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Star Wars Conquest / Re: PC Zone Featured Us! :D
« on: July 02, 2010, 08:56:42 am »

That is really neat we got mentioned in PC Zone, thanks for the image and posting it!

I found the May 2010 PC Gamer PDF that Chemical-Attraction mentioned.  There is a star wars mod mentioned but it wasn't ours, so maybe you heard about our mod on their forum or something, etc.

Star Wars Conquest / Re: »SWC: Developers To-Do List
« on: July 02, 2010, 08:47:36 am »

This thread was originally started by me to try and be better organized about the future plans for SWC.  Unfortunately, I am too busy to take an active role in this project any further so Swyter and the rest of the team will be working on this.  Therefore, I'm going to lock and un-sticky this thread, thx.

Star Wars Conquest / Re: »SWC: Questions & Answers
« on: July 02, 2010, 08:43:21 am »

Yeah, I originally wanted this mod to contain items from the original trilogy only, but after seeing Barf's clones and battledroids unused for months I finally talked to him and added them in.  I tried to make them optional so players can choose to use or ignore them.  My long term plan was to have a configuration toggle so you could turn clone era stuff on/off so the merchant wouldn't appear or you couldn't even build them in the droid foundry, but I never got around to doing that.  An ever bigger concept would be to let the player choose their era when they started the game, and then rename and switch weapons/armor on troops, have different kingdom reinforcements, etc.  I briefly looked into this and it was somewhat possible, but we'd probably need more map icons and there are some limitations like you couldn't set face codes with the module system, so I think it makes sense to focus on the original trilogy like we have.  In terms of removing them when the clone mod is released I could go either way and since I'm not really active with this mod I'll let you guys make that call.  Usually I like giving players options, maybe the toggle could be added with a default of off, but I don't think they are really hurting anything and a lot of people seem to like them.  I do think that any screenshots/videos should focus on original trilogy so I liked how the latest trailer had stormtroopers, etc.  I've also heard that the clone mod will be focused on one planet rather than a galaxy, so some players might prefer one concept over another, etc. Anyway, as I said in another post, I'm too busy to really be active right now, so I'll let you guys figure out what the future of this project should be.

FYI - In Warband you can modify the gravity effect on ammo, but unfortunately the last time I checked it could only be done for arrows and bullets.  So rifle ammo (ie. bolts for crossbows) would still drop...  I haven't patched Warband in months so hopefully they changed this or plan to change it in the future...
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air_friction_arrow = 0.002
air_friction_bullet = 0.002

Star Wars Conquest / Re: »SWC: Developers Log and status updates
« on: July 02, 2010, 08:09:46 am »
hey, guys!   Just wanted to write a quick post and say that yes I am alive, but real life is still very busy so I haven't had any time to think about SWC.   Unfortunately, I don't think this is going to change anytime soon, so I'm not sure when or if I'll really have time to take an active role in this project again...  Anyway, I watched the latest video's and downloaded and briefly played the most recent version it really looks great.  The AI improvement makes a huge difference and a lot of changes like the graphic tweaks and the rancor were great to see.  I was very happy and excited to see the latest release when I checked moddb a few days ago and feel the mod is in good hands.  Anyway, I wish you guys good luck in the future and will try to check in on the forums a little more often, etc.

edit:  I loved seeing the new scenes and the stormtrooper above look great too!

Star Wars Conquest / Re: SWC: Questions & Answers
« on: April 30, 2010, 08:16:46 pm »
I do not know if this has been asked before, but...

Are you planning to release this for Warband any time soon?

Unfortunately, no.  My real life is very busy right now and I don't have any free time to work on M&B.   I believe several of the other team members are also quite busy and have limited time as well.  We would like to release a final SWC 1.0 release for M&B, but I don't know when/if we will find time for Warband.   Even if we do find time, I'm guessing it would be several weeks or most likely months before a Warband beta could be released.   If somebody knows the module system well and has the free time to consistently contribute to this mod then let me know.  Otherwise, it may be hibernating for a while....


yup, I agree with Happy Stormtrooper.   If you can ignore some of the weird parts of the videos, he does an excellent job detailing all the issues better than any other review or posts I have seen before.   I don't think the prequels are awful, but just very disappointing.

Star Wars Conquest / Re: SWC: Developers Log and status updates
« on: April 28, 2010, 03:07:48 pm »
Thanks for the link Swyter, that is a good article and very interesting to read and stuff I have thought about over the last 2 years.  I would agree with the majority of his comments and this mod has probably suffered from many of those as well.  This was the first mod I ever created and it has definitely been a good learning experience.  For me (and probably others), the main issue is just the lack of free time, so I have to really choose what to spend it on.  Do I reply to PM's, reply to posts, test the mod, add new models/scenes, do some coding, write a document, FAQ, etc?  If I can only do one of those things in X days then its tough to figure out what to focus on.  Even me replying to a few posts may delay getting models in game which then delays people creating scenes, etc...  I also didn't start this with the idea of it being a 'major mod', it just grew over time, so a lot of the initial design/code definitely could have been better.  I do think we did good by releasing so many incremental beta's, rather than waiting for a final release, since the feedback from players along the way was invaluable and I appreciate everybody that helped test.  But in general I realize that this mod is very disorganized and there are a lot of things I'd do differently if I had more time or this was a commercial project.  Being more organized would probably make the mod better, but it could also cause it to take longer which may reduce the chances of it actually being completed, etc...   Plus, for me, the more organized I'd get the more it became more like work and less like fun.  I'd take time to create a to-do list, complete the task, and think "crap, I forgot to update my list".  ;)    Creating and updating the lists takes time I really didn't have.  :(   So my main advice is to make sure the 'mod leader'  has a lot of free time or is really focused on specific tasks and other people handle other parts.  Motivation is also a problem because the amount of stuff we want to add is always greater then our free time, there are a lot of limitations in the game engine that cause frustration, and I have to weigh spending my free time on this or other activities.   ???    I'm out of school and already in a career that doesn't involve game development, so some of what I'm learning while fun isn't really helping me in my career like other guys that might get to use this work for their portfolio (which I think is great).   Its also not a major engine, so even if I did want to try and switch careers its not like I'm an Unreal scripter, and we also couldn't publish it as a standalone even if Taleworlds wanted to since of the Star Wars content.  I had thought about trying to start a project using something like the UDK (unreal development kit) or Unity 3d but that just leads into more potential issues like the main one still being the free time.   Anyway, I think if you had a dedicated team of 4-5 people who all were on something like a summer break at the same time you could probably knock out a major mod in a few months.  But unless its going to be a full-time job, I can completely see why so many mods never get completed or take so long to finish, etc.   Its fun but tough work and there are lots of potential delays or problems along the way.  Anyway, I had already mentioned this to the team members, but will do a general post.  I would like to release a SWC 1.0 version for M&B at some point, but I don't know if I can commit to working on Warband at this current time.  I just don't have the free time to work on a project like this and my motivation is lacking as well....   :-\

Star Wars Conquest / Re: SWC: Developers Log and status updates
« on: April 28, 2010, 02:40:22 pm »

motomataru - very interesting, thanks for the video's, I'd be curious to see lower numbers too.   I'd probably vote for something like most speeders at 50% and maybe the Horus at 60-70%, because I like the idea of you slowing down or stopping when you try and run over a bunch of people.  Since the AI doesn't really ram people, I'm not sure we should give the player a huge advantage and just let them to run through people like they can do now.   Plus, I still think a speeder hitting an armored stormtrooper is going to cause some damage to the speeder as well, so that should be reflected in the game.  Speeders aren't battering rams, they are transportation and it makes sense to stop/crash if you hit a crowd. 


Yeah, this guy is a little weird, and I don't think the prequel movies are "awful", I just think they are drastically different then the original trilogy.  The original trilogy told a story, made you feel about the characters, goes into the category of a classic movie, etc.  The prequels are just a fun/cool/entertaining movie, but don't really tell a great story and aren't a classic film in my opinion.  Its similar to many other movies or video games, when they toss in a ton of cool stuff so nobody notices the lack of a decent plot or problems with the story.  ;)   They may be fun to watch or play a few times, but its never going to be consider 'great'.  I was just very disapointed in them, because they had the potential to be great, but didn't come anywhere close to achieving it...

Star Wars Conquest / Re: SWC: Developers Log and status updates
« on: April 27, 2010, 10:06:13 pm »

Decreasing the damage makes sense to me and it might even make sense to take it down less then 60%.   A speeder is a lot different then a charging horse.  If a speeder hit somebody then I don't think it would just run them over, most likely it would flip over.   So I might be tempted to significantly reduce the speeders damage so they basically stopped if you hit one or two guys.   Then maybe we could create some other speeder, that moved a lot slower, but had some battering ram or something on the front that could actually knock people over or hurt them.  But I think you are right that speeders shouldn't be crazy fast and do a decent amount of damage.


Yeah, the video do have a good analysis if you can ignore the messed up parts.  ;)   I've been watching one or two randomly over the last few days and he made some really good points.


These video's actually have some good points and a few brief behind the scenes clips or quotes that give some insight.  Basically, it sounds like with the original movies Lucas may have had some people questioning or challenging him, so at least the story made sense.  But in the later movies he had absolute control and since he was the creator of star wars nobody had the guts to question his vision.  There were some clips at the very end that showed Lucas and others watching the final cut of the movie and you heard George say something like 'maybe I pushed it too far' and one of the guys saying there were too many plot points, etc.  But George basically said its too late now and since they are all interconnected if they remove one it all breaks down, etc.  There was also an old clip of Lucas from the original trilogy saying something like "special effects are just to help tell a story, but without a story special effects are worthless".  Well, I basically felt that the prequels were that, all special effects with no story, so basically worthless.   :(

As some of you may be aware, I'm not a big fan of the prequel star wars movies (Episode 1-3) at all.  This is the main reason why I wanted this mod to be focused on Episode 4-6 range, and not really focus on the clones/battledroids, etc.  I understand a lot of people like those movies, and will admit they are somewhat enjoyable just due to the fact that we get to see some lightsabers and other cool stuff, but there are some big issues.  If you evaluate them as standalone movies, or compare them to the original trilogy, my opinion is they just aren't that good.  I recently found this website and this guy does a great and very funny job pointing out all the problems and issues with the movies.  Sometimes his humor is a little weird or messed up, but I personally found these video's hilarious and very true so I wanted to share.

The Phantom Menance (all videos)
or (part 1)

Attack of the Clones (all videos)
or (part 1)

Star Wars Conquest / Re: SWC: Developers Log and status updates
« on: April 15, 2010, 02:49:47 pm »

damn, I've been busy for a few days and you guys do some amazing stuff.    :shock:     I should disapear more often.  ;)

motomataru - very, very, nice work, I did not realize we could modify behavior like that and your changes sound great.   Coding like this is a major help, since my free time is so limited, and coding skills pretty weak, that I can't really dedicate time to working and testing out new concepts like this.

Star Wars Conquest / Re: SWC: Do you want to help this mod?
« on: April 11, 2010, 06:23:54 pm »

thanks zahar, I'll check these out as well.

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