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TLD.808 / Re: The Last Days v2.3.1 (for .808) *updated* June 17th 2007
« on: September 01, 2007, 06:27:23 PM »
Just thought I'd throw out a congratulations - TLD has surpassed one hundred thousand downloads.

That's mighty impressive if you think about it, grats. :wink:

Discussion / Re: Modding War Stories
« on: August 27, 2007, 05:28:29 AM »
I've checked every single block of code I added to Fantasy mod looking for the cause of the random crash-to-desktop that occurs after approximately 40-50 ingame days. Rewritten a few py's and everything, and today, I still don't know if it's fixed, or what is causing it / what caused it.  ::)

Tutorials / The Unofficial Video Tutorial Series - Modelling.
« on: August 26, 2007, 05:02:32 PM »
Hello and welcome. The past few days I have been working on a series of video tutorials. I have slaughtered the English language as well as wasted numerous compressors, I have remade models a hundred times and I have bloopered a million times!

But alas, I managed to wrap the series up for now. Currently the video tutorial series include:

___________________________________________________________ _

Video Tutorial 1 - Basics of modelling (~22min)
Video Tutorial 2 - Modelling a Sword & Shield (~23min)
Video Tutorial 3 - Modelling a Helmet (~14 min)
Video Tutorial 4 - UV mapping & Texturing (~59min/1h) - Beware 123 Mb large!

___________________________________________________________ _

If there are any questions or requests related to the video tutorials, feel free to post. If anything is unclear, feel free to post, if you want to thank me, feel free to post. :P
I hope these are somewhat helpfull, I know I could have certainly used these when I started modding here.

For my two written tutorials, please go here:
Basic modelling tutorial
advanced modelling tutorial

Thanks for watching!

P.S Forgive me for typoing "modelling" into "moddeling" all the time and everywhere. :P

Misc / Re: Model Presentation Thread
« on: January 18, 2007, 09:06:53 AM »
Fun models :

(Both made in Wings3D)

I've also worked on a fictional (But comepletely functional -- everything has been thought out, including organ systems and behaviour and such.) alienoid creature a bit, and I'm planning to eventually animate and texture it (And model everything, like organs etc.)

I didn't work on it much more after about 80% done in Wings, do it's not worth taking screenshots of yet.

Hundreds of other models are for Mount and Blade. (Mostly Fantasy mod.)

Pirates! / Re: Screenshots!
« on: January 17, 2007, 03:30:38 PM »

Modding Software / Re: Calling software experts!
« on: January 16, 2007, 03:56:40 AM »
I lol'd.

Misc / Re: 2d and 3d Art Compilation thread
« on: January 16, 2007, 03:53:22 AM »
(unfinished) Building pack

-Something I made earlier, but didn't really put to much work in so some thing are rather crappy. It has some simple pieces that could come in handy at times. List of items and such are in the linked thread.
-Creditis is more than enough
-Fantasy mod, I think RPGmod, maybe some more mods that use it here and there.
- Link to the thread.
-Its a pack of BRF's, not a module.
-See in the thread.
-Same as above.

First of : The head model I'll use troughout the tutorial is pretty crappy. This newer one I made is a way better one, uses (near) perfect loop topology and is very clean :


Since the last tutorial on wing3d, by me, I have learnt alot more about the techniques and tricks.
Therefore I thought it would be handy for modelers, who already have a bunch of experience, to get some deeper information about wings3d and its tools.

If you cannot make the things that you can see here then I suggest you get out of this thread now :P

First of all I would like to link to the official wings3d forums gallery. Here you can see what can be done with wings, and simultaneously you can find a whole bunch of very usefull tutorials.

good tutorials are for example mirror
-Tweak mode
-hide and unhide mesh

Next list are tools that are usefull, but can be left out when modeling on experienced level.

-storing selections
Virtual mirrorTweak modeEdgeloops

after basic edgeloops and shape I used my technique, add edge loops, jump in tweak mode.
each edge loop you make has to be sculpted in order to make it usefull.
again I highlighted a bunch of edgeloops. NOTE: the un-highlighted are edgeloops too, ofcourse, I just picked a few.

after that Its just tweaking and adding loops. do over and here and there its just knowledge that is nessencary, surf modeling sites for tips on specific things
and maybe even use google for reference.

and finaly the perfect look at the edgeloops.

see how the entire model exist of flawless edgeloops. thats how you easely add shape to the model , without messing it up.
after that I just quit, I made this in a hurry for the tutorial and I have no intension in finishing it :P

basicly after that stage you just keep adjusting untill you've got what you want. there's a point where you cant add anymore edgeloops, but just tweak them to get the shape that is required. this head could use some more loops, and after that alot of shaping to make it look good.

NOTE: I made this -entire- model with adding edgeloops and tweaking. the only other thing I did was extrude and insetting the eyes.

Hiding and unhiding geometryConnectingStoring selectionsEnding tips

Tutorials / All about 3d-modeling, Chapter 1 : basic modeling
« on: January 14, 2007, 03:31:43 PM »
If you feel these things are to easy for you, you can check out the next chapter, -advanced modeling tutorial

Basic moddeling tutorial.
Includes weapon, helmet and armor tutorial.

Tri count list.

First of, for people who are already fairly good moddelers..

I've made a list with different moddeling types and the ammount of triangles you should aim for in order to not overload M&B.
These are just set by me, so if you cross the limits that will not crash the game or something.

Normal helmet : ~500
Full faced helmet : ~800/1000

A body armor : ~1000

A sword : ~250
Special/Detailed sword : ~400
Small axe : ~300
Two handed axe : ~400
Two bladed axe : ~500
Lance :  ~150/250
Spear : ~200/300

Shield : ~400/500

Bow : ~100/200
Crossbow : ~300/400

Interior scene : ~1000
Detailed scenery : <2000
Medium scenery : ~700/800
Small scenery : ~250
Tiny scenery : ~100/200


I thought why not make a simple moddeling tutorial.

So here it is. I've tried to make it as simple as possible, yet resourcefull and understanable.
First of all, I copied this small piece from Yoshiboy's tutorial. (I hope you don't mind.)
Wings 3d is a free modelling program, it can be aquired on
Lets give a run down on the camera, as people seem to have trouble.
Press down the middle mouse button to go into tumble mod. Scroll the middle mouse to zoom in and out. While in tumble mode, press Q to switch to pan mode. With a selection, press the A key to center your view on the selection, this one is increadibly useful. Space is the shortcut for deselect all. Not related to the camera, but still hugely useful.

If you have two mouse buttons, not 3 then go "edit > preferences" Select the camera tab and change the number of mouse button to two. When in this mode holding ctrl and pressing the right mouse button will put you into tumble mode, and while in this you can zoom by holding down the right mouse key and pulling the mouse back and forward.

Sword tutorial

Now let's scale the cubes, because you probably don't want to have such a square and huge blade, now do you?
Select a cube then right click>scale>Y,X or Z.

Try it abit untill you get what you want from shape.

Picture :

Now you can start manipulating the vertecies to add more detail.
If you want more detail just cut more edges, and don't forget to connect the vertecies.

Picture :

Of course don't exagerrate. The more you cut&connect, the more polygons you create.
For good poly counts, check the first part of this tutorial.

Anyway, after playing with those cubes I got this, Its real easy.

If you can't get something like that, just practise more. Spend time in wings3d, use some of the above guidlines and also try and challenge yourself into making harder things.

If you have questions, just post them here.

This is Yoshiboy's tutorial if you want to get it ingame.,6146.0.html

Basic helmet tutorial.

1. Get a cube in wings3d (I prefer cubes but anything else works too.)

2. Cut it along side some edges as explained in the sword tutorial.

3.Now cut the cube in half before manipulating it.

WRONG way.

Again questions are welcome.


Skinning/rigging an ) or milkshape ( you can download Gmax (the green button in upper right corner)

Here you can find the SMD importer
and Here you can find the SMD exporter

For a OBJ importer go here

Now everythign you selected should turn red
Congrats you now weighted the vertecies to the bone
Now you can export as SMD..

with 3dsmax it just export and it should work..
if you're using Gmax , follow these

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