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Discussion / Complicating Economy
« on: August 30, 2008, 11:47:50 pm »
Complicated Stuff for Modplosion.

City Types;
-Trade Dependant: Can't survive without trade. It is either too crowded or became trade dependant over time. Villages already can't keep up with Citys demands. Caravans are vital.

-Village Dependant: Trade is welcome but not exactly vital. This ones are nothing more then an overgrown town or produce its own goods but entirely depends on food from its villages. Villages are vital.

--Food Stocks; If villagers can make it to the cities, city will rapidly become poor.
--Raw Metarials; If villages are poor or raided City won't be able send caravans.
--Famine; If villages have a bad harvest or have their cattle stolen (by player, the random plague that kills cattle should be ignored or modified).
--Bullies; If villages are infested by bandits City will suffer prosperity, if all villages are infested City can't send caravans (this should be edited too).
--Incompetant Lord; Citys Lord does not grasp the whole trade thing and submits to whims of traders. Caravans pay less tariffs.
--Vital Exporter; The City is the sole exporter of an important good. Distrubing this citys trade will have effects on all its trade partners.
--Import Dependance; If city can't import it will even more rapidly become poor.
--Dependant Villages; Villages can't only supply cities demands but also dependent on City for supplies. Villages will detoriate too.
--Military Garrisons; Citys prosperity will directly affect number of recruits (For AI Lords).
... etc. etc. the list goes on.

State Of Economy;
Peace Time (Not in war with anyone): Tariffs and Rents go higher, but there is an imposed limit to Lord Parties (%70). And a small brust for while (%125 for one recruitment cycle?) when they enter a war. Also prosperity recovery doubles.
War Time (In war with up to two factions): Tariffs and Rents return to normal.
Total War (In war with more then two factions): Tariffs go down, Rents stay normal, recruitment prices go up but party sizes are %125.

So, attacking villages or caravans will cause effects of different magnitudes in cities prosperity. The next step is how Lords are effected by it, now that may require a lot of tweaking or adding/moving troop tiers, the percentages are done with Party size of 100 in mind (yep, I can't think without battlesizer);
Prosperity: Party Size Cap, Max Tier Of Reinforcements, Tier of the bodyguards*
Very Poor: %50, 1, 3
Poor: %60, 2, 3
Average: %75, 2, 4
Rich: %80, 3, 5
Very Rich: %100, 4**, 5

*They are still Lords after all they should keep a reserve of mercenaries or troops from other Lords for their own protection. A tiny script to override those bodyguards AI and make them follow the Lord would be fantastic maybe out of scope (a constant move order to the leader position... a hacked formation script, but may turn out to be wierd or awesome). And Kings no matter what should always get Tier 5 bodyguards. Bodyguards should not exceed %10 of the party!

**Those are almost of the line, so they are not availble for Lords with only Villages as fief they Tier 3 troops instead, but when their village is Very Rich they should be able to get Tier 4 Troops IF the villages linked Town is also Very Rich.

Party morale should be directly tied to their fiefs prosperity. Afaik there is no system for tracking AI parties morale so one should be implemented for various effects (deserting, surrendering, switching sides... etc.). Also this morale value should have a great effect on Lords royalty to his faction depending on his personality (ie. Royal to the death should be uneffected, but a selfish one might just switch sides when have low morale for too long or one that cares about his people may defect to a richer/strogner faction...)

What else?

Edit: Of course, Looting, winning battles and capturing cities will give a boost to the victorious Lords fiefs.

Discussion / Extreme Trading
« on: June 06, 2008, 08:40:14 pm »
Okay that's a wild idea, the idea is to make the trade more complicated there how I think I might work;

-Grab the Players cash,
-Open Trade menu,
-Grab the money player spent/gained when trade menu closes,
-Show dialog options;
*Haggle (Trade + Persuasion, with trade a lot less important  since it already reduced the prices a bit)
*Intimidate (CHR + STR as well as other things (such as being the Lord of the said fief, renown...)
*Beg (Some penalties and rely on Persuasion + Charisma and player level, for example begging at lvl 1 will be more effective then begging at lvl 99)

...something something, returns a percentage of the money was spent/lost. Best used if items prices are bumped up a little, giving more to Char+Int based characters while not entirely alienating Warrior characters. Also while I'm not entirely sure how to handle it properly but I'm thinking of making Weapons Smiths only buy weapons and armorers only armors... etc.

So what do you think?

Discussion / Randomizing Encounter Talk Feasibility
« on: April 03, 2008, 12:08:19 am »
Okay, after having hilarious results with this little script, I think it is time aim at something a bit more complicated... utterly fake-procedurally generated dialogues! The main idea is to have different conversations depending on multiple variables made up by randomly selected strings. All need is to do is categorize encounter types, come up with a script for each and lot's of strings. So if I went through the trouble would you use it in your mod (and help with strings)?

An example of what I am thinking;
Bandit Encounter;
String No.      Logic
1-Identify themselves (Obviously the party type),
2-Gloat/Intimidate (Checks for prisoners, party size and a comparison to players level vs party level),
3-Threat/Taunt (a colourful display of language)

Lord Encounter (Different set of strings for each faction of course);
1-Greeting (Checks for disposition, renown vs. player renown and a bit of gloating)
2-Declaration (What they are doing and the kingdom they belong to)
3-Taunt or Friendly banter (Can check for many, many things from the time of day to the terrain kind they are on, to number of prisoners player party have, the money player have... etc.)

Modding Knowledge Base / Random Notes
« on: September 02, 2007, 08:41:28 am »
Just notes nothing else;

Equipment more then just Inventory Chest on Random scenes.
You can add any scene prop to random scene(s) but they will always keep their coordiantes so thye might be floating next time generated or remain under the terrain. But there is one lovely thing in scene props goes as "place at the origin", which is also used by the inventory chest, so you can place stuff more stuff around inventory chest, they would look nice unless you get to start on a steep hill. A way to hide them is moving them under the surface (problem here is multimeshed props don't move), but another way will be avaible by spawn_prop command which will be avaible in next version. But if the prop that will be added requires specific terrain conditions (such as siege weaponary, command tent... etc would require flat terrain to look good but if player don't have any of these so the terrain can become more random), we will have to define characteristic of the scene (flatter terrain, less rivers and trees etc) which can be done with relative ease by altering combat start dialogues or even simplier by game menus.

Another trick is making the scene props origin lets say T is tent and I is inventory chest. To have Tent next to chest (T..I) the Tent meshes origin will have to be (..) away from the tent itself. etc etc...

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