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What this does:

It makes all textures smaller and its a great thing to increase performance/ reduce lag/ crash in battle.

This will also massively increase the loading speed when you run TLD.

A must have for people who have low-spec Pcs!

textures size reduced to 1/3 from the original size of TLD.

How to install:

You need to have a program called Winrar in order to open the .rar.

Extract the texture folder and put it in your TLD folder, overwrite all textures if asked.

For non-steam user:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Mount&Blade\Modules\TLD

For steam:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount&Blade\Modules\TLD

1) Mirror:
Download Link:  (You need the cursor fix after you download or you won't be able to see your mouse at all)

Cursor Fix:

2) Mirror: Mediafire (This one does not require the cursor fix, it is included, full package)

Medium-spec version:

Please do not worry about how long the download link will last, as long as people are downloading it, it will be alright.

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