Czengry and find it besieged)

-Keeping Czengry Keep for yourself.
You can keep Czengry keep for yourself complete with its citizens (that never leave their houses). The benefits are taxes, traders, recuirter and a trainer. To accomplish this kill the Baron and then charge the Dark knights, the Baron will be replaced with Captain and the rest is same. Note you will be taking up the way of Sandal Knight by killing Dougin, if you don't he will take over the Keep.

   III-Bug List
   Dialog Crash -This bug seems to be fixed, if you happen to experience it please report
   As the original bug is gone for good, other dialog crashes may still show their ugly faces. They only seem to happen once in a while. However it is still recommended to save frequently.

This is not a mod bug it is absolutely have to do with M&B. It does occur on all dialog heavy mods and by a freak chance even in Native.
   Leaving battle/event with "Tab"
You are not expected to leave scripted battles/events with Tab button. It will either cause a scripting problem that will prevent you from advancing or at best it will reset your progress. So don't do it.

   Out Of Static Vertex Memory (warning box) -This bug seems to be fixed, if you happen to experience it please report
   This means two things: first is that the scenery is using a lot of models, second is that your video card doesn't have enough memory to handle the scene. This should no longer occur now that M&B has automatic buffer handling.

Clone Wars! -This bug seems to be fixed, if you happen to experience it please report
There was a persistent bug that replaced all NPCs in the riverfort stairwell with clones of your character.

This bug was dead and burried for a long time (since 1.1) but nobody showed up in his funreal (including me and Winter apperantly).

Czegny Keep -This bug seems to be fixed, if you happen to experience it please report
There is something weird with killing the Baron, when you kill and rally to defend the keep you will have to defend it thrice (as if you haven't killed Baron) but when you are sent to parley with Dougin all the dialog options are as if you are a Dark Knight! (this may be because of something I did wrong, I need correction here!)

Presumed fixed. Looking for confirmation.

   IV-Easter Eggs
   The Three Horsemen and The Pedestarian Of Storymod
Prepare for the modders that make 200kmph on foot and throw fishes. Cannot be captured or recruited, but there are significant rewards for beating them. Party wanders all over Calradia and do respawn.

   Hidden Credits
Rather than being hidden this is straight in your face. Ask The Town Crier in Zendar center about the Heroes of the land.

   V- Not so frequently asked questions

Will there be a stat list for comparison? And other unnecessary stuff?
Likely, between the versions of Story Mod if I happen to be empty handed.

Why didn't you answer my question?
1-Someone else did it somewhere else. 2-I'm not a PR for Story Mod Team. 3-I do not have my copy of Necronomicon available at the moment.

Update it!
It will be updated when people PM Winter or KON_Air with information that needs including.

Ur Grammar sux!
Yeas doasn't id. I also mispell Khergit and Marnid a lot (they will be checked and corrected when I have time).

Where are the colours?
They are back.

This will feature help and instructions on integrating Craftmod into your mod. If you have any questions, please ask them here.


Craftmod CEP 1.5 is now released for M&B 0.8xx. The source is now fully open and may by edited or added to by anyone for noncommercial purposes. Most of the source is stable, particularly Version 1. Known unstable code is marked as such in the readmes and is included for those who want to play with it.

Craftmod is a large modification for M&B that adds a full-fledged player crafting system to the Native game. There are hundreds of new items you can craft and play with, from crossbows to primitive firearms. It is designed as a project that will aid the general quality and scope of M&B mods by increasing the art and scripting resources they have available, and can therefore be expected to be featured in many other mods.

If you'd like to use any of Craftmod's various components in your mod, simply download the source and edit away.


- 6 skills: Blacksmithing, fletching, mining/smelting, leatherworking, horse rearing, tailoring.
- Crafting shops in every town.
- Several new interiors, many new meshes and items.
- Dozens of crafting materials and components.
- Craft the same items out of different resources; from ash to yew, from bronze to damascene steel.
- Mine your own ore, chop your own wood.
- Players getting ambushed while resting in camp.
- Player-initiated ambushing system. Catch any party you like flat-footed and beat the hell out of them, if you can.
- Crafting batches of items for your Retainers and equipping them with same.
- NPCs walking around town.
- Fully-featured player camps. Craft, rest, hunt, trade with party heroes for free -- it's all possible.
- And more!

Screenshots by Septa Scarabae:

Screenshots by Flamelock:,10025.msg205233.html#msg205233


- Unique stats for bronze and iron weapons.
- Trained saddle horse texture (very lightly-armoured)

Download it here:

Source code:

Known issues:

- Brass-hilted swords show up as bronze in inventory. This is a Native problem, Armagan knows about it, and there is no telling when it will be fixed.
- Stat incongruities remain. Work on this is welcomed.


Many weapons and item meshes donated by RR_Raptor, Luigi, Yoshiboy, Jik.
Armour donated by Septa Scarabae.
New terrain textures by Chel.
Stats help by Pinetor, Damien.
Timber grove redecoration by Hussey.
Logo by Septa Scarabae.

Draught horse (unarmoured) (Leodan Flamelock)
Gelding (unarmoured) (Leodan Flamelock)
Palfrey (unarmoured) (Thorgrim)
Destrier (unarmoured) (DaBlade)

Trained draught horse (unarmoured) (Leodan Flamelock)
Trained gelding (unarmoured/very lightly-armoured) (Leodan Flamelock)
Trained palfrey (medium-armoured) (Highelfwarrior)
Trained destrier (heavily-armoured) (Ryuta)

Trained sumpter horse (medium-armoured) (Septa Scarabae)
Trained saddle horse (very lightly-armoured) (No one yet)
Trained steppe horse (anything from lightly-armoured to heavily-armoured, armour could be done in cataphract style) (Eagle114th)
Trained courser (lightly-armoured) (Lhorkan & Flamelock)
Trained hunter (medium-armoured) (Leodan Flamelock)
Trained warhorse (medium-armoured) (Chilly5)
Trained charger (heavily-armoured) (Leodan Flamelock)

INTERIOR MODELS, in order of importance
- Smithy (weapons and armour) (Stryker)
- Bowyer/fletcher's shop (Dynamite Cow)
- Mine (Thorgrim -- preliminary mesh done)
- Leatherworker's shop (Yoshiboy)
- Horse farm (Dynamite Cow)

- Polearm heads for all the native polearms/axes and RR_Raptor's Weapon Expansion polearms. (Me)
- New arrows and bolts with different heads. (Yoshiboy)
- Arrowheads for the native arrows and the new types. (Yoshiboy)
- Arrow/bolt/throwing weapon shafts. (Yoshiboy)
- Heads for the native throwing weapons. (Me)
- A big black lump of coal. (Ubberdorc)
- Shield bosses (Lhorkan)
- Crossbow mechanisms (Lhorkan and Me)
- New Crossbows (Lhorkan and Me)
- A square of unworked leather. (Me)
- A square of untanned hide. (Me)
- A hunting horn, for hunting. (Leodan Flamelock)
- A spinning wheel. (Marsec)
- Timber grove map icon (Cartread)
- Horse farm map icon (Scion)
- Mine map icon (Me)

-'s steel redone to look like damascene (watered) steel. (Jace)
-'s steel redone to look like bronze. (Ubberdorc & Jace)
-'s steel redone to look like iron. (Jace)
- Native bows retextured to proper wood colours. (Me)
- Native iron bar retextured to bronze. (Me)
- Native iron bar retextured to steel. (Me)
- Native iron bar retextured to damascene steel. (Me)
- Weapon Expansion retextured for different crafting materials. (Jace)

- A dense forest on rolling hills. (Me)
- A mining camp. (SigniferOne)
- A high-speed obstacle course for horses. (Me)

- Weavery interior
- Horse barding
- New items of any persuasion (weapons must be either mapped to weapons1 or RR_Raptor's sword textures or come with their own bronze/iron/damascene textures)

Please post here or PM me if there's anything you would like to add to the Craftmod CEP.


If you have a suggestion for Chapter 2 of the epic story, which features the continuation of the brewing war at Chapter 1's end, post it here.

Right now I'm looking for suggestions regarding the AI economy that, ideally, incorporates all things such as town merchants, villages, each town/village producing something, and fluctuating prices and demands. Perhaps even work it into the war system at the highest levels as a full country economy. Please post away!


Storymod / Updated -- Storymod Chapter 2: No More Donations
« on: January 12, 2007, 08:33:24 PM »
[EDIT] As of today, 14 April 2008, I'm no longer taking donations. The reasons are that I don't like begging, and because you can help my mods far more and get a much better deal by buying my books over at

Thanks a lot for your support!

Storymod / Storymod Chapter 2: Screenshots Thread
« on: January 12, 2007, 08:29:50 PM »
Right, finally replaced some of these old screenshots with some new ones. The AI system is fully working now, and as you can see the war can get fairly involved.

Here's a little series demonstrating the party command system:

Some of our new scene props:

Finally, nearly a year after its creation, St. Uligo's sword has its own art:

Scene props are either made by me or free models heavily edited by me. Uligo's sword brought to you by KON_Air.

Another new screenshot:

Texture shots of some of the new heraldry banners for Chapter 2:




Here are some older screenies of our battle formations, unfortunately not included in v0.2:


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