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As some of you may be aware, I'm not a big fan of the prequel star wars movies (Episode 1-3) at all.  This is the main reason why I wanted this mod to be focused on Episode 4-6 range, and not really focus on the clones/battledroids, etc.  I understand a lot of people like those movies, and will admit they are somewhat enjoyable just due to the fact that we get to see some lightsabers and other cool stuff, but there are some big issues.  If you evaluate them as standalone movies, or compare them to the original trilogy, my opinion is they just aren't that good.  I recently found this website and this guy does a great and very funny job pointing out all the problems and issues with the movies.  Sometimes his humor is a little weird or messed up, but I personally found these video's hilarious and very true so I wanted to share.

The Phantom Menance (all videos)
or (part 1)

Attack of the Clones (all videos)
or (part 1)

Star Wars Conquest / multi-hit lightsaber discussion and testing...
« on: February 08, 2010, 12:53:28 pm »
I was testing with coding a lightsaber that could kill multiple people at once.  Its possible, see screenshots below, but there are some issues with it.   I don't think this could ever be given to all troops and replace the current lightsabers in the game, but it might be fun to have these as optional lightsabers the player can use, etc.

1) in order for the code to work, and so that the swing animation doesn't stop when you hit somebody, I had to combine some flags to make it a 'thrown' weapon with some attributes of a regular sword.  So originally I could attack/defend, but it wouldn't hurt anybody if I swung at them, it doesn't throw anything at them either, and you see the number 1 and icon in the bottom right, etc.

2) So in order to make enemies take damage, I have to code you hurting them.   What I'm currently doing is killing anybody who is in front of the player and less then X cm away (we can adjust the distance as needed).  This works ok, but has limitations such as:
     a) currently the attack is un-blockable by enemies.  I could potentially code in a random chance of you missing, or them blocking if they had a certain weapon (ie lightsaber, etc).
     b) currently I kill them, but I could also have it do a random amount of damage (ie. 25-75 hit points, etc).  Also, their armor doesn't reduce the damage, so maybe this range should really be 10-40 hp or something like that....
     c) Your skills, stats, weapon proficiencies, etc, don't affect damage unless I added that to the code for damage.
     d) it currently hurts anybody in a 180 degree radius in front of you, so even if you do a thrust animation between two enemies and miss them, you would end up killing both of them since they were close and in front of you.  So I might remove thrust/overhand chop animations from these lightsabers and only allow you to slash left/right since it might look a little more realistic.
     e) like the heavy weapons, can drastically imbalance gameplay, so we may not want it to be instant-kill, etc.

I want to use this thread to discussion this concept, and hopefully post code you guys can test out and give feedback.


Star Wars Conquest / Clone Wars version mini-mod discussion
« on: January 31, 2010, 08:05:46 am »
A guy on the Turkish M&B forum asked me if he could release a 'clone wars' version of this mod.   I had a lot of trouble understanding him at first because the translation websites are pretty poor, but eventually I understood what he was asking.  I didn't have a major problem with it so I said it was fine.   I looks like they just used my troop editor to change some names, etc, but if people want to check it out they can go to this site.,92471.0.html

Google - Turkish -> English Translation

Star Wars Conquest / ┬╗SWC: Developers To-Do List
« on: January 19, 2010, 10:13:34 am »
This is just general thread to try and keep a To-Do list of features that we plan to add or fix in SWC.  We get a lot of PM's and good suggestions on the forum on how this mod can be improved.  While we appreciate all the support and interest, we're all very busy in real life, so its sometimes tough to try and keep all the idea's organized and remember to review a PM or post in the future, etc.  I'm going to start with breaking it down into three categories:

CURRENT = What people are currently working on
NEXT = After we finish the current tasks, then we'll plan to work on these
FUTURE = Longer term goals or ideas

Now, this isn't a complete list, and the other developers don't have to use this thread, so they may be working on other stuff as well.  But this is mainly to help my own organization since I sometimes forget about what needs to be done, etc.

Star Wars Conquest / Help me troubleshooting SWC game crashes
« on: December 11, 2009, 04:44:57 pm »
I've heard from many posters that SWC crashes a lot, but unfortunately I've had a difficult time trying to figure out why... So, lets try and compare notes and see if we find any common issues or problems.  My guess would be one of two things (or both):

1) System Resources - this would probably be seen as 'random' crashes and is just due to the fact that we have a lot of high-poly models in the game without many LOD's.  Maybe people are playing with battlesizer turned on, have low RAM, and old video card, fighting battles in area's with a lot of tree's, etc.  If you could provide a quick summary of when you have seen crashes, what your computer specs are, if you have battlesizer turned up high or have a lot of the other M&B settings maxed out, etc.   Maybe also post the end of the rgl_log.txt which can be found in the root of the M&B folder.   Maybe we need to try and reduce some models, remove tree's in some scenes, remove some of the asteroids on the map, etc?

2) Script Errors or other problems - this would probably be reproducible, meaning that everytime you saw a script error, or went to a particular scene, or talked to a specific NPC, the game crashed.  Script errors or other problems would probably also be written to the rgl_log.txt so I'd be curious what that looked like.   If it happens in a particular saved game then maybe you can post that for me to download and test out, just let me know what version of SWC its for.   People on the forum had some theories that maybe there is a problem with the faction patrols or trade federation convoys either getting attacked or participating in sieges, so let me know if you have any other general thoughts or comments.

Anyway, any general comments, ideas, suggestions, etc, would be appreciated.  If people don't see crashes than feel free to post your specs or summary here as well, since maybe you are playing with settings turned down, or don't fight on planets, etc...  I'd be especially interested in the rgl_log as I mentioned above to see if there are any script or other errors.

Star Wars Conquest / Star Wars: In Concert (pics + video)
« on: November 22, 2009, 10:22:10 pm »
I'm not sure how many of you have heard about it, but there is a national tour in the US going on called Star Wars: In Concert.  Its a live studio orchestra that plays star wars music in-sync with clips from the movies and also has props from the movies and a few other things setup as well.

Anyway, this past weekend I went and took some pictures and video's that I have posted below.   It was narrated by Anthony Daniels, and hearing the music live with a top-quality orchestra was very exciting.  I also felt they did a good job syncing it with the music which made it impressive. I also spent about an hour wandering around the exhibits and they had a decent amount of props, costume, actors dressed up as characters, and other items.  I especially liked seeing John Williams original hand-written sheet music for Star Wars, the han solo frozen in Carbonite, and some of the helmets and weapons.  The basketball arena it was in was only about 1/2 full so it wasn't very crowded but overall I'm glad I went and most star wars fans would probably find it enjoyable.

Pictures (72mb) -
Video (818mb) -

Note:  These video's were recorded with a Casio digital camera (very low resolution) and play fine on my computer.  But I don't know if its a standard format that will work on other people's computers.  So if people have trouble playing them I'd recommend downloading GOM Player which I like a lot and seems to play all formats for me.  If you still have trouble post here and maybe I can include the codec as well, etc....
GOM Player -

Star Wars Conquest / STAR WARS CONQUEST 0.8.x - Open Beta
« on: October 29, 2009, 12:00:36 pm »
STAR WARS CONQUEST 0.8.4 - Open Beta

As most of you are aware, me and the rest of the team have been very busy lately, so there hasn't been a lot of progress or updates about this mod.  However, since the last release, I have been sent several new models, textures, scenes, music or other changes that previous had not been released. Therefore, I've tried to combine these into the release below so people can enjoy them and give us feedback.

A few random notes:

1) There has been limited testing done on this release, so I'm posting this as an 'open beta' to hopefully get some feedback before I upload an 'official' version to the MB Repository. Please use this thread to report any bugs in this version or other problems that may be easy to fix  (ie. scene entry points, spelling errors, equipment changes, sound effects, etc). Also, there is a 'cheat/modding' menu on the camp screen that you might find helpful when beta testing since it allows you to get money, equipment, relocate booksellers or npc's, etc. I don't think this menu will cause bugs, but if you see some weird issues you may want to test a new game without the cheat or at least mention that you used this menu when reporting the bug. Also, please remember that we have been busy, and this mod is all done for fun, but feedback and constructive criticism are welcome.

2) Its been a while since I played the last release and I haven't kept notes about who sent me models or what changes I made since then (sorry). I believe things like the following are new:

- I mostly worked on code changes and bug fixes but I also did a few simple models and scenes. There are now more cultures in kingdom management, some expanded troop tree's, new functionality like toggling a throwing lightsaber to a regular lightsaber, lightsaber noise when you release the attack not press the attack, ability to pick a fight in the cantina, ability to shoot somebody in town, random town battles and assassinations (configurable), Tatooine and Mon Cal arena's,  booksellers (plastic surgeon, droid parts, illegal weapons, etc), and probably other stuff I have forgotten.
- Geroj created new models and built some new quick battle scenes (check out the space ship assault) and the Bothawui scene. He was also testing out new animations but this is still a work in progress.
- Happy Stormtrooper created new models like the HK-droid, the 'naked' droid that was used for a playable droid race and the droid npc's, and Sarlacc Pit.
- Vector sent new models like some new map icons and remove tree's in many of the forest scenes for performance reasons.
- pagan is working on custom music for this mod, some of it is included in this download, and he's working on additional tracks.
- Moss improved the helmet view textures, Swyter sent a new logo and some other textures, Mr. Sparrow sent more models like a B2-Droid, Lux sent some a new clone texture, etc.

* This is just a list off the top of my head right now and I apologize it is not complete. Please send me a PM if I missed you or I need to improve the details for when the credits are posted on the 'official' release, etc.

3) The future of this mod... Hopefully there aren't a ton of bugs in this release and I can then fix those and post a more official version soon. After that, I'm not sure what the next step is... My life has been very busy lately and I anticipate it will continue to be for a while. Since I'm the one that does the coordination (integrating all the models, textures, scenes, troops, etc) and the majority of the coding, my limited free time is the main reason why progress has been slow lately.  If somebody knows the module system and wants to help with the coordination and/or scripting, then please let me know.

Download at one of the links below:



Star Wars Conquest / [SWC] Scene Editing Guide and Progress Report
« on: June 02, 2009, 07:53:51 pm »
Many scenes in Star Wars: Conquest will need to be created for this mod and there are several people working on them.  In an attempt to get organized and make sure scenes will not need to be re-edited in the future we are trying to compile a scene editing guide and list of progress so far.   A scene may be used for multiple purposes (walk around town, inner city siege, etc) so it is important to make sure the scene can serve multiple purposes.  It is also important that all the correct entry points are placed, since these tells the AI where to guard/attack or is used for other purposes like where a lord/spy should stand, etc.   Also, since Sieges are such a large part of M&B, we do need to work on them and make sure they are good in this mod.  I've been talking with Flanged at the TW forum about how the entry points for sieges work and found some other resources at TW or Exilian to help me compile the following list.  

This list is by no means complete, we should review native scenes to see if there are any entry points added to those scenes we have missed in the list below. Also, when creating scenes we may want to create a generic one first, for something like the villages or town prisons/alleys, and use it for all towns and then this could eventually be improved in the future.


Scene Editing Guide

AI Mesh - AI Mesh is very important because it tells the AI where it can move in the scene.  Please see the tutorial below for more info.,61126.0.html

See a note about Entry Points below,1799.msg38021.html#msg38021

Star Wars Conquest / SWC FAQ - read and post your questions here
« on: May 27, 2009, 08:26:09 am »
Frequently asked Questions (and other comments)

  • This mod is still in development. We hope to eventually add more models, factions, quests, complete scene editing for all scenes including sieges, and add other functionality. Please post any bugs or suggestions in the other threads of this forum.
  • So far, only the following scenes have been changed: Tatooine, Yavin IV, Naboo, Geonosis, Ryloth, Tatooine Moon, and Fondor.
  • Force Powers are not available in the 0.8.0 release.  In the upcoming 0.8.1 release they can be purchased from a Force-Sensitive Trainer who appears in the Cantina.
  • Clone Troopers, B1-Series Battledroids, and Force-Sensitive troops can be recruited by building village upgrades. In the 0.8.0 release the "recruit X" menu's are only available if you are part of a faction. This limitation will be removed in the 0.8.1 release.
  • Space Battles can be found at the Training Academy.
  • Heavy Weapons (rocket launcher, flame rifle, etc) and some force powers (force kill, etc) are include for fun but are overpowered and will unbalance the game if you choose to use them.
  • Currently some spaceships can be purchased and upgraded at the Trade Federation base and we plan to add more later.
  • 3PO-Series and R2-Series droids can sometimes be captured from Jawa parties but currently they don't do anything.
  • There has only been a limited amount of music that has been added to this mod. In the 0.8.1 release we will include instructions on how to add music yourself.
  • In the 0.8 release Empire and Rebel can still make peace. This will hopefully be fixed in the 0.8.1 release.
  • The 0.8.1 release should include the ability to create your own faction (kingdom management) and choose what types of troops you will use.
  • We could use help with this mod with models, textures, scene editing, and coding. Please post in the help thread of our forum if you are interested in working on this mod.

Star Wars Conquest / Discussion about adding music to this mod
« on: May 13, 2009, 03:41:46 pm »

I wanted to post a quick message to get some feedback about music for this mod.  I would love to add "official" star wars music, but considering it is copyrighted, and I'd be distributing it in a download, I don't think that is a good idea.   I might be able to get away with using music from some old star wars games (like Dark Forces) since that isn't as well known or recognizable...  We might also be able to find some free, open-source music that might work, or have somebody create custom music for this mod, but I'm not sure how realistic that is...

So at this point I think the best solution is for us to ship blank MP3 files with generic names (music_1.mp3, music_2.mp3, etc) and then that gives people the option to replace them with their own music.   Does something like that make sense and is that the best option?

Star Wars Conquest / [SWC] Developers Log and status updates
« on: May 12, 2009, 07:22:31 am »
This will be used as a general thread to post updates from the developers.   We can share what we are currently working on or have completed. What we plan to work on in the future, screenshots from any current models of functionality we are creating, etc.

May 12, 2009

This is just a quick note to say in the next few days I am planning to post a 0.8.1 patch to fix a few minor problems.  The main one is that currently force powers (force push, force lighting, force shields, etc) do not appear in shops.   Since it doesn't make sense for them to appear in weapon shops I am adding a 'force-sensitive trainer' as another bookseller in the cantina's where you can purchase force powers.  This is a quick fix, and long term we may add some quests or other ways to get better force powers.  I'll also try and fix a few of the other minor issues (melee punch that troops use sounding like a lightsaber, script error in deserts, etc) but major changes or bug fixes will probably have to wait until a later version.  At the current time I don't think this will be saved game compatible since I will have to add some scripts and triggers for the force-sensitive trainer.

Star Wars Conquest / [SWC] Do you want to help this mod?
« on: May 11, 2009, 11:57:37 am »
Turning Mount & Blade into Star Wars is a major project.  We feel that the gameplay, models, and other features in the 0.8 release is a good "core" to this mod but there is still more work to do.  We could use help with the following type of tasks, please post here or send me a PM if you would like to contribute to this mod.

  • Models - new models, especially scene props to be used for scene editing
  • Scene Editing - new scenes need to be created for some towns and most castles and villages
  • Coding - we could REALLY use help with coding and trying to hunt down bugs in the module system
  • Textures - we could use help with re-texturing existing models to make more varieties of armor and other equipment
  • Music - due to copyright issues we are hesitant to include 'real' star wars music, let us know if you have any interest in creating custom music for this mod

Star Wars Conquest / [SWC] Suggestions for future releases
« on: May 11, 2009, 09:09:07 am »
Please post any suggestions or requests for future releases of Star Wars: Conquest here.

Star Wars Conquest / [SWC] Post your Screenshots and Videos here
« on: May 11, 2009, 09:07:15 am »
Please post any screenshots or videos from Star Wars: Conquest here!

Sample Screenshots:

Sample Video's:
Battle Preview -
Tusken Raider Attack (quick batle) -
Siege -
Force Sensitive Arena -

Star Wars Conquest / SWC: Bug report for version 0.8.x
« on: May 11, 2009, 08:55:30 am »
Please post any bugs or issues here

+ there is limited music included in the 0.8 release, this will hopefully be fixed in a later version
+ we are working on creating more LOD's and more efficient textures which should hopefully help with performance for future releases.
+ please post specific errors and/or screenshots.  Error messages may also be written to the rgl_log.txt so please check that as well.

Known bugs\limitations:
+ permanent war with Empire vs Rebel doesn't seem to work correctly for the 0.8 release.
+ there is an issue with the gender (he/she) in dialogs where some alien races may be referred to as a female.
+ "mercenary armor" may appear as all white, to fix it go to this link:,40510.msg1653889.html#msg1653889
+ village recruitment doesn't work if you aren't part of one of the three main factions (Empire, Rebel, Hutt)
+ some equipment only fits or looks correct on certain models (ie. gamorrean and wookiee armor, clone helmet & boots, etc)
+ force kill has unlimited uses and the heavy weapons (flame rifle, rocket launcher, thermal detonators) are very powerful so they may imbalance gameplay if you use them
+ the "melee punch" weapon that lower-tier troops use makes the lightsaber sound (oops) this will be fixed in the next release

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