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TLD.808 / Re: Evil Cavalry, until 2.3.2
« on: March 18, 2012, 12:36:45 pm »
it's not exactly off topic as I am asking if you can do what he said of adding wargs to a shop only adding it to a good faction shop instead.
I know this post been dead, but since you 2 responded it shows that it possible someone will come and tell me.

But if it true that some reason I could get banned ?_? even though on another post, as pointed out/reminded that there is a guy that posted a picture of his hero and companion, good faction are riding them. -> and all that was said to him is that he cheated to get it and haha.
But ya I don't plan to release a mod or say I came up with it or anything, just wanted to add more fun for me in this already fun mod.

Could someone shed a little light on healing serious wounds for the player and companions?  Do they heal over time or are they permanent?  Any skills help?  IIRC in the .808 version had healers in the capitals, are they gone?

They heal over time, and forget what it called but ya 1 of them does make them heal faster. I am sure by now if you kept playing though you noticed that though as it can easily only take a day for a wound to heal.

TLD.808 / Re: Evil Cavalry, until 2.3.2
« on: March 16, 2012, 04:05:19 pm »
ya, just was hoping for a response to my exact question as I would find it neat to have a "friendly" warg. I am just to tired of horses in general, and am a big fan of wargs so ya.. Nothing to do with the patch he is talking about, just wanting wargs on "good" faction which he clearly did some how.

Have posted other questions in the corect area with no response so was hoping by chance he would come back and notice the reply in it and tell me how he did it :).

TLD.808 / Re: Evil Cavalry, until 2.3.2
« on: March 11, 2012, 05:23:15 pm »
is it possible to do this trick to get warg mounts for the "Good" Faction /yourself?

Saw a topic with pics of a player and 1 of his companions riding them, and been wondering how to do it for future playththroughs.

The Last Days / Re: Download: Female Meshes for TLD
« on: March 09, 2012, 03:31:08 pm »
Seen pics for this mini mod somewhere before, but can't seem to find them again..

Was thinking of downloading this as my next playthrough I plan to play as a female and other reasons, but am curious just to see how much of a difference it makes. --> are their pics anywhere of most of the changes?

forgot to ask 1 other question,
Isengard (and all the evils) do have supply "wagons" right?? --> got a mission to take down 3 isengard ones, but after a very short while of looking (Isengard is dominating Rohan and has superior numbers which makes sense and is cool, but makes raiding them nearly impossible lol) any who I did the Ctrl T to see everything waited a few days and never saw anything with the word supply or that particulary looked like one..

I assume they do as even they need them, and have read posts that said something about them, but unrelated and barely said anything.

3 questions (and also sorry for posting a new thread a few days ago)

1: Is it possible and ok to edit troops gear or are they hard coded to only use what they are ment to (I know it does not really fit lore, and the obvious meshes that are different would / does not work dwarf armor - on a man etc...)

2: Another troop edit question, is it possible to make some Human and or Elf into females or are they again hard coded or something?

3: Is there a thread or anything that has all the easter Eggs, saw the one thta listed a couple and hinted at a couple, but that is all.

Do not plan to do any of this until next playthrough, but do wish to if posible because it just what I do to all MnB mods I play (I already have the simple troop edit tool, and have used it in other mods) to make the next playthroughs more interesting, and knowing all easter eggs, is just because I kind of hate looking for them in MnB mods, and just want to make sure I get to enjoy everything that was so fantasticly put in the game.

The Last Days / 4.5 questions and a THanks for the mod
« on: March 06, 2012, 01:00:52 am »
THanks a bunch for the mod, tried it out long long ago when it was a youngen, and I will not deny the fact I hated it compared to a few other mods, but always knew it had great promise so came back to it, and am 100% glad I did and now find this to be in the top 4 mods  :shock: for all of Mount and Blade.

Any who :D the 4 questions I have are:

1) Is their a purpose to the low / usable quaility metals besides the chance of getting a quest asking for them ? Just don't see to much need for the tiny bit of "$" you can get by selling to "blacksmithes", though am pretty happy with their prices as they should not be worth much.

2) Is it safe to use the troop editor to change human and maybe elf males -> females and modify some soldiers as to what they can use (Plan to try to in far future on my 2nd playthrough as that is just what I do to make things more interesting and to make soldiers more unique and more their own person) --> Also know this is against the lore as women were not allowed to fight and armies used mass produced gear, but it what I do in most mods in this game when can.

3) Does Isengard (and the other non-human) forces use Supply trains, asking because I can't see to find any for Isengard (and I have a quest to take out 3) and only briefly looked at Mordor. (I used Ctrl T, and waited a day, and did read tiny things saying that there is I think from small bits of others posts -> using search function)

4) Is there anyplace that lists all the secrets, assuming there is more besides the being Mordor Troll Cave thing, if that is one even lol.  (another thing I plan to try and find out so that either when this playthrough 90+% completed or somepoint 2nd playthough can go and look and enjoy. (read only 1 post, that said there was secrets though was not confirmed other than saying the troll cave). -----> I don't totaly need the exact information, as secretive things can be fun, I just want to make sure I enjoy them all as they should be.
 ---> 4.5) and also is there a list for companions (Think I remember a list on an old forum or something, though unsure) --> only plan to use it for somepoint 2nd or maybe even 3rd, as I love and do think they should be hard to find/get and am sooooo happy to finaly not just be able to go to every town and hit their cantinas to get them all. ---> though for some of them I wish they had a bit more programming as them waiting in 1 spot 24/7 does not make a whole lot of sense, though obviously pretend they go out and do w/e and just hear you in town so go to the spot, but just from the very few I have found and their story and what not, like Glorfindel I thought was going to go out and join the war (become a general maybe even) after a certain time, but does not seem to even if the enemy is at the gates -> which is the next part I wish they would put up a fight if the enemy is at their gate / seigeing and have a tiny chance of surviving and retreating to their next most likely place of being.

Any ways really sorry about all the rant and ton of reading / words I typed, wish I posted this earlier I probably could have cleaned it up much more and everything, but was busy playing it  :)
   THanks again so much for this mod, again this is top 4 of all the mods I have read/played/seen/etc... over the years and I have probably played/read almost all of them (Never got Fire/Sword or Warband, only talking of Vanilla M&B).  :lol: .

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