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Onin No Ran / Challenges for the player
« on: May 07, 2007, 03:29:26 am »
Bearing in mind that ONR is far from complete this is not meant as criticism in any way, simply a tip or two that I find works to make it more enjoyable.

Go with only npcs and maybe a single unit, pretend it's Seven Samurai's vs the evil bandits.

Don't go mounted or wear heavy armor. Find a pretty clothing type armor and play at being a master melee artist or some such.

Don't go mounted with your party. Personally, I detest this since the party speed is insanely slow in comparison and, perhaps due to my own fault, I can't get my archers to work as well as I want them to do. Visions of 40 yumi samurais (or any ranged unit in any mod) firing volley after volley at the advancing enemy has been in my head for a long time, just never seem to work out that way. Advice on this would be much appreciated! ;)

You can't attack the big 120ish sized armies? *bzzzt* Get them to follow you, lure them into the vicinity of a friendly local garrison party and fiddle around until the army is chasing them. Exploit the feature of talking to the garrison repeatedly (stops them from moving for a little while) until the army engages them. Now rush to the aid of the garrison and have fun fighting top-tier enemy units.

I tried doing the above without using a horse and lance but it turned into a horrible slaughter as the army's mounted units tore through the mixed village defenders and my own units. Managed to defeat them all a little later at 20% hp and a yuri lance though. Sadly there was a bug (not sure what, might have missed a stuck unit somewhere) where I suppose everything was dead and my units were trying to crawl over the edge of the battlefield, forcing me to retreat and attack the remaining 30ish army peasants again. From my understanding this prevented me from getting any loot from the first 90 (how does that work exactly, loot based on the last batch of enemies defeated or randomized?)

Onin No Ran / NPCs
« on: May 05, 2007, 07:51:18 am »

tried Onin for the first time a few days ago, very impressive, my compliments.

Browsed the forums and tried my best to find an answer to my questions but to no avail, so:

Where do I find Akikane? Tracked down all the other follower npcs but this one eludes me, he's no doubt right under my nose.

Also, when I told mister Yamamatsu to go wait for me at Itami he must have misunderstood me since he is not there (many game days have passed, looked back now and then to see if he appeared). Also looked in Nose to see if he wandered "home" but sadly no. Did he get drunk and pass out in a ditch somewhere and thus lost forever?

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