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Discussion / How do I make people take off their hats when indoors?
« on: December 27, 2007, 05:56:05 AM »
Mama Yogi taught her little boy some manners, and one of them is not to wear your hat indoors. But for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to do that in M&B.

I have figured out that these things are changed in

I have successfully removed headgear when walking on streets or riding into town, but no matter what entry I change, the Great Helm comes back on as soon as I walk into a tavern or shop. Now that's no way to behave!

I assumed I could use the script from Sneaking into town, where the pilgrim disguise is worn also in taverns and shops:

    "Default town visit",

and apply to the default town visit:

    "Default town visit",

and that, as I said, led to bare head outdoors in town, but not indoors. I've searched the file up and down for an entry on taverns and/or shops/merchants but found none.

What am I missing?

Discussion / Rescaling scabbard has no effect in game!
« on: October 19, 2007, 03:13:41 AM »
It seems that while rescaling a weapons works just fine, rescaling the scabbards has no effect!

I have rescaled all scabbards by the same factor as the weapon they're supposed to contain, but they appear in game in their original size. Does anyone know if there's a way around this?

Otherwise, Yogi very sad :'(


See a SLIDESHOW with many pics of the new sized-weapons at Imageshack!

Downolad link at the
M&B Unofficial File Repository.

Very simply, this mod reduces the size of all oversized native weapons (not polearms though) to about 80-85% of original. It also turns the broadsword into a Cinqueda style Shortsword. Comes ready to play for Native and with Python source code pruned for easy implementation into other mods. RCM and vanilla versions.

v1.61 - Bugfix: the RCM item1 file of v1.6 was broken, fixed now. Broadened the blade and scabbard of the war sword by 15%, replaced the boar spear, peasant knife and Khyber knife with models by Ron Losey, implemented the reading from module installation - RNWS no longer replaces or interferes with original native files or with mods not set to use RNWS.

  • Finally fixing the Strange Swords from the hidden chests
  • ...and finally, for an RNWS Deluxe, resizing of the Raptor Pack Albion swords to correct measurements (from the Albion homepage) and adding of scabbards (the Scabbards are TLD property and will only be in the TLD version of RNWS)

The following mods use or plan to incorporate the Realistic Native Weapons Size:

Feel free to use it in your own mod, although please give me credit for it and drop a line about it in this thread so that I know of it.

Discussion / Rescaling troubles
« on: October 16, 2007, 05:09:56 AM »
This is embarrassing :-[ and odd; I just can't manage to do a simple rescale in BRF Edit. I know I have done this in the past (back with version 0.751 of M&B) with no problem.

This is what I've tried;

Open a mesh file (like weapon_meshes1.brf) with BRF Edit v0.8.3

Select a mesh in the list to the left by left-klicking. The object appears in the window to the right.

I choose "Scale" from the pull-down menu "Edit"

Where it's written 100 (%) on the X- Y- and Z-axes I write in some other numbre (like 80).

Then I left click the "scale" button

And nothing happens.

What am I doing wrong?

TLD.808 / Native weapons size reduction project
« on: October 02, 2007, 12:13:35 PM »
Those who have been around for long enough might remember a sword reordering project I was working on back in .751. That came to naught with the demise of the Unofficial Editor, but anyway, one thing that I decided needed changing back then was to fix the size of the native weapons.

I mean...

Take a look at those swords! Look at the size of those things - they're friggin' COLOSSAL!

I'm not sure this goes for ALL native weapons, but the swords at least could profit from a straight 20% reduction in size. To judge from the Raptor pack weapons, which mostly (with a some blatant exceptions among the Viking swords) seem about the right size, then a typical twohander would have a length betwen 100-110, a typical longsword about length 100 and a typical plain sword length 80.

Now reducing the models in size is not that hard in BRF-edit, just tedious. But the stats for length need to be adjusted too, or the changed weapons will project an invisible ray of death in front of their tip. If the reduction is consistently to 80% of size, then that would require minimum testing as well, just reduce weapon length stat to 80% of present.

What I would like to propose is that some of us divide up the most blatant horrors between us to rescale with BRF, and that then perhaps AW or Ron or someone else with access to the items file can change the length (and perhaps weight) stat so that it matches the changed model.

While we're at it maybe we could delete the so called Broadsword from TLD all together. It's an abomination.

Any volounteers?

TLD.808 / Party composition rebalance
« on: September 17, 2007, 07:15:55 AM »
I'm going to start a little project to rebalance party composition and to some extent, troop loadout, prompted by the imbalances revealed with the introduction of RCM (although the changes will not be exclusive for RCM). I'm going to need testers both for RCM and vanilla, since I'll have limited time for gaming myself. Also, I'd welcome all and any discussion on the issue even before I start any work.

To Do List

*Mainly low tier troops for Caravans, Prisoner Trains with small middle tier element

*Mainly missile troops and light cavalry for Scouts, not necessarily low tier though

*Mainly middle tier troops in Patrols, small hight tier element

*Middle and High tier troops in Hosts

*Some missile component in most parties, add thrown weapons to low tier troops if nothing else

*Add some cav and/or missile support for Dunland parties

*Orc parties more numerous than human counterparts (but evil men and men of the west about the same)

*Composition (even) more closely reflecting military culture of faction (ie much infantry and little cav for Gondor and Corsairs, opposite for Rohan and Harad)

*Elf troops more melee capable (since the archer shuffle makes an archer army pretty damn useless).

*Equipment corrected for intended battlefield role (where needed), ie light armour for skirmishers, heavy for shock troops

Another thing I've been wondering about is the role of human 1st tier troops - should they be considered fresh recruits which appear only for training by players into useful troops or should they actually appear in parties too? The choice of role would seriously affect their equipment.

With that I leave the field open to your thoughts on the issue.

TLD.808 / Where is the old man?
« on: September 12, 2007, 03:06:27 PM »
I thought (although I cannot find it in the readme) that the old options man now appeared whereever you start. I just started a game in Minas Tirith and now I can't find him. Have looked on the square, in the castle, even in the inn and merchant and outside the gate.

Have also, in case I was mistaken about this feature, teleported to the Brigand Fort. He's not there either.

EDIT: Never mind, I'm an idiot :-[ : the instant I started to ride about, he appeared as an encounter. Slick!

Mostly, I love this mod, but I fear it has spoilt me!

How will I ever be able to go back to NOT having a camp system?

How will I ever learn to live with the frustration of NOT being able to upgrade my looted rusty sword to a Heavy foecleaver from Hell;)? The repair/upgrade system is AWESOME!

I also dig the new crossbows!

As for the basic crafting system itself, I think it's very well made up and quite fun to play with, but I have a few problems regarding the choice of materials. I would suggest:

  • Remove bronze weapons. They're incompatible with a world where there is steel. Bronze swords and axes went away with the Bronze Age.
  • I would suggest also removing Iron weapons and armour, but retain Iron as a component in the crafting of many weapons. For example, axes and falchions were cheaper than swords mainly because you could use only a little steel for the edge, while making the rest of much cheaper iron. In craftmod, that would mean a great number of cheap iron parts and few expensive steel parts would be needed to fashion an axe, while for a sword a lot of expensive steel would be required.
  • Making bows out of oak or shields out of yew doesn't seem to make much sense. Remove the option to build things out of innapropiate woods

In the triggers that refresh the merchant inventories there's this line:


I'm trying to figure out exactly what it means. In the header_item_modifier file there's a list of numerical values for the different modifiers, looking like this:

imod_plain = 0
imod_cracked = 1
imod_rusty = 2
imod_bent = 3
imod_chipped = 4
imod_battered = 5
imod_poor = 6
imod_crude = 7
imod_old = 8
imod_balanced = 9
imod_watered_steel = 10
imod_heavy = 11
imod_tattered = 12
imod_ragged = 13
imod_sturdy = 14
imod_thick = 15
imod_hardened = 16
imod_reinforced = 17
imod_lame = 18
imod_swaybacked = 19
imod_stubborn = 20
imod_temperate = 21
imod_spirited = 22
imod_large_bag = 23

imodbit_plain = 1
imodbit_cracked = 2
imodbit_rusty = 4
imodbit_bent = 8
imodbit_chipped = 16
imodbit_battered = 32
imodbit_poor = 64
imodbit_crude = 128
imodbit_old = 256
imodbit_balanced = 512
imodbit_watered_steel = 1024
imodbit_heavy = 2048
imodbit_tattered = 4096
imodbit_ragged = 8192
imodbit_sturdy = 16384
imodbit_thick = 32768
imodbit_hardened = 65536
imodbit_reinforced = 131072
imodbit_lame = 262144
imodbit_swaybacked = 524288
imodbit_stubborn = 1048576
imodbit_temperate = 2097152
imodbit_spirited = 4194304
imodbit_large_bag = 8388608

What I'm wondering is how I should interpret the value "120" in the command line. Does it have any relaton to the above table? Or does a higher number simply give a random assortment of better quality items?

Ideally, I'd like to be able to make a merchant that offered only plain equipment, or one that offered only very high or very low quality equipment. Is this at all possible?

This is embarrassing, but I'm not succeding in doing a retexture.

I've exported a copy of the model I wanted to retexture.

Imported it into a new BRF.

Exported the original texture to .jpg

Edited the .jpg with PSP

Converted the .jpg to .dds with DDS Converter 2

Imported the new dds into the same BRF as the model

opened the BRF with the editor, clicked on the model, then the new texture which made the model appear covered in the texture.


Made sure the new BRF is called with the load_mod_resource command in the ini file

Result; the model appears in game (and in BRF edit, when I open the new BRF file) without a texture, and I get the error message "invalid material" when I click on the model in BRF.

When looking for the new texture in the "Materials" scroll menu, it's not there.

What did I do wrong? (or if that is too difficult to sort out, how do I do it properly?)

Mesoamerican Mod / Eeeeeeeevil Spaniards!
« on: May 04, 2007, 08:25:32 AM »
First of all, I'm having a lot of fun with this great mod

    This will be a minor mod of Native, adding only what I think it lacks the most - a final goal.


In Zendar, two new NPCs can be found; Rostal, a grizzled Sergeant, survivor of the once famous but now defunct mercenary troupe Red Company and his charge Zeer, a bitter young Swordsister who dreams about nothing but revenge.

Adding them to your party will allow you to recruit all sorts of  Farmers and Peasants to form a new Red Company with unique troop types, but they will only do so in exchange for your promise to help them achieve their vengeance on the traitorous Lieutenant who caused the destruction of  the original The Red Company during the Vaegir Rebellion, and who murdered Zeer's father, the Captain of the Company.

In return for his services to the Vaegir cause, the traitor was rewarded with a Barony not far from Tulga. Since then he has gone renegade again, and now all of Calradia, Vaegir and Swadian alike fear the roving Dark Knights of Baron Radogh, Lord of Radoghir Castle!

If you accept, a quest will be added with the goal of taking Radoghir Castle (which will be VERY heavily defended by Dark Knights) and killing the Baron. I'll try to make it so that you won't even be able to consider launching an attack until very late into the game, and if possible (don't know if it is) also that you can weaken the garrisson by killing off groups of Dark Knights. There will certainly be a climactic final battle in the main hall of the Castle, when you get to cross swords with Radogh himself.

Basic types
(mounted) Scout/Footman

Mailed Swordsman/Halberdier
Armoured Swordsman/Halberdier

Mailed Horseman/Lancer
Armoured Horseman/Lancer

Mailed Archer
Armoured Archer

EDIT: To be able to get something out ASAP, the first version will only include the NPCs and troops of Red Company, not the quest itself.

DOWNLOAD the latest version (v0.11b)

  • Red Company Troop types, including Recruits=> Footmen and (mounted) Scouts, => Three tiers each of Swordsmen, Pikemen, Lancers, Horsemen (Sword & Shield Cav) and Archers for a grand total of 17 new troop types! Done!
  • Conversion of Farmers and peasants to first tier Red Company recruits (lvl 5) through dialouge with Rostal. Done!
  • NPC Rostal Done!
  • Rostal dialogue Done! (although not quest-specific dialouge)
  • NPC Zeer Done!
  • Zeer dialogue Done! (although not quest-specific dialouge)
  • NPC Baron RadoghDone!
  • Baron Radogh dialogue Not Started!
  • Main QuestUnder construction!
  • Revamp of Rhadogir CastleDone!
  • Rhadogir Castle interior scenes Not Started!
  • Linking of fights with Dark Knights with Rhadogir garrisson Not Started!

...and (totally unrelated to the above)...

  • Removed Broadsword from all troop types and replaced with Falchion or Scimitar as appropiate (since they're oversized, ugly, ridiculous monstrosities without historical precedent and I hate them). Done!
  • Native swords are oversized - MIGHT resize them down to be to scale with people (about 80-85% of present size) and alter Reach accordingly. A bastard sword should be about the current length of a standard sword. Done in separate mod!

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