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Discussion / Generating random faces
« on: January 21, 2007, 11:53:53 pm »
Does anyone know how M&B generates its randomized face/hair combinations? I'm using a separate Python script to generate all my 'essential' town NPCs, and most of my folks, men and women, end up bald. While humorous, I'd really like them to have hair. Thanks for any suggestions.

Modding Software / Pythonic Module Editor v0.8
« on: January 21, 2007, 01:56:02 pm »
Pythonic Module Editor v0.8

The Pythonic Module Editor (PyME) is a GUI-based editor that will export the user's data into the Python mbscript files. All the basic functions are in place, but it lacks (internally) the ability to import existing mbscript files. Converters to PyME's data structure are written, but the input files require some manipulation on the part of the user for the converters to work properly. The skins module is not yet supported.

PythonCard Source Files

Future features:

- ability to run compile batch file from PyME
- version tracking (MAYBE)
- launch BRFEdit and Map Editor from PyME

Onin No Ran / Screen Shots
« on: January 20, 2007, 11:46:20 pm »

This is the first of the new interiors. Obviously, very simple here, but I finally figured out the scale in Wings. Any one know how to put lighting in?

Onin No Ran / New Posters: PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING! Known Issues!
« on: January 17, 2007, 10:53:31 pm »
Hello, and thanks for playing our mod. We hope you've enjoyed it. Here are some issues we are aware about:

1) The load times are long (~4 minutes). We know this. This is a result of the large and detailed map used for the mod. The minimum machine specs for the development team is P4 2.2GHz, 1 GB RAM, and 256 MB graphics card. If your specs are less than this, you will probably experience longer times. If you have an old box, or a box with an integrated graphics card, your box will choke on this mod. We are sorry, but we had to strike a balance between detail/historical accuracy and machine issue, and the general consensus has been among the development team and the majority of players has been keep the map, as it adds considerably to the 'feel' of the game. So, start the game, go get a sandwich or a drink, come back, and enjoy. If your wait is any longer than 7-10 minutes, you probably won't be able to play it.

More to follow if necessary...


Onin No Ran / Recruiting Testers
« on: January 17, 2007, 10:45:56 pm »
As always, we are recruiting testers. PM me if you are interested. Also, if you'd like to contribute to Onin no Ran, speak up! We are especially looking for people interested in graphics and modelling.

Onin No Ran / New Releases
« on: January 17, 2007, 10:38:50 pm »
Onin no Ran v0.6.6 for M&B 1.01x

Download the latest version of Onin no Ran here! Currently available build is: 3755

Custom shader file mb.fx is now auto-installed. No need to manually move it! - scratch that, still doesn't work right.

Version 0.6.6-b3755
12:40 PM 12/11/2009

- Hair meshes are v808 style
- Player party name bug
- Dialog and quest assignment issues
- Music plays now
- Bridges are excluded from joining battles (!)
- specular_alpha_cutouts bug resolved

Version 0.6.6-b3725
1:00 AM 12/9/2009

- Music, sounds
- Face codes
- Scene borders
- Missing o-gama mesh

Version 0.6.5-b3716
11:31 AM 12/8/2009

- Port to M&B v1.011 complete!
- Rigged all leg meshes

- nothing, really

Version 0.6.5-b3437
6:17 PM 7/23/2008

- fishmongers (really grocers), changed shoen brokers to sake merchants, new custom troop merchandise code
- added kokujin and shugo job boards, fixed startup possession flag bugs
- new graphics

- shoen work finally, other small bugs
- bug fixes to prefectures, dialogs

Version 0.6.4-b3224
10:16 PM 6/17/2008

- bugs to faction AI, patrol spanwing fixed
- huge graphics updates by Ron Losey and Ichimonji
- includes all previous patch improvements

Version 0.6.3g-b3120
12:35 AM 5/27/2008

- casualty print bug fixed
- tweaked battle morale system to improve behavior and performance
- increased overall spawn and battle size
- other minor bug fixes

Version 0.6.3f-b3045
10:10 AM 5/20/2008

- dojo bugs fixed
- added battle morale
- other tweaks and fixes
- Fixed army recon mission bugs

Version 0.6.3e-b2961
2:52 AM 5/12/2008

- kengo training FIXED (finally!)
- changed blunt weapon training weapon from hanbo to bo
- Companions will stay out of dojo scenes

Version 0.6.3d-b2951
9:26 PM 5/7/2008

- companions do not appear in dojo scenes following training, to help narrow down the source of the dojo bugs

Version 0.6.3c-b2845
11:24 PM 4/30/2008

- dojo companion training instabilities
- bushi quest mission bugs
- other bugs fixes
- considerable refactoring

Version 0.6.3-b2880
10:48 PM 4/18/2008

- new merchant content, quests
- trading posts
- prep code for NPC hero spawning, new skill Persuasion
- dialogs to interface with merchant quests,
- shoen (farming manors used as investment vehicles)
- dynamic trader destinations, town walkers
- sort loot script by Highlander

- Various quest bugs
- various dojo bugs
- dialog cleanup of VERY OLD code

Known bugs:
- Casualties still don't print to menu

Version 0.6.3a-b2920
2:08 AM 4/25/2008

- daimyo dialogs to join factions, start investigator quests

Version 0.6.2-b2558
8:43 AM 2/3/2008

- New larger cities, broken into wards for faster loading
- file to auto-generate the module.ini file
- Clothing removed programtically from loot, rather than the itp_unique hack
- Troop, city, faction notes
- Some quest notes

- quests work end properly
- Dojos now work properly (companions train, no double-joining of apprentices)

Known bugs:
- Casualties still don't print to menu

Version 0.6.1-b2522
10:04 AM 12/22/2007

- game meta-data screens
- loot is on the light side
- Couched lance multiplier
- troop wages are zeros
- quests are more stable
- repair quest trigger has no stop condition
- Weaponsmiths have no racks
- peddlers have no carts
- Compass texture is missing
- Ronin quests are fully active

Known bugs:
- Bandit quest party does not disable for investigation quest

Version 0.6.0-b2475
8:11 PM 12/11/2007

- Port to v.901

Version 0.5.4-b2205
11:27 PM 8/21/2007

- new NPCs as rewards for completeing kengo training
- reworked dojo code for increased stability
- can become a monk or shinobi, access to subclass-specific troops (may be somewhat unstable)
- manor now appears on quick menu

- patrols spawn again
- no more player clones in the kokujin's office
- fixed mis-named o-naginata texture
- player gets paid for selling prisoners ONLY at the slaver
- dialog with Hyogo-bo (Enryaku-ji priest) fixed
- companion training now triggers properly
- fort patrols now properly account for being destroyed

Version 0.5.3-b2165
6:54 AM 8/10/2007

- large graphics additions (Ron Losey - items, myself - buildings)
- inn, merchant, smithy now accessable directly from town menu after visiting once
- added a 'geomancers' stall to hire builders for forts (non-quest related)
- kengo, companion training revamped

too much to mention!

Version 0.5.2c-b1987
10:14 PM 7/4/2007

- retweaked loot code.
- added some online debug code as a companion dialog
- improved the price of prisoners sold in Hyogo

Version 0.5.2c-b1987
10:21 PM 6/27/2007

- A couple of bandit armor textures

- missing smithy door in the city scene
- reverted to old loot script, modified clothing items to unique status

Version 0.5.1-b1915
10:53 PM 6/24/2007

- Signage for the inn, merchant, and smithy (in Japanese, of course)

- traveling peddlers now interact properly
- Readjusted the loot drops so that more is dropped
- Losing troops because of insufficient funds will not cause companions to leave, or remove the player's name from the party

Version 0.5.0-b1900
7:48 PM 6/22/2007

- new city scene, with lots of new buildings
- first three storyline bushi quests
- Sieging is possible
- Added forts, which allow players to store excess troops and send out a patrol from those troops
(currently only part of the storyline bushi quests, to be rolled out to other classes soon)
- Lots of party template rebalancing
- Lots of economy rebalancing

Fixed (too much to mention all!):
- Companions now properly show up at the Itami Inn when ordered
- Companions now properly train at the dojo
- And much, MUCH more!

Known bugs:
- Armies behavior incorrectly when totally defeated

Version 0.4.3-b1540
10:52 AM 2/25/2007
- Kuge gift scene melee_equipped error
- Swearing allegience multiple times bug
- Disabled the ability to attack armies until they can be incorporated into the new encounter system
- Recruiting samurai at the shugo should now properly account for free party space
- Pantless haraate models now working.

Version history:

Version 0.4.3-b1523
10:51 PM 2/19/2007

- Duelist now fully operational
- Kuge missions mostly working (minor string errors, no loss of functionality)

Version 0.4.3-b1454
2:34 PM 2/10/2007

- The Realistic Combat Model, by Ron Losey

- Duelists now work properly, and take your stuff if you lose
- Sword quest had better work

Version 0.4.2-b1403
11:12 AM 2/1/2007

- load times down to ~ 1 minute
- all currency references now in mon
- Dojos work properly now
- Allied units now appear to fight with the player
- Boat to Misaki from Sumoto works
- All souhei now have melee weapons
- Duelists now work properly
- All archers now have a standby melee weapon

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