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The Last Days / Re: TLD 3.23 FAQ - my own attempt
« on: June 06, 2013, 06:10:25 am »
Thanks Lengua
made some edits.

Im hoping someone may be willing to write up a FAQ For the technical aspect - key issues such as windy flora, LAA etc. NOt sure if anyone still plays!?

The Last Days / Re: TLD 3.23 FAQ - my own attempt
« on: May 25, 2013, 02:33:16 pm »

The Last Days / Re: TLD 3.23 FAQ - my own attempt
« on: May 25, 2013, 02:33:06 pm »

The Last Days / TLD 3.23 FAQ - my own attempt
« on: May 25, 2013, 02:32:37 pm »
I'm going to start my own game FAQ as I find a lot of repetition of the questions on the FAQ section. I'll update this as I go along so bear with me.
Also, is there a way to get a "hidebar"?

I've not played much as the evil factions. Please let me know if you want to add anything.

Are there any strategy guides etc?

Why cant I capture enemy commanders?
You can only capture them if you have the quest "capture enemy commander" active. As far as I know, if you have the quest active, your chances of capture are high, and dependant on your prisoner management skill. IF you attack an enemy commander on your own, you will usually capture him, but if you join in, this may not happen. AFAIK, this is due to M&B native mechanics.

Why cant I capture orcs/elves?
Only humans can be captured (true to lore) if you a good faction. If are evil, everyone is game for capture. Elves can never be captured if you are an evil side.

How do I gain rank and influence?
Rank is similar to the "renown" in M&B vanilla. You gain it by doing quests, fighting battles.
Rank points lets you gain rank in a particular faction.
Influence is gained at about 1/6 of rank. So if you fight a battle and gain 6 rank, you gain 1 influence. There are other ways of gaining influence as well.

I can only seem to get maximum of 13 rank in any battle.
This is coded. At most you can get 13 rank and 2 influence although if you assist others, you sometimes get two checks at rank, ie you can get 13+2 and then 13+2.
You can change the rate at which you gain these see below.
This also encourages people to do quests.

Can I change the rate at which I gain rank and influence?
Yes. Many thanks to Sirg for this.
You need to edit the scripts.txt file in your TLD module main folder.
See this thread.
You can essentially add a multiplier to the amount of rank and influence you normally get

Is there a list of items you can get for each faction and the influence cost?
See this thread.

What strength, agility etc should I aim for?
Thats up to you and your style. Keep in mind that I find around level 32, I am near end game.

Are there any + stats items such as books I should keep aware of to plan my character?
+1 strength Tucarisil
+1 agility finswarisil
+1 leadership silmarillion
+1 leadership, +1 persuasion Light of Galadriel
+1 leadership, +1 charisma Horn of Gondor
+1 tactics On fall of gondolin
+1 power draw elven amulet
+1 riding Saddle of Thengel
+1 pathfinding map of middle earth
+ power strike sword of westernesse (weapon)
Keep in mind some of these are top tier rewards and may take you a long time to get to.
The items stack ie +3 leadership if you get all the relevant items
If you get 2 exact same items, eg elven amulets, eg from Imladris and Mirkwood, only one applies.

How do I increase the number of troops I can hire?
increasing charisma and leadership
increase your rank level in a faction

I'm cant seem to recruit X companion
There are 3 things you need to meet.
1. The appropriate rank for a particular faction, eg for Galmyne, you need to be a "close friend of rohan"
2. You need a certain amount of influence
3. The city still needs to be around (esp Ulfas who is in west emnet which used to get razed quite early)

Is there a list of companions?
Yes. Check this thread.

There doesnt seem to be much action at the beginning of the game. Isnt there a war on?
The war doesnt start until you are level 8.
Use this time to get a few quests under your belt, get some companions, money and explore.

Why isnt Elrond coming to Gondor to help out?
The northern factions had their own hands full with a war too. If you help clear their enemies, Elrond might be inclined to help though... the same goes for Gondor armies

Where is the gold?
Resources replace gold. You have a bank account with each faction. Be careful if you are for example Rohan and you hire lots of elves - you may not have enough elf cash to sustain them.

How do I make resources?
1. Have a rank in a particular faction. Each higher level, eg friend of rohan, close friend of rohan etc allows you a daily income for that faction.
2. quests
3. Looting enemies. Either you get scrap metal or enemy weapons etc

I cant siege things??
Only allied leaders can siege enemies, to be faithful to lore.

What is faction strength? How do I increase allies/decrease enemies?
Its a complicated algorthm.
All factions regenerate strength over time.
Winning big battles gains strength, losing these decreases.
I believe that if you lose a lot of battles in a short period of time, you lose more, and vice versa.

Why isnt X sieging Y?
Only when a faction has been brought down to a certain strength can they be sieged.
Some cities, eg Cair Andros, have no such limit. You can check this limit in the faction strength report.
The limit is decided by (your level) x (a constant). The constant can be changed in the TLD options depending on how quickly you want the war to progress. Be warned, changing these will have dramatic effects on how quickly the war progresses. IF you set this on "none" - expect some early KOs!
Capital cities have a higher threshold for sieging (usually 1000 points more)

Why isnt Theoden sieging Isengard when it is well below the level that he can siege?
For lore purposes, Isengard, Caras Galadhon and Mordor is not siegable. They send out a last ditch army when they are under 1000 strength which you have to defeat to eliminate the faction.

Isengard is on 1600 strength but not sending any armies out...
Try sitting your army near the middle of the tower and they will come out.

How do I gain X trait?
See this thread

Is there a troop tree I can see?
See this. Thanks to Duha, it is a very nicely done site.

I keep on failing the Oath quest
You need to hit that particular faction hard, and on your own (ie dont join battles) and in a time frame. Not just major armies, but the scouts etc as well. Save before you start this quest, and make not that if it is a weakened faction, they may not be able to send out a lot of enemies for you to fight.

How do I shake off the Oathbreaker trait?
Successfully gain the oathkeeper trait.

Why is there no quests available from anyone?
I'm not sure if this is part of the M&B engine or coded in game. I find that if you wait a day or so you are eligible for a few quests, irrespective of who you speak to first.

I cant find those trolls in the quest
Yep, theyre fast. When you get the quest, they spawn at the location that they are supposed to be. However, other local armies, eg scouts will attack these. If anyone else attacks these, you fail the quest.
My advice is to save after you get the quest OR use the cheats.

Why are Beornings only taking 1/10th the resources for my scrap metal? Is this a bug?
I dont think so. I think its to do with the fact that Beornings dont value resource economy in lore.

What is the point in the "gift to another faction" quest?
Transfer resource points from one to the other.

What is the Fangorn forest quest about?
Its a secret...

Are there any other quests?

quick two questions:

1. the "gift to another faction" quest - it doesnt seem to matter how much or to whom I donate, I get +1 relationship rating. Is there more to this quest?  It's a way to transfer resource points.

2. what was the reward for the "slay evil sorcerer" quest - I seemed to have just got elf friend trait but not sure if that was just beacuse galadriel was happy with my work?? It's supposed to be the trait, iirc.

I have spent more time on this mod than any other M&B mod out there (including the fancy warband ones, although Pendor a close second)

thanks to all the devs and people on the forums for helping. It makes me immensely happy to know that such dedicated people are out there. Thank you. :)

edit: Thanks!

The Last Days / Re: Open betas for the next patch (3.2 is out)
« on: September 20, 2012, 02:24:49 pm »
Playing for a few days, really enjoying the new changes and additions. Looking a lot more complete.

Just one major gripe:

the rank points system is just not right - I cannot believe being the tiliting point in a huge battle between 2 armies gets you only... 3 rank points, whereas escorting a spy to pinnath gelin gets you 16 + 2 influence! I do wish the system would return 3.14 where you would get 25 rank points per major battle, but not the difficult and high rank needed to attain levels that the 3.14 also had.

Anyone else find this? It is clear that doing minor quests will get you further than winning decisive battles or defending key castles.

The Last Days / Re: Open betas for the next patch (3.2 is out)
« on: August 24, 2012, 03:30:33 pm »
excited by this and will install when I get time to get a clean install

Does anyone know if the rank points / influence issue has been changed? 3.15 made it very difficult to gain rank and indeed I could be near end game and still be on level 7-8 on a faction

The Last Days / Re: TLD 3.1 - Bug Reports
« on: May 23, 2012, 08:06:47 am »
anyone notice that selling items to the beornings happens at 1/10th of the value of other places? Typically a good scraps sell at ~30

The Last Days / Re: Open betas for the next patch
« on: May 06, 2012, 01:38:30 am »
Done some free for all testing as some of the other players have done, but also tried to finish the campaign on the old game I was playing. Noticed a few thing of note:

on the older game:

As MV states - isengard is unsiegable, in the end I had to revert to the player siege mode to zero it. This was even when all of the northen factions moved to rohan after winning the war in the north. When does the last guardian army come out to play btw?

on the free for all game:
Gondor and rohan essentially get overran by evil forces. However, they're maintaining good defenses.

Gondor have lost cair andros and osgiliath early in the game ~day25.
Linhir and lossarnach are gone as well after constantly being under siege. The other cities will eventually fall too, I believe pelagir is next on the list.

Minas tirith is holding on without any problems. Each attacking army comes for a little bit, runs down the defenses by 50-100, and then stops sieging (I guess "beaten back the enemy") and resieges with half the troops they had. This takes another 1-2 weeks to siege and same again. Unfortunately, this grind doesnt work as MT manages to magically restock its garrison. I believe if you leave this on for 1000 days, MT would probably still be ok. (still only on ~200 atm)

Gondor is keeping around 2700 strength but I have noticed it starting to creep up again although the gondor commander just keep on losing. I'll see what happens when gondor loses more cities. Isengard and Mordor are both 9990. The other evil factions keep rising. Most are ~4-6k.

Rohan has lost westfold and now edoras and hornburg are keeping them at bay. The two cities just keep on absorbing the sieges. The other cities barely get attacked at all.

In the north, the war is essentially like 3.13 except moria is constantly under siege and suffers from MT like above - sieges for 2 weeks, take a little bit off and then rinse and repeat. Dol Guldur going strong. Rhun keep on trying to take down beorning village which is a bit annoying.

In conclusion the war is reaching a complete standstill even though the siege frequency is much higher. It will take years before anything moves, I would imagine. With this in mind a PC could coolly take his time to finish one war and start another and never get beat by the game. Also if a PC starts a war in the north, by the time he gets south, I would imagine he would have had 4-5 x 9990 factions to grind, which could be a bit tedious.

I wonder if the regen rates have returned to 3.10?
I have noticed that more heroes are dying as well - did anyone else notice this? ~day 200 and I have seen 6 or so die
The influence bonus from battles is nice although 3 is still too little for my liking - would 5 be a more reasonable number? Saving a kingdoms 300 troops from 1000 or a desperate siege of a key garrison should really give you more merit than killing a troll?

The Last Days / Re: Open betas for the next patch
« on: May 04, 2012, 06:32:58 am »

I've done some testing on this and I'm afraid the influence gain is only for helping buddies

the new cap is 25 rank and 3 inf points, no matter what level of attackers vs defenders that you help out on.

Without helping anyone, I've tested 100 vs 500 and this only got me 5 rank points;

helping allies in a battle whilst fighting more than 150 or so people (without your own forces being overwhelming) will net you the maximum 3 inf points.

Better than nothing though, I think, and it will allow you to rack up enough points for those rewards much more quickly. I just hope that Galmyne does not require 150points still. Anyone checked this in a new game?

The Last Days / Re: Open betas for the next patch
« on: May 04, 2012, 04:18:05 am »
Hi all

New to the forums, but had to register to say very much enjoying the TLD experience. I am just wondering what are the exact changes on this beta patch? Ie is there a thorough changelog? Come to think of it, is there a changelog from the previous patches (more than just the vague lists on the readme?)

Just been playing a little on an old saved game. Immediately noticed major sieges and destruction of 3 factions! Very much reduced the grind effect.

Ive noticed that the influence gained from from battles and quests are now fixed. Anyone else notice this?

ps anyone know if the oath quests are still bugged?

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