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Guardians Party / nema moved to Daydream
« on: November 24, 2008, 02:26:00 AM »
I'd like to thanks to all who help or play this mod.
Especially I'd like to thanks Winter for this place.

I working now with new team on Daydream project.

And since this mod (GP) need so many work to repair things that it will work fine 1.011 and because I don't have time for double work I will leave Guardians party for a while.  :'(

I was thinking that I will take some highlights from this mod with me.
You can tell me which things you like most and which you like to see in my new project.

If there is someone who want to work on this mod (GP), I post last version and module system. He is welcome.

If you want to use some things from Guardians Party in other mods, ask me first. Some things are mine, some just borrowed.
I will not complicate about staff, but ask me first. OK?

Will Winter move this topic to Dead/Hibernated mods? I will leave this decision to him.

If you need me, you can find me on Talewords forum.
(If you ask me if Daydream is promised Guardians Party3, I must say that you are not so far away.)

Guardians Party / GP for 1.01. released
« on: September 22, 2008, 11:24:05 AM »
I made porting to M&B 1.0..  I will check tomorrow if it works and prepare download. ;)

It is so. Mod is ported, you can do some things in there, but some animations are corupted. We must wait for module sistem to setup animations, but other things will works as simply porting.

conffused animations and commands

It is for 960, but just simply port from 905.
I also add 10 hig resolutions swords, 9 of them by weene,
Tul's Stone Henge with Stone Henge's texture and my pyramide.
 I must removed some things, not working in 960.
It can be, that some things will not work. Please report it here.

Guardians Party / Suggestions
« on: March 19, 2008, 06:28:12 AM »
... Make a normal part of the map like trees and snow because sometimes we get homesick :( and want to go to a normal part of the world as a break...

Do you like this? I put grass:
on map,

in ON,

on forest battlefields

« on: February 26, 2008, 01:22:02 AM »
My English is bed: '( :'( :'(
Is there someone who will help me to clean up few dialogs?

Tutorials / Masks, jewelry, hair under helmets...
« on: February 21, 2008, 08:11:40 AM »
I prepared some masks for troops.

They are setup as breads and you can weare them or not.
They are not disappear after helmet wearing as you can see on picture.
This can be useful for masks, jewelry, hairs under helmets and such things.
They are move and stretch together with face editing., so they are always there, where they must be.

in skins.py:
    "elf", 0,
    "woman_body",  "woman_calf_l", "f_handL",
    "female_head_00", elf_face_keys, 
  ["woman_hair_p","woman_hair_n","woman_hair_o","woman_hair_q","woman_hair_r","woman_hair_t","woman_hair_s"], #woman_hair_meshes
#["woman_hair_a","woman_hair_b","woman_hair_c","woman_hair_d","woman_hair_e","woman_hair_f","woman_hair_g"], #woman_hair_meshes
    ["glass1","glass2","glass3","glass4","glass5","glass6","glass7","glass8","glass9","glass0"],#beard meshes Meshes can be different, but I think that all must be reading from same dds file
     ["hair_blonde", "hair_red", "hair_brunette", "hair_black", "hair_white","hair_blue","hair_purple","hair_red2","hair_pink","hair_green"], #hair textures
    ["glass3","glass3", "glass3", "glass3", "glass3","glass3","glass3","glass3","glass3","glass3"],#beard_materials for one dds declaration for each hair color
    [("womanface_young",0xffe3e8ef,["hair_blonde","hair_red", "hair_brunette","hair_blue","hair_purple","hair_red2","hair_pink","hair_green"]),
     ("womanface_b",0xffdfdfdf,["hair_red", "hair_brunette","hair_black","hair_blue","hair_purple","hair_red2","hair_pink","hair_green"]),
     ("womanface_a",0xffe8dfe5,["hair_red", "hair_brunette","hair_black","hair_blue","hair_purple","hair_red2","hair_pink","hair_green"]),
    [(voice_die,"snd_woman_die"),(voice_hit,"snd_woman_hit"),(voice_grunt,"snd_woman_grunt"),(voice_grunt_long,"snd_woman_grunt_long"),(voice_yell,"snd_woman_yell"),(voice_warcry,"snd_woman_warcry"),(voice_victory,"snd_woman_victory")], #voice sounds
    "skel_human", 1.0,

Guardians Party / Guide lines for Guardians Party 2.0.
« on: February 13, 2008, 03:55:43 AM »
Find 7 sisters, members of the holy order
Sisters are in different places all over the land. Be sure that you stop first in Astral Portal. There you will find guidelines.
Some of them you will find in hidden places, some in taverns, some in jails, some of them you will liberate from evil troops, but some of them you will find just trough magick - in your dreams.

Sisters are skiled and will help you.
They can improve your lame horse to spirited.
You can buy many things at field from some of them.
They can teleport you or increase your abilities by your wish.
They can give you some troops without limits.
They can heal your party at the moment.

Use teleports
There are tree kind of teleports in Astral land.
-One chest for all inns. Put your equipment in one town, and you can pick it in other.
-In guardians towns there are doors, which lead to other towns. But when you will try to leave, you will be near your entering town again.
-with help of Laia Thai you can teleport your party near many towns.

Recruite your prisoners
You can do this trough short dialog (not so long and epic as in 1.2.3.),
or if you want to recruite many of them at once, at camp.

Equip yourself from chests
As always in Guardians Party there is many chest. Ask merchants and tavern keepers for some tips.

Participate in On trainings
You can fight one on one in different places. And it is similar with On arena fights. There you will fight with sisters outside or inside of their places, by your choose.

Non On Arenas
Womans only.

Take all land
I think that this is a fake quest given by dream flash and not from real person, so be careful. (Everything is siegeble if you want)

(don't turn to the dark side)
If you have to many evil troops nobody want to talk with you except other evil troops, but even these troops will attack you after nice chat or exchange of troops.

Good paying jobs. You can take them from Guardians Ladies in their castles or on field if you meet them. Most of them want that you hunt down some kind of undeads parties. Two of them are discovering quest:
- find grave at the end of the word. There are wait many benefits for you.
- it is same with books in Abbeys basement (underground)
  There are magick books which increase you some abilities.
  With them you can evoke troops or horse or heal yourself on the battlefield. You can evoke book of deads - or some of them use as weapons.

You can also take some quest in On or if you want, you can collect Shadow Knights for sale.

You can find many, many new armors for girls, but some of them are also for mens.
You will find many new weapons with very different attributes. Some of them follow RCM but some of them are pure magick, beyond appearance. Also you can find some shooting - magick - weapons, strength, effective and easy to use.
Don't forget to check guardians polearms. You can use them as well for swing, trust or crouched lance damage. They will be your best choice in battle with undeads.
There you can find also fast horses, but please don't touch nema's pet.

There are Undeads - strong as ordinary knights, but they always die.
Shadow knights are their very strong masters.
Darkness - at the upper limits of pythone programing
It is same also with Dark priestess with her planetary priestesses. (Are they evil? Maybe, you can also join to their kingdom)
Orcs - they like blunt weapons,
Goblins, Norse, Desert Elfs, Khreights, Elfs all with their own weapons.

Avoid to meet Dark Hunters.

Guardians towns
They hide from your eyes until you come close to them. You will need good tracker.

Enjoy in colours
There are many colours in Guardians Party.

Enjoy in womans screams
Yes, they are not silence troops as in native.
Also you will enjoy in other improved sound.

Discussion / Multi mesh problem
« on: February 07, 2008, 08:44:56 AM »

Guardians Party / 2.0. screenshots
« on: January 30, 2008, 06:50:24 AM »

Guardians Party / bugs report for GP 2.0. for 905//common suggestions
« on: December 27, 2007, 04:38:32 AM »
Please put them here. ;)

Guardians Party / porting to 0.960/1.00 GUARDIANS PARTY 3.0.
« on: October 04, 2007, 07:42:11 AM »
Simply porting doesn't work, so I must put inside everything step by step ???

Allready ported:

GP map:
My old map with all new towns...

GP sounds
girls, weapons...

GP textures:

GP rase:
desert elfs
undeads (it is not enough just to open them >:()

Now you can start with 4 races, male and female  :)(not as undead)
races have their kingdomes

GP weapons:

GP towns:

GP quests:
some of them

GP characters:

nema         (troops master) dialog
Mahliqua     (trade master) dialog
Basheera    (horse master) dialog
Tayyibah    (travel master) dialog
Durdana     (healing master) dialog

priestess Assayah (just dream)

guardians sisters
guardians brothers
shadow knights

GP codes:

new short code for prisoners recruiting

GP other staff

always visible chest banner :)
RCM for native

« on: September 24, 2007, 12:29:46 AM »
I looking for scripter
but modeler
and story writer
are also welcome. :D

Guardians Party / HELP FOR PLAYERS 1.2.3 / 2.0.
« on: September 13, 2007, 02:31:59 AM »
this mod is awesome but im stuck I have all the guardians I've done all the quests but i cant get initiated  can someone help me out?
edited- I just found out what my next quest should be but the priestess wont give me the hunt down undead armys quest.

Hm, when you get all guardinas you must visit astral portal again. There you will get shadow horse and then, you will go to Guardians Abbey. There you will leave nema. Then you will talk with her about your initiation.
Try this, else we will find your problem in other place.

Guardians Party / new models
« on: August 28, 2007, 12:58:00 AM »


I prepared last of the elf's weapons - Emerald bow;

but there are some problems with frames, maybe I will be able to finish this bow after my vacations.

Now they are crash the game(frames), when you try to use the bow :(

now it is ok.

elf's quiver with elf's arrows

of course it is in game now ;)

In preparing ver. 2.0. for M&B 8.9.x. with RCM for native

nema's dream world      Guardians party 2.0.

Str, Agi to 63


Desert elfs


Find 7 sisters, members of the holy order
Equip yourself from chests
Find good paying jobs, in guardians castles.
Participate in On trainings
Take all land
(don't turn to the dark side)

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