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Wading through the internet I found these, I think they're part of some osprey book(s) and I am glad to see that most of the stuff I modelled looks a lot like these. Enjoy!

Mesoamerican Mod / This combat model?
« on: July 01, 2007, 10:38:58 pm »
There has been some debate about the combat model, some people love RCM and some hate it. How would you like it to be?
If the amount of people that prefer another combat model is high enough, an alternative version will be released (t's just a txt file after all so not a big problem)

Mesoamerican Mod / Newest beta's changes to note
« on: March 09, 2007, 07:27:26 pm »
Maybe I should have added this thread before but it's better late than never, right? :D

so for version 090307
here goes

- war party soldier numbers have been heavily overhauled (mexica and tlaxcaltec)
- Diego Velazquez's army  has been moved to day 15 and has been strengthened to about 50%
- 2 new heroes are now available for recruitment. Bahati and Cuauhtemoc
- the bracelets quest has been made functional (not fixed because it computer-logically  should be working)
- tlahuiztli has been renamed to it's real name (Ichcahuapulli or sometrhing :D)
- all junk items (except the strange stuff) have been removed from the mod
- metal tipped arrows have been deactivated due to realism
- merchants will only sell appropiate equipment, that is, you will only find european equipment in Veracruz and natives only will sell native equipment (goods merchants are still the same)
- atlatls are now more accurate
- factions' "hitpoints" were increased slightly
- arenas are fixed
- new obsidian tipped arrows and wood tipped arrows' models
- normal tepoztopilli's uvmapping was fixed (had some funky colored faces)
- removed some old models from some brfs
- replaced pope's halberd with luigi's halberd model (sorry, Pope, but that one looks nicer) :D
- removed some unused textures (saves a ton of space)
- has been updated to my shiny version (fixed alpha) and now includes a block of obsidian hehe
- added a new eagle helmet made by Apollon and me

hmm I think that's all, tell me  what you think

Mesoamerican Mod / What do you think about the map?
« on: March 08, 2007, 04:03:14 pm »
I was thinking about resizing/updating/improving the map, what do you people think?
Please note that v.0.25 for m&b 0.0751 and the current WIP are using the same map so this isn't a beta tester only thread :)

Mesoamerican Mod / Gameplay advice
« on: February 01, 2007, 07:06:24 pm »
About arquebuses (for version 0.25)

well you have to detect weak spots.. what are the weak spots of the arquebus?:
it's VERY slow to fire
it's VERY slow to reload
it is VERY inaccurate at long to medium distances (note that I ONCE was LUCKY and hit an enemy on the other side of the map for a 14.4 dificulty shot, but that's VERY rare)

so how do you fight arquebusiers? EXPLOIT the weak spots:
- you can fight them from long to medium range using bows/crossbows/darts
- you can charge right in by zig zagging along, if they can hit you, they could win the lottery as well
- close in every time they're reloading or when aiming, always shield raised and then force them into melee by bumping into them, note that 2-3 hits will take down almost any shield so you MUST move quickly
- this is a general m&b trick but will also work for them, attack a flank and have your target serve as a human shield by standing behind him, his mates will not shoot (usually)
- run like hell to meet them in melee when at close range, it's true, one or two shots and you're most probably down.. that's why you won't let them shoot you! (it's pretty exciting to close in in fact  ;))

Mesoamerican Mod / Miscelaneous comments about the mod
« on: February 01, 2007, 07:03:52 pm »
Do you like it? do you hate it? tell us your opinions right here!

Mesoamerican Mod / History
« on: February 01, 2007, 06:56:29 pm »
Post topics regarding the conquest of the Americas right here

Mesoamerican Mod / The real thing (pictures of mexican ruins and stuff)
« on: February 01, 2007, 06:54:43 pm »
alright I'll start this new thread by posting a few pics of Teotihuacan and  the Yucatan Peninsula, enjoy ;)



Chichen Itza

Mesoamerican Mod / Recruitment/contributions thread
« on: February 01, 2007, 06:53:41 pm »
Do you think you can help us? please apply here!
benefits include:
- beta testing and bug finding (yeah, you play it early but you play it buggy)
- you'll be part of our glorious team
- you'll improve your modding skills  (at least I will always be glad to teach you everything I know)

- lots of patience
- will to learn
- will to cooperate
- basic file management skills and how to extract files using winrar or winzip knowledge

what can you help us with?
- modeling
- coding
- suggesting
- beta testing
- skinning
- voice acting or sound engineering
- introducing us to your prettiest sister j/k   :lol:

Mesoamerican Mod / BUG Reports
« on: February 01, 2007, 06:43:04 pm »
If you find some of those squishy, crunchy and annoying thingies, post them here, I'll make sure they have a fair trial and then are swiftly executed :P

Mesoamerican Mod / Suggestions
« on: February 01, 2007, 06:38:34 pm »
Is the mod missing something?
If you think so, post it here and I'll seriously take it into account.

Please note that I am trying to make the mod more or less historically accurate, so don't expect me to include AK-47s or something (yeah, I know shooting indians turns some of you on, but please stick to the arquebuses, people!)

Mesoamerican Mod / Progress report thread
« on: February 01, 2007, 06:34:27 pm »
Is the mod dead or steadily developing? find out here!

Mesoamerican Mod / Recommended music for mod
« on: February 01, 2007, 06:32:57 pm »
For copyright reasons I can't just add (as far as I know) a music pack with the upcoming mod so i am starting this thread to recommend some music that would fit with the mood of the mod, however you get that music isn't my responsibility, but at least this could guide you on what to get
please feel free to suggest more songs and I'll gladly add them to this list (more coming soon):

The Battle from the Master and commander soundtrack, it fits so perfectly you wouldn't believe, it just sounds so mesoamerican! obviously for battle music
The Doldrums from the Master and commander soundtrack, also fits nicely, mysterious and creepy, works nicely for walking around the land
Refusal from  The Mission soundtrack, very good for outdoor travelling
Asuncion from  The Mission soundtrack, another awesome battle tune

community suggestions list:
kurjajuur from the taleworlds forum suggested Wagner's Flight of the Valkyries.. for battles I suppose

willie_feo from MBX suggested Apocalypto Soundtrack, so here it goes:
  (note that while I personally think the movie blows, most of it's music fits the mod quite well)
- Tapir hunt is a very appropriate battle music
- The storyteller's dreams beautiful music for overland travel
- Holcane attack creepy and mysterious music, appropriate to overland travel
- Captives also a creepy tune, useful for overland travel
- Words through the sky is yet another mysterious and useful overland travel tune
- The games and escape is a song of violent kind (as expected if you saw the movie) and perfect for battles
- An elusive quarry though a bit short it's good for battles
- Civilizations brought by sea another good one for land travel

willie_feo also recommended Captain from Castle soundtrack, but I can't find samples anywhere, I guess it's a very old underdog :D

more coming soon

Mesoamerican Mod / FAQ
« on: February 01, 2007, 06:28:47 pm »
Q: How do I get firearms?
A: Firearms are available in Veracruz

Q: I can't get quests from the totonacs/mayans/mixtecs/zapotecs, why?
A: that's because they haven't been added yet :D

Q: I am having a hard time playing with the tlaxcaltecs they have just too few troops!, what do I do?
A: They did have a hard time historically, for starters consider allying yourself with the spaniards to make things a bit easier

Q: Why does the governor of Cuba send an army against Cortes? aren't they on the same side?
A: Historically Hernan Cortes and Diego Velazquez were rivals, Velazquez was jealous of Cortes' exploits and was also angry of his disobedience, since he was originally sent to explore the mainland and he made a military campaign instead, thus Velazquez sent an army about twice the size of that from Cortes to arrest him, Cortes fought it however and defeated it and many of those soldiers sent to arrest him joined him

Q: OK so that army sent by Velazquez appeared, what do I do now?
A: Go to Cortes immediately, he'll tell you what to do (it's pretty obvious actually, but he'll only give you the quest that way)

Q: What if I don't stop Velazquez army?
A: Every 12h Velazquez's army remains on the map, the spanish faction will be weakened by a random amount (sometimes average, sometimes pretty badly).

Q: How do factions weaken? what happens when they do?
A: Every time either a patrol or an army (or war party) of a faction is defeated  or when a random event such as a disease happens(or when diego velazquez's army is about), a faction will be weakened somewhat, when it is weakened enough it's status will change to the next worse step (eg slightly weakened to weakened) when such a thing happens the different armies spawned by that faction reduce. When a faction reaches the destroyed status, no more armies of that faction will spawn, so defend your faction!!
If it was possible, an end game thingy would be added when your faction was destroyed and return you to the main menu, that isn't possible at the moment AFAIK

Q: What's the game length menu for?
A: What you choose there will define how many armies will have to be defeated before a faction is destroyed, if you choose the fastest one, diseases will be very deadly and Velazquez's army will be your worst nightmare, if you choose the slowest one it'll take a LOT of time for a faction to be weakened

more coming soon (If you, people, ask more :P)

Mesoamerican Mod / Introductions
« on: February 01, 2007, 06:27:54 pm »
The year is 1520...

You are a spaniard
The discovery of the New World has attracted many people from the Spanish Empire, since it promises lots of riches and adventure. You are one of Cortes' soldiers, you have embarked with him from Cuba, despite Diego Velazquez's envious attempts to stop him.
A new land stretches before you, conquistador, full of wonders and perils. Will you encounter glory and riches or death?

You are a tlaxcaltec
You are part of the young realm of Tlaxcala, you and your people have long fought the mexicas and despite their furious attacks and massive numbers you have been able to resist them.
A new challenge has arrived to the lands of your ancestors, men white as corn wielding fire and death and riding enormous and powerful beasts. They have come from the sea and they have accepted mexica ambassadors and gifts, that means that if they're with the mexica, they're against you.... perhaps.

You are a mexica
The gods have long favoured the glorious but young empire you belong to.
Lord Moctezuma and his council have achieved to subdue most people of the lands around the empire, however, there are some who resist: the people of Tlaxcala.
The blood of many humans is needed to receive the favors of Tlaloc, god of rain, else the land will be devastated with drought.Thousands are sacrificed, be them the people offered as tribute or captured enemies.
Recently, bearded men white as corn riding strange beasts and who are able to summon thunder and fire have arrived from the sea.
Has Quetzalcoatl come back for his throne? The gods must be appeased!

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