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Heya i thought your mod sounded like a fun one so i wanted to give it a go.
But i havent gotten to try it yet because when start the game and it starts loading the ini files the game crashes.
Saying it's unable to open the file CommonRes\costumes_a.brf.
I am usein m&b warband v1.131 so it might not be compatible.

This is a mod for Original Mount & Blade not warband.  :green:

Could you include Messers? Like the ones in this video? Wikipedia puts them late, but the design is a seax-like knife, or a knife hilted falchion style blade.

Also some information for anyone who is intrested, the site has a great deal of information about weapons and armour.
In the time period in this mod the main sword was the type XII. The type X and XI had mostly been fazed out, although there would still be many blades, some rehilted, around. A scattering of type XIIIa's, but with some XIII & XIIIb's around. I would guess that there would be some type XIIa's around, as a development, perhaps adding longer hilts onto the standard length blades.

Continue on in that article and it outlines the hilt designs of the periods.

EDIT: I see this is dead.

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