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Minor Mods / Peasants v.1
« on: January 11, 2008, 12:52:14 pm »
Peasants borrows from Lords of the Realm II, Age of Empires II, Heroes of Might and Magic and Sword of the Samurai, and is a turn-based management/builder/strategy mod for M&B.

Talking with this guy is where most of it gets done, week by week:
Time (the game's progression) goes by via dialog rather than by map-time (native).

Build your "region" from the ground up as seasons change:




There are 4 opposing regions who grow as weeks pass (you can choose Earth, Fire, Water, Metal or Wood):

You can invade them...

Or be invaded...

If they have castle walls built, you need to use a battering ram:

there's archers in the battlement, so use it for cover

There are numerous new features and numerous features taken out of native, so it's quite different.

If you like the games mentioned above, you'll probably enjoy it.

Features I can remember right now:

The goal is to either become allies or conquer the opposing four regions

The scenes are built from the ground up are have much less triangles than native battle scenes (although you can fight bandits on the map and sell them to a younger Ramun at the thieves' guild).

Fixed disappearing chargers, armors

Scenes and map icons change according to what you build and the week (1-48).

-Gather Food, Lumber, Gold, Ore or Stone

-Cultivate Farms, Build Houses, Lumber Mill, Gold Mine, Ore Mine, Stone Quarry, Armory(blacksmith), Training Yard, Stables, Tavern, Windmill, Academy and either a Wooden Palisade or Stone Fortress defense.

-Farms give +50 Food in Summer and +100 in Autumn
-Houses add 5 peasants to your region
-Lumber Mill increases Lumber gathering
-Gold Mine mining
-Ore Mine..same
-Stone Quarry..same

-Training Yard trains peasants into militia whom can become troops
-Armory: the blacksmith uses Ore to produce weaponry and armor to equip militia (who join your party as Archers, Crossbowmen, Macemen, Axemen, Pikemen, Swordsmen or Mounted Swordsmen)

-Tavern raises peasant happiness
-Windmill increases Farm Food acquisition
-Academy allows the construction of a Wooden Palisade or Stone Fortress and siege weapons

-Wooden Palisade or Stone Fortress surround your region for defense.


-Use Food to feed your peasants and troops
-Use Lumber, Stone to build stuff

-Use Gold to build, become allies with the other governors, buy information at the thieves' guild, buy at the market (you can trade resources there as well) or donate to the peasants to raise their happiness and your charisma (makes large parties possible).

-Use Ore for the blacksmith


I've used Ron's RCM as a base for most items, but somethings ,like shields for example, are like native.

Future plans:

more siege types (catapult, belfry)
addition of miscellaneous places to map
ability to talk to all peasants
more diplomatic talks, sabotage, etc.
more background pictures

The base of the mod is laid out now, so if anyone would like to contribute features or even just ideas, that'd be nice.

On the repository:

Tutorials / Adding new skins into M&B .903
« on: October 02, 2007, 04:01:56 pm »
(for .89 to .903)

If you've added skins to previous versions, the little squirrel that will mess up a paste/port to .89x is in module.ini (near the bottom).

limit_hair_colors = 1

Change it to limit_hair_colors = 0, and you can just paste/port the skins for 808; otherwise, you'd get a windows error and exit.


Simply adding a new skin that is a non-playable character (.89x):

-You can use my skeleton skin if you do not have a new skin and are testing.

module_skins: & limit_hair_colors = 0

Use the undead skin in Native as a template.  undead has the minimum fields filled-in that a skin needs.
The new skin I am adding is "skeleton," and I replace undead's meshes and materials with mine:

    "skeleton", 0,
    "skeleton", "skeleton_calf_l", "skeleton_handL",
    "skeleton_head", undead_face_keys,
     ], #undead_face_textures
    [], #voice sounds
    "skel_human", 1.0,


Add the line,

tf_male               = 0
tf_female             = 1
tf_undead             = 2
tf_skeleton          = 3


Must have tf_skeleton:

Adding a new skin that is playable(.89x):

module_skins: & limit_hair_colors = 0

  ("skeleton", 0,"skeleton", "skeleton_calf_L", "skeleton_handL","skeleton_head", man_face_keys,
    ["onepoly"], #man_hair_meshes
    [], #beard meshes
    ["hair_white"], #hair textures
    [], #beard_materials
    [("undeadface_a_skeleton",0xffffffff,[])], #face_textures
    [], #voice sounds
    "skel_human", 1.0,  ),

You must use a vertex-animated head mesh (how to = here at BRF Edit thread)
You must have defined face_keys (such as man_face_keys {notice that undead_face_keys is empty}) and at least 1 hair_mesh, hair_texture & face_texture

I didn't want the hair mesh to show up, so I used a tiny 1-triangle mesh, "onepoly."
"Scale" is the scale of the skin's hit boxes, but the mesh is still bound to skel_human at x1.0


Add the line,

tf_male               = 0
tf_female             = 1
tf_undead             = 2
tf_skeleton          = 3


Must have tf_skeleton:


Misc. notes:
body meshes and head meshes cannot be multi-mesh.
body meshes and head meshes cannot have blends or transparency.
head meshes are mirrored at vertical axes.
The number of skins is limited to 15 in (more than number in process_skins will cause unexpected end of file (null) error when loading "settings data."

Hero & Blade / Hero & Blade 808 Z!
« on: July 25, 2007, 05:13:30 am »
Hero Quest + Mount&Blade = Hero & Blade

Hero & Blade 808 Z:

*Choose between the Human and the Elf

Human: "A human from a barbarian tribe.  Your weapon upgrades as you gain levels (by defeating enemies and quests), but you have no magical abilities (Starting Stats: STR:14, AGI:12, INT:4, CHA:4, Weapon proficiencies: 100-130, & level 2 Ironflesh, Power-strike, Atheletics, and Weapon Master).",

Elf: "An elven warrior-mage.  Your magic upgrades through INT and skill points, but your weapons do not upgrade on leveling up (Starting Stats: STR:10, AGI:10, INT:10, CHA:4, Weapon proficiencies: 100-130, & level 2 Weapon Master).",

*Human's Weapon Upgrades

Human: "Upon talking to Mentor, you will select your primary weapon (To increase the power, speed and reach of this weapon, ask Mentor to 'Evaluate your skill.') and then choose your secondary weapon: a shield or ranged.  Your weapon proficiency will upgrade accordingly with your weapon of choice."

*Ron Losey's Realistic Combat Model for Native is used for all of Native's items.

*The Primary Weapon you choose is the native version, and the enhanced versions are below.

*Elf's Magic Skills

Elf: "Upon talking to Mentor, you will select your primary weapon and then choose your secondary weapon: a shield or ranged.  Your weapon proficiency will upgrade accordingly with your weapon of choice; furthermore, receive your magic by asking Mentor to 'Evaluate your skill.'"

*New Magic Skills replace unused skills from Native (such as Riding and Tracking)

Mana: The Power which fuels Magic.  Allows you to recast spells.

Fire Spells: The destructive power of fire.  Spells learned at level 3:Fire of Wrath, 5:Courage, 7:Fireball.
-Fire of Wrath takes a moment of concentration before it is unleashed, but can be used an unlimited amount of times.  It is reasonably powerful.
-Courage enhances your fighting ability (power-strike, draw and throw) to its upmost level.  Its rage-like effects only wear off when there are no enemies left alive.
-Fire Ball on the other hand, is incredibly powerful: able to fell any foe if it hits solidly.  Like healing it can be replenished with mana.

Earth Spells: The strength of the earth.  Spells learned at level 3:Rock skin, 5:Heal Body.
-The Rock Skin spell raises your ironflesh to its maximum level, reducing the damage dealt from enemies for half a minute.
-Heal Body is the greatest healing magic, restoring all your health.

Water Spells: The manipulative properties of water.  Spells learned at level 3:Water of Healing, 5:Weightless Weapon, 7:Excalibur.
-Water of Healing is a minor healing spell which recovers half your health.
-The Weightless Weapons spell almost makes weapons float (weapon proficiencies max), allowing you to attack quickly for one quarter of a minute.
-Excalibur summons this great weapon for use during quests.

Air Spells: The mysterious ability of the air.  Spells learned at level 3:Swift Wind, 5:Forcewind, 7:Genie.
-Swift Wind increases your running speed for one quarter of a minute.
-Forcewind is not used to deal damage, but to hinder.  It can be shot repeatedly to immobilize an enemy.
-Having enough skill in Air Spells will allow a Genie to accompany you on your quests.

*There are potions which can be used by both the Human and the Elf, are found during quests, and have the same effects as the Courage, Rock Skin, Weightless Weapons, Swift Wind, Water of Healing, & Heal Body spells.

*Quest 3
"Prince Magnus has ordered that the Orc Warlord, Ulag, who was responsible for the imprisonment of Sir Ragnar, be sought out and destroyed.  After Ulag is destroyed, return through the spiral staircase for your reward of 180 gold coins."


*Quest 4
"A treasure chest has been stolen while being taken to the Emperor.  A reward of 240 gold coins has been offered to any Hero who returns with the chest and its contents.  The thieves are a well-known band of Orcs whose lair is in the Black Mountains.  They are led by Gulthor, a Chaos Warrior."



*Spear and Pit Traps

Detect Spear Traps by seeing their tips out of a wall:

Detect Pit Traps by hearing a creaking noise if you are close:

*To climb out a pit, hold down UP for a moment.


-Monsters are once again variable!
-All of Native's armors have been split between the Human and Elf and are available to buy.
-Defeating a room of monsters gives you experience, so you don't necessarily have to beat a quest in one shot.
-Most rooms have up-right caskets which can be attacked open, with good or bad results (replaces Tab system).

*Thanks in modding

-As always, to armagan and TaleWorlds for making M&B and it's modability
-Thorgrim for making M&B easier to mod!
-Janus for the Repository
-Winter for especially helpful comments around the boards (oh, so that's how you move sceneprops...)
-Yoshiboy for helpful module systems (I check RPGmod & Pirates! to make sure I use operations correctly)
-Ron Losey for RCM


Hero & Blade 808 Z on M&B repository

Hero & Blade / Current progress: 7/23/2007
« on: July 10, 2007, 03:03:09 pm »
I usually work on things without telling anyone (because that takes work), but since I have a board I should be more responsible. :P

Anyway, after the great help from the discussion I now have a clear plan of action for the mod.

I made training scenes (coconut shooting, mine cart pushing, trading and a labyrinth) but I'm doing away with them all (because after doing them once, they're just a pain--I should have foreseen such).

I was waiting for the new version of M&B but I'm tired waiting, so I now have 2 more dungeons created with working pit and spear traps.  There will be 2 characters to choose from and the first 2 dungeons will no longer be in.

Anyway, expect 808d soon!

P.S. Look at the Hero & Blade 808c thread for a shiny illustration. :green:

Misc / Skeletal Horse
« on: June 30, 2007, 06:30:18 am »
1st model thread in this forum? :-\ I'm all fancy-pantsy and stuff.

I made a skeleton human for M&B, so I figured I'd make the horse ::)...I don't have plans to use it in Hero & Blade.
The skeleton troop & skeletal horse can be used in any mod without asking my permission, but PMing me about how you'll use it would be nice.
You can download it from the repository here:

The zip file contains a .brf with all meshes,materials,& textures, and 3 .dds' for a skeleton troop, skeleton horse, & partially transparent skeleton troop and horse.
No python lines or anything are included.  If you need help putting them in-game, post here or PM.

Hero & Blade / Errors, Bugs, Problems & Suggestions
« on: May 28, 2007, 07:15:15 am »
If Hero&Blade is not working properly for you, post your problems here.
If you have a bone to pick with the gameplay or have an idea to alter the current gameply, post your ideas here.

Hero & Blade / Spawning monsters, troop DNA? [solved]
« on: May 27, 2007, 06:14:45 am »
My current problem has to do with spawning monsters after a sceneprop is destroyed.

This is in

("hbdoor_q01_iia_west",sokf_destructible,"hbdoor","bo_hbdoor",   [

        (particle_system_add_new, "psys_woodb"),
        (particle_system_emit, "psys_woodb", 70),

        (store_trigger_param_1, ":instance_no"),
        (prop_instance_get_starting_position, 1, ":instance_no"),
        (get_player_agent_no, ":player_agent"),
        (agent_get_position, 2, ":player_agent"),
        (assign, ":rotate_side", 90),
            (position_is_behind_position, 2, 1),
            (val_mul, ":rotate_side", -1),
        (position_rotate_x, 1, ":rotate_side"),
        (prop_instance_animate_to_position, ":instance_no", 1, 70),

        (entry_point_get_position,5,5),(set_spawn_position, 5),(spawn_agent, "trp_skeleton"),
        (entry_point_get_position,6,6),(set_spawn_position, 6),(spawn_agent, "trp_skeleton"),
        (entry_point_get_position,7,7),(set_spawn_position, 7),(spawn_agent, "trp_mummy"),

        (assign, "$stopsearch_step1", 0),

You can see these lines:

        (entry_point_get_position,5,5),(set_spawn_position, 5),(spawn_agent, "trp_skeleton"),
        (entry_point_get_position,6,6),(set_spawn_position, 6),(spawn_agent, "trp_skeleton"),
        (entry_point_get_position,7,7),(set_spawn_position, 7),(spawn_agent, "trp_mummy"),

All right.  This is what activates these troops, but every one of the same type (orc, skeleton) looks exactly the same, and they have vertex edited faces and variable bodies/weapons.
When I spawned all monsters with dialogs/missiontemps, the variability was working.

Could troop DNA or anything else possibly make them variable again, even when spawned from "spawn_agent" ?

Hero & Blade / Finished discussion of things to come. [Thanks!]
« on: May 27, 2007, 05:54:47 am »
Future gameplay ideas are presented (and hopefully discussed) here!

All right.  This is my current idea for the direction of H&B:

Back to "1 player," with no incompetant misfits following you around; instead, the ability of the player to change between the 4 characters. :D eh, eh?

Basically, you'll have the items Barbarian, Elf, & Wizard figures (harkening back to the tabletop game) if you are the Thief, and you will use them to transform.  Your stats will change and so will your items.  If you die as the Thief, you can change to the others.

Any problems seen from this on the horizon, tell me please!  Testing will come soon.

Also, then the maps can be as maze-like as I want, without having to worry about AI navigation!


Wizard will also have new spells more true to the boardgame because, foolishly I did not know you could use -1 and such for raise_troop_ability!  Rock skin, for example, is a temporary effect of increase HP, ironflesh.

Misc / 3D Art Help
« on: May 27, 2007, 05:39:45 am »
This thread can be used for general Q&A about 3D computer art and/or its implimentation into Mount & Blade.

If you have any questions about modeling, texturing or adding it to M&B post here, and a fellow modder or I will offer help!


Check out these tutorials!

Yoshiboy: Extension Tutorial - Unwrapping in Wings 3d

Yoshiboy: Extension Tutorial - Making Scenes and Scene props (using wings3d)

Yoshiboy: Adding new items to mount and blade using Wings 3d (free)

Yoshiboy: Extension Tutorial - Rigging And Animation

Highelf: All about 3d-modeling, Chapter 1 : basic modeling

Highelf: All about 3d-modeling, Chapter 2 : advanced modeling + tips and tricks

Highelf: The Unofficial Video Tutorial Series - Modelling.

Other tutorials in the About Modding > User Tutorials forum include:
-Adding an item to a mod from scratch, a video tutorial
-Adding new skins into M&B .89x
-Extension Tutorial - Texturing, tips and tricks.
-Metal texturing tutorial and advanced texturing tips (Warning: Lots of Pictures)
-Shader Tutorial
-Rigging with Blender and Hellequin's scripts
-Highlander's Scabbard-making Tutorial
-Using gmax to import and export SMDs

Some other threads of M&B graphics interest:

Thorgrim's BRF Edit thread

Shader and Graphical effects Discussion


For instance, here is a golem I made in Wings 3D.  Made from scratch, texture included, shown in BRFEdit.

Maybe it brings up a question for you, such as
What tools in Wings3D did you use, smooth or mirror?  How many triangles is it?  Why must models in M&B be triangulated?  What program did you use for texturing (photoshop elements), and what brushes did you use?  What did you use to change .bmp to .dds (yes, .dds is the required format for texture files in M&B)?  What steps do you take to add a texture, material, & model into BRFEdit?  Is BRFEdit or Wings3D free?  Is this golem going to be a character in M&B (no, a scene prop maybe)?  Why not (rigging is fixed to the human skeleton)?

The point is there are tons of questions as far as modeling and modeling for M&B goes.  Tutorials are good, but are impersonal and can not elaborate with full help.

Any question, small or not, can be asked and then BAM, answered!

Hero & Blade / Hero & Blade 808c
« on: May 26, 2007, 12:28:21 pm »
Hero Quest + Mount&Blade = Hero & Blade

Note: You must Start a New Game and make sure you delete the previous Hero&Blade module folder.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hero&Blade 808c

-Monsters now spawn only after you open their door, so your companions will follow pretty easily (since they no longer run towards the enemy (who hasn't spawned yet).  Thanks to Drifter for suggesting this; however, this nulls the randomizing of troops. :?

-New Special Character Wolf Man, who has a special mission:

-All searching for treasure is now done using Tab (no chests).  If you talk to one of your companions, he'll say:
Hello, my friend.  To search for treasure, you hit the *Tab button.  If there is a treasure chest in the room, that is what you will search; if there is nothing special in the room, you will randomly find gold or perhaps be struck by an arrow.  Also, you must first enter a room and kill all the monsters there before searching.  If you clear several rooms, only the last defined treasure (like a chest) can be found.
There are also different sounds for each search outcome.

-I've also brushed it up all around...goblins weapons and head armor changed, wizard's fire of wrath faster, vines added to second quest, new dialogue, short victory/failure music...stuff like that.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hero&Blade 808b
The Wizard character has been completely revamped.
-from character selection:
"You are the Wizard.  In combat you are weak, so you must cast your spells wisely and avoid physical combat.  Your weapon is the wizard staff, and you know the spells of healing, fire of wrath, fireball, forcewind, and the ability to conjure a genie.  You also have two mana, which allows you to cast spells such as healing and fire ball two additional times.  You may not use the weapons of warriors.  *Note: All magic attacks are 'firearms.'  Your companions are the Barbarian, Thief and Elf."

-Mentor explaining the spells:
Healing refills your health entirely and can be replenished with mana.
Fire of Wrath takes a moment of concentration before it is unleashed, but can be used an unlimited amount of times.  It is reasonably powerful.
Fire Ball on the other hand, is incredibly powerful: able to fell any foe if it hits solidly.  Like healing it can be replenished with mana.
Forcewind is not used to deal damage, but to hinder an enemy.  It can be shot repeatedly to immobilize enemies, leaving them susceptible to attack, especially from your comrades.
Finally, you are able to conjure a Genie: an ally who can fight equally with a chaos warrior.

Elf also has slow-release, unlimited fire of wrath now.


^The changing of the 2nd quest's wall texture is one of a few other minor changes

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hero&Blade 808

All right.  I dealt with the problems of fighting through walls and the narrow areas.  Entering and exiting passages was abandoned and it is now played on one large scene with destructable doors (like the tutorial dummies) seperating you from the monsters.  The monsters are ai_mask so they only notice you after you bust down their door.  Sometimes they are alarmed regardless and attack if you are near the door, however.  The areas are now suitable for 3rd person view.

^scene for the first quest

^door busting (several doors here)

In Hero Quest there is the Barbarian, Dwarf, Elf, and Wizard.  I can't make a justified dwarf, so you can choose to be a barbarian, elf, wizard or thief.  The other three characters will then become you companions who will fight with you on the quest.  (sorry no beastman/werewolf) The scene has ai_barriers placed to help them and the monsters navigate, and works pretty well coupled with the ai_mask and doors.

^the charactes as they appear as companions

^whoever you chose is editable, including the elf

Each character has their strengths, as shown during character selection:
  • "You are the Barbarian, the greatest warrior of all.  But beware of magic, for your sword is no defense against it.  Your weapon is the broadsword.  Your companions are the Thief, Elf and Wizard."
  • "You are the Thief.  You rely on gadgets and items rather than brute strength or magical power, and have a trade skill of five rather than none.  Your weapons are the light crossbow and dagger, and you start with 100 gold.  Your companions are the Barbarian, Elf and Wizard."
  • "You are the Elf, a master of both magic and the sword.  You must use both well if you are to triumph.  Your weapon is the shortsword, and you know the spells of healing and fire of wrath.  *Note: All magic attacks are 'firearms.'  Your companions are the Barbarian, Thief and Wizard."
  • "You are the Wizard.  In combat you are weak, so you must cast your spells wisely and avoid physical combat.  Your weapon is the wizard staff, and you know the spells of healing, fire of wrath, fireball, forcewind, and the ability to conjure a genie.  You also have two mana, which allows you to cast spells such as healing and fire ball two additional times.  You may not use the weapons of warriors.  *Note: All magic attacks are 'firearms.'  Your companions are the Barbarian, Thief and Elf."

^fire of wrath

^healing spell

^force wind spell which can be shot rapidly to halt enemy

^fireball, the most powerful spell

All monsters now have vertex-animated faces, and a few different bodies:

Also, as mentioned, in Hero Quest there is the ability to search for treasure.  I incorperated a similar feature where you hit Tab, and a result randomly pops up when you hit Tab a second time: gold, hazards (lowers hp), items, or wandering moster where a monster is added right next to you and attacks!

I also had suggestions to brighten up the scene, which has been done.  Here are some large screens, currently I've changed it to start during evening instead of morning so the scenes are slightly darker, but clearer because they do not have that tan-pink-early-morning-mist which happens in M&B:

The 1st quest is still based off Hero Quest's first, as Hero&Blade for .751 was.  But as you will see, it is changed all around, and new quests can be added more easily.

building map in Wings 3D
and in BRFEdit


  • 2 large dungeons of adventure
  • wolf man with special mission
  • choose barbarian, thief, elf or wizard
  • battle goblins, orcs, skeletons, zombies, mummies, chaos warriors, & a brimstone warrior
  • many new items and scene props
  • python module system included

Once again, thanks to armagan and his team for making M&B easily modable, Thorgrim for his excellent programs and Janus for his M&B repository.  Also, thanks to these forums from which almost every question is answered.

Unofficial M&B Repository download
backup download808b


Sounds are from Nightmare Creatures, Warcraft II, Albert Odyssey, therecordist and
Floor textures are from this site:

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