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The Last Days / Next version preview
« on: February 21, 2009, 11:58:29 AM »
It's been awhile so I thought we'd post some screenshots of the next version of TLD.   In the next version we are expanding the war to include the far north and have added another five factions or so to the previous set.   The older factions are getting facelifts but I'm just going to show a few shots for this early preview.

From far beyond the sea of Rhun come the descendants of the ancient Wainriders; The wild men of Rhun.  Comprising a loose confederation of tribal bands, which include the Balchoth and other Easterlings, the men of Rhun have long served the power of Mordor.   Now, after years of preparations, they have been loosed to strike the northern flank of the Free Peoples at a critical hour.  Riding agile horses, hurling javelins, brandishing scimitars and spears  and shouting their odd barbaric battlecries. They bear weapons and armor strange to the west, some fight almost naked. Animal fetishes and great horned helms suggest they worship animal gods and spirits in addition to the cult of Sauron himself. Will the shieldwalls of men and dwarves hold against the black rain of their arrows?


Some of the lothlorien update:

Mount Gundabad orcs:

These are only a selection of units from a selection of the newer factions.  Most of the expansion factions are close to finished but it's still wip and some things will change. I'll show some other factions next time.  Maybe updated stuff from Gondor and Rohan, maybe Dale. The release date is still a few months away (before you ask).  I probably won't answer many questions because I either dont know the answer or don't want to say. :lol:

I'm not doing elaborate credits in a ss thread but credits to the usual TLD suspects and especially our new guy Brutus.  Brutus did all of Rhun, the Khand helms and weapons and the Wargs above.  Lots of great stuff. Dablade and Merlkir did the elf stuff above and Dablade did the variag warhorse.  Dablade and I did the khand armors. Stefano, myself, Triglav and Octoburn did the orc gear above.  Ah, and Octoburn and prof420 did some of the elf helm as well.....I see a Janus sword from way back too. Sorry, I'm OCD when it comes to credits. 

TLD.808 / [OLD] Porting FAQ
« on: September 20, 2007, 08:44:17 AM »
March 18, 2010.

Porting FAQ:

Q: When is the release date?
A: There isn't one. The Devs are working on the new version, but even we don't know when it will be done. The reason we don't even like to hint at a date is that even our guesses could very well be off by months, thus getting people's hopes up for nothing. We don't like doing that. Be assured that we are just as eager to finish as you all are to play.

Q: Can we have another sneak peak/see a specific thing?
A: Not on request. If we feel it's time to show off another preview, be assured that we will, but requests won't speed it up.

Q: Why don't you keep a developer's log/tell the community about progress?

A: Short answer is that it accomplishes little and takes too much time. Time that could be, and is, better spent making real progress on the mod. There's also the fact that people tend to try to construe release dates out of every update we post, which can get old very fast. However, the major factor is that we like to keep things a secret so that it will be a surprise. If we posted everything we do, a lot of the 'springing a big surprise' enjoyment is gone. We want to give you all a pleasant shock.

Q: Are you going to port directly to Warband and skip 1.011?

A: No. We are porting to 1.011.

Q: Will you port to Warband after the 1.011 release?

A: At this point it isn't positive, but I think it's very likely. It depends on who and how many of the team want to keep going after the release.  

Q: You've been porting this for almost three years, why can't you do it faster?

A: The main project creator, Ancientwanker, was porting TLD by himself until April 2009. Even us on the Dev team at the time don't know how far he got, or how close to a release he was. In April, AW vanished without a trace. It took several months for the rest of the team to realize and come to grips with the fact that he wasn't coming back, and then decide to continue on without him. The main reason it is taking so long is because AW was the only one with the original code. We have had to rewrite all of the code one hundred percent from scratch, and over 95% of the graphics have also been completely redone. In essence, we since June we have been making TLD almost completely from scratch. That's what has been taking us so long.

Q: Why are the Devs psychopathic maniacs who hate everyone?

A: Fair question. I know it often seems that we come down hard on people, or are just plain bad tempered, but please try to bear with us. Firstly, we've been at this a long time, and the continual repetition of the same old questions would begin to tell on anyone. Secondly, we all have lives. Some of us are hard up college students, most of us have jobs, and all of us have lives outside the computer. We work on TLD in our spare time, and for enjoyment. That enjoyment can begin to pall when people start demanding things as if they have a right to our time or work. I would say this is largely why TLD development is as hush hush as it is. We're here to have fun, we aren't a corporation. Most of the time it's simply easiest not to say anything, and work at our own sustainable pace

- Llew.

TLD.808 / TLD: Optimization and Mini-mods
« on: September 16, 2007, 08:32:48 AM »
Here's the place for any official or unofficial mods or optimization files.


Low-Res Orc Pack 1.0

A low-res orc texture pack for Stefano's TLD orcs. For TLD v2.4 but should work with any 2.4.x version.

If you are having performance trouble with TLD then it's probably better if you just lower texture sizes across the board with the M&B options (or reduce desktop resolution) but if you want a more selective reduction then orc heads are a good place to start. They contribute quite a chunk of textures to the battlefield.

They still look pretty good, its hard to notice the difference really. Saves you 50% on their texture sizes.


TLD.808 / TLD: Bug Reports and Technical Help [2.4]
« on: September 11, 2007, 12:32:25 PM »
The new bug thread for 2.4.  

Make sure you are playing 2.4. The old man will now tell you the version number in his first dialogue. For some reason the folder to launch TLD has changed from "the last days" to "tld" and I didnt catch it before release. The next patch will have to stay with the same format I guess.

I didnt get to everything in the old thread so Ill include it here for reference.  Feel free to post any old bugs here again in case I missed them.   I probably wont have any time for quick bug fixes but should be able to start up on another patch in a few weeks.

The bug that is of most interest to me is the training bug where it was crashing. If its not fixed with this version Ill need to reorder some slots as it might be that my slots are conflicting with some internal m&b slot calls. It's my next guess anyway.

Oh yeah, if you have an item issue (weapon, armor, etc), specify whether you are playing RCM or vanilla. It will make it a bit easier to fix as there are likely some differences lingering in those files.

The old 2.3.1 bug thread for reference purposes:

TLD.808 / PATCH thread *current patched version 2.3.1*
« on: June 17, 2007, 08:21:39 PM »
This patch should clear up most of the hard crash issues and a few of the polishing issues as well.  It doesnt fix everything but it should make the mod more playable until I get a proper bugfix out in the next few weeks.  You have to manually install it so make sure you overwrite the existing TLD text files and then check that your tld_readme.txt says version 2.3.1.

New game required


Mirror #1: (you dont need to d/l any tools, just enter the letters and hit enter)

TLD.808 / TLD: Bug reports for 2.3.1
« on: June 09, 2007, 04:31:44 PM »
Bug Reports for version 2.3.1

Link to patch to update 2.3 to 2.3.1

The problems FAQ (with possible solutions):

The game crashes on load or wont fully load up

It takes a while to load all the textures but if it crashes out on start up you may not have enough memory. Try turning down the texture sizes in the options menu and see if you can load. If after turning that down you still cant play youll likely need to wait for me to make a low-res texture pack in the next few weeks. This might allow you to play.

The floor in minas tirith seems to be missing its texture, I'm guessing it's not supposed to be black.

In M&B options, in the video settings, enable DirectX9 Shaders.

Just got back from playing again. I am warning everyone with a slow computer to avoid entering any elven town. I have tried most of them any they all CTD. AW, you might need to post an optimal specs thread.

Elven "towns" are very large tree maps. They can cause problems for lower spec machines and Ill look at redoing them in future. If you have a problem loading them, dont go there for now

The healing rate is slow

This is a vanilla M&B thing. If you visit the healers in the "capitals", they will restore your health as well as accelerate the healing of major wounds. Maybe later Ill include an acclerated healing option.

I dont get a shield when I select "sword and board" in the arena

its a vanilla bug that I dont know how to fix.

Is there a way to rescue heroes once the faction holding them falls?

Not at the moment. Ill put a routine in here later but they still might die as a result.

Many times(not all the time), for some reason, the game gets really slow. I dont know if this happens with other people, but It really ruins it for me. And it doesn't happen in other mods, only in this one. Please help!

If you mean in battle, your video card is being stressed. Try turning down the texture quality and/or your desktop resolution. Running the game at a lower-resolution is probably the better way to preserve image quality.

Using a language other than english you find many things arent named correctly

Go into the TLD mod folder and delete the language folder. Ill only include the english in the next one as it has a few changes.

I cant hear any music

Replace the music.txt in the TLD folder with the one from the Native folder.

TLD.808 / TLD: Bug Reports for 2.2.1
« on: January 17, 2007, 08:07:12 AM »
Bug Reports go here. The previous thread was locked and archived at M&B so I havent lost track of the old reports.

TLD.808 / TLD: Concept Art
« on: January 17, 2007, 08:04:16 AM »
Merlkir has done nearly all the concept art for TLD, and his work is a huge inspiration to the team and the entire visual direction of the mod. Many Kudos to this talented man!

Concept Art, by Merlkir

TLD.808 / The Yogi's Mini-mods
« on: January 17, 2007, 08:03:11 AM »
(Original post by The Yogi at Taleworlds, Ive just moved it here): I've been doing some small scale mini modding, and was thinking to share the results with other TLD players.

The Yogi's mini-mods for TLD 2.2.1


My Conversations mini-mod v1.11;
*Sell prisoners in any allied major faction city. (done!)
*Exchange high-ranking prisoners for XP and cash at any time (but for less reward than for those quests). (done for the mayor factions)
*Transfer troops and prisoners freely between your and allied parties (can be used to reinforce or strip  allied hosts, patrols and scouts).(done for major factions)
*Increased reward for each destroyed mountain goblin party to 200 denars (this is mostly for those who do not want to play with the arena).(done!)
*1.01 Fixed a bug that prevented Isengard and Mordor from accessing the troop exchange screen.
*1.1 The out-of-quest exchange of officer prisoners is implemented for the major factions.
*1.11 Fixed a bug that caused a interminable loop when dropping prisoners in Rohan. Also made rewards for prisoners identical to quests and added the possibility to turn in prisoners from both Gondor and Rohan to Mordor and Isengard.

My Menu mini-mod v1.01;
*Store troops and prisoners in your capital's garrisson. (done!)
*1.01 Fixed a bug that prevented the Isengard garrisson from working.

My Troops mini-mod v1.02;
*Revamped Gondorian troops according to my ideas presented in the suggestions thread. (done!)
*v1.01 changed some troop names from Infantryman/cavalryman to infantry/cavalry
*v1.02 fixed rangers having blue hoods and redid Lamedon warriors along what they'll (probably) be like in the next version of TLD.

Each mini-mod is a single txt-file of the same name. They can be installed all together or independently of each other.

TLD.808 / Cavalry tactics -vs- Infantry: OP by Rickius Maximus
« on: January 17, 2007, 07:58:37 AM »
I've only been playing this game for a while but I thought I'd stick up a few things I've learnt about cavalry tactics as some people seem to be having trouble keeping a large force of men alive.

The only thing that will kill a horseman is lack of speed, your goal is to keep them moving as quickly as possible.

Flat Ground:

Firstly, a nice flat map with no rivers and no trees is perfect for cavalry, so when possible stay away from mountains and rivers on the main map- thus decreasing the chance of them appearing on the combat map. You can do this by attracting an enemy force, and making them chase you to an ideal site for an ambush in a nice big open plain (of course, you'll have to be attacking a superior force in numbers). Since there are less obstacles then there is less things for your troops to get stuck on- and remember- a stuck horse is a dead horse.

As soon as you enter the map order your forces to hold this position (press 1), attack the enemy on your own, just one pass should be fine- using sword or lance. Make sure you aim for people near the sides of the enemy group cos if you charge right into the middle and get bogged down your dead!!!

Once you've taken a pass the enemy group will be spread out, most of them attempting to attack you, most of them running in all directions. Order your troops to charge (press 3). Since the enemy is spread out there is a lot less chance for your troops to get hit by groups of men, or even to bump into each other.


Rivers are deadly to horses, never ever enter fight in a river. When your on a map with a river order your troops to hold ground. Take a little ride out and scout- if the enemy are on your side of the river, then treat the map just like flat ground.

If the enemy are on the opposite side of the river then ride to the point where they will be crossing it, once they hit the river they'll slow down so you can sit on the bank and pepper them with ranged weapons (javelin style weapons are good for this as you can still carry a lance, a sword and a shield) once they get across the river ride away before they can get you, (you may need to use your shield if you left it too late!) ride directly away from the river, once the enemy group is entirely out of the river order your troops to charge. Once again the enemy will be split up and easily defeated by your men.

Be very careful about reinforcements as these too will appear on the opposite side of the river, you may need to order your men to follow you- if the enemy is far enough away from the river then find a good crossing point and then tell all your men to charge, if the enemy is close to the river then get them to follow you back to where you started and then repeat the whole procedure.


Hills are trouble, especially if there's rivers and trees all over them. Tell your troops to hold ground and find a nice fairly flat piece of ground. Go to the end furthest away from the enemy and press hold ground again- thus ordering your troops to move to this location. Now you can ride off to find the enemy, again this is a case of using ranged weapons to keep yourself out of combat. Once the enemy troops have reached the flat ground they'll be nice and split up and ready for a good old fashioned charge!


These units will more than likely completely ignore your orders, but don't worry about them- they usually stay out of combat enough to survive and add to the general confusion of the enemy...

Hope this little guide helps anyone who's finding it hard!!! I'll do one about how to ride horses shortly as well  :D

TLD.808 / Stefano's New Troll Topic
« on: January 17, 2007, 07:57:25 AM »
I was recently contacted by Ancientwanker to make a exclusive troll to this mod.
Tell me what you think. C&c is quite important to me.

1st step: concept art.

2st step: meshes.
head front nod
head horizontal rotation
body + head horizontal rotation
semi-final model (assuming rigging will work.  :lol: )
perpendicular camera
elevated camera
rigging tests
view1 (size: 1mb sorry...) > didn't re-read the quote from the LOTR, turned toes into thumbs and chopped off the wrong finger. Oops.  :lol:

OP by Katank at M&B forums

Lots of people ask about armory items which are one of the great things about this mod. Here is a complete list as far as I know. This is extracted from the conversations.txt file.

I hope this will be of help to some people. Anyone with stats for the weapons and armor, please add to this topic. I haven't played long enough to get most of the items.

The format this will be presented in is

Influence Cost

All Factions

Mithril Hauberk with appropriate faction insignia

Rohan and Gondor
Mithril Sword


Sword of Westernesse
+25 one/two handed weapon, +1 powerstrike

King Earnur's helm
+2 ironflesh

Beregond's Horn
+2 leadership


Bow of Folca
+2 powerdraw, +15 archery

Blade of Dunlending Chieftain
+10 two handed weapon, +2 powerstrike

Galadhrim's boots
+2 athletics

Saddle of Thengel
+1 horse-archery, +1riding


Black Blade
+25 two handed weapon, +1 powerstrike

Fell Gauntlets
+2 strength, +1 weaponmaster, +10 all melee skills

Whip of Angmar
+1 leadership, +1 prisoner management


Scorpion Blade
+25 one handed melee, +2 agility, +1 powerstrike

Axe of an Uruk Chieftain
+3 powerstrike

Gloves of a Goblin King
+1 powerdraw, +1 str, +20 archery

Ancient Tome of Curses
+1 tactics, +2 charisma

TLD.808 / [OLD] TLD: Screenshots
« on: January 17, 2007, 07:54:22 AM »
Might as well turn this into a general screenshot thread. Ill add some more stuff later.

Sneaking through the streets of minas tirith. (yoshi mesh)

The player, gothmog and 5 corsair night raiders stumble across a patrol in a gondorian courtyard inside minas tirith. (yoshi mesh)

Harad camp icon (triglav):

Harad camp (triglav's oliphant creation):

Rohan guys (triglavs helms, based on some elements of the profs old stuff. Dablade tweaked quite a few of the rohan shields, armors, horses)

dablades new rivendell stuff, dain's elf bow. This armor has since been modified a bit by stefano but I dont have a new pic handy:

New corsair helm from stefano (which I really like), higher-res shields from triglav, more subdued corsair colors from dablade.

Stefano's orcs

Oh, no, the oliphant doesnt move, before you ask.  :lol:  

And thanks to all the tld contributors, past and present.

TLD.808 / TLD: Suggestions
« on: January 17, 2007, 07:52:16 AM »
You are certainly welcome to post any and all suggestions here, and they will at least be read by the team. But don't count on your ideas getting in; we already have a very large agenda for the mod.

TLD.808 / TLD: FAQ, Mini-mods & Optimizations
« on: January 17, 2007, 07:50:39 AM »

Q: When will you port to .90x?
A: Working on it. For more information (usually out of date):  http://mbx.streetofeyes.com/index.php/topic,926.0.html.

Q: Where is the movie plate armor?
A: This is a book mod and there is no reference to medieval plate armor in the book.

Q: Lag! Laggy Lag Lag!?!? Motherlagger!!!
A: Two solutions. Lower your desktop resolution (m&b uses this. try 1024) and/or lower the texture resolution in the m&b options menu. Ill put out a low-res texture pack at some point and link it here. I dont know if this will be any different than lowering it with the menu. Might be for the initial load-up at least though I dont know. (orc head texture reduction: http://mbx.streetofeyes.com/index.php?topic=916.0). The next version (2.5) will use some of the LOD techniques from m&b .890 which should greatly improve performance.

Q: Elf towns cause my computer to lag or crash, what to do?
A: Dont visit them.  :lol:  They were made too large (tree-wise) for some computers to handle. In future Ill shrink them but for now you'd best just avoid them if you have trouble.

Q: I want/need/require sieges!
A:  Sieges are coming to mount and blade, which has been clear for for some time now.  Almost every mod will have sieges in future as Armagan is going to hand it to us.  I dont see a reason to even bother with something that Armagan will provide more support for both at the .exe level and the scripting level.  It will then be easy to make riffs on Armagan's system after I get a look at it and see if sieges will fit into a new war system

Q: Why is it so difficult to play the elven faction compared to rohan or gondor?
A: Its not fully developed yet and will just be a more difficult faction to play for now.

Q: Why are the orcs so powerful?
A: Just my call for balance purposes. If you disagree with my choices there are options with the old man to change the weapon skill levels and powerstrike/toughness of orcs or other troops. You'll find a wide range of options there to balance the mod to suit your tastes.

Q: I'd like to help. What can I do?
A: The number one need is for modellers, texturers and or voice work. There are some organizational things that could be done as well. We are chronically short-handed, like most mods, so volunteer away if you think there is something you can do. Check this thread for ideas: http://mbx.streetofeyes.com/index.php?topic=107.0

Victory Conditions:
Gondor:   Isengard, Easterlings, Corsairs, Dunlendings, Haradrim, Dol Guldur and Moria fallen. Morder spent and wavering
Rohan:    Isengard, Easterlings, Corsairs, Dunlendings, Haradrim, Dol Guldur and Moria fallen. Morder spent and wavering
Mordor:  Rohan, Gondor, Isengard, Dunlendings and all elven factions fallen.
Isengard: Rohan, Gondor, Easterlings, Corsairs, Haradrim, Dol Guldur and all elven factions fallen. Morder spent and wavering

--total military victory against mordor can only be achieved when all 4 mordor legions are activated in the options menu at the brigand fort. All 4 legions must be destroyed before mordor can fall. The total victory message will then be available when all other conditions are met. Dol Guldur must fall before Mordor as well.

General troop information:
Gondor:   Excellent infantry, some cavalry, good archers.
Rohan:    Excellent cavalry, some infantry.
Lothlorien: Medium infantry and excellent archers.
Mirkwood: Light infantry and excellent archers.
Rivendell: Elven heavy infantry doubling as archers, various dunedain units.
Mordor:   All infantry and poor archers.
Haradrim: Good light cavalry, very good archers and some horse archers
Corsairs:   Light infantry, crossbow troops, very small cavalry branch
Easterlings: Poor light cav, Good heavy cav, throwing missiles only
Isengard:  Mostly infantry, decent archers, some pikes and warg riders.
Dunlendings:  Mostly infantry, no missiles, decent horse branch
Dol Guldur:  Mordor Infantry, Olog-hai trolls
Moria:       Disorganized infantry, cave trolls, warg riders.

Troop tier information:
--Tiers are upgrade levels. So tier-1 is lowest gondor youth and tier-6 would be a tower knight of minas tirith.
--Orcs start at tier-2 and move up to tier-5  
--Normal men start at tier-1 and move up to tier-5
--Gondor/Rohan men start at tier-1 and move up to tier-6
--Gondorian feudal types start at tier-3 and move up to tier-5
--Dunedain start at tier-3 and move up to tier-7
--Elven units start at tier-3 and move up to tier-8

Upgrade Trees:

Color key:
Yellow    = Melee infantry line.
Light Blue = Melee infantry with chance of some missiles.
Blue       = Missile infantry line. (rangers, assassins, pit fighters and orc trackers are better at melee than missile)
Dark Blue = Dedicated missile line. Increased archery, poor melee, knife armed. (mirkwood archer, harad foot archer, blackroot vale)
Gray       = Mounted units.
Green     = Melee elites with light armor. 20 point melee bonus and athletics bonus.*
Red        = Melee elites with no armor. 40 point melee bonus and athletics, iron_skin bonus**

*   Some light and unarmored elite infantry move faster on the worldmap. (Rangers, some Uruk-hai).
** Some red elites (variag gladiators, pitfighters, berserkers, wolf-warriors) have battle-fury which affords limited regeneration.

I havent updated the troop trees in some time so heres a quick list of troops that have additional abilities.

Flexible troops (can change weapons via dialogue with "change tactics"):
Brego Guard (?)
Knights of the Tower Guard
Knights of Arnor (?)
Rangers of Ithilien
Dunedain Rangers
Possibly some of the elves

Stealth capable troops (can pursue infiltration missions):
Rangers of Ithilien
Dunedain Rangers
All Elven units
Frealaf Raiders (rohan)
Uruk Scouts
Orc Trackers
Corsair Raiders
Corsair Assassins

Scouting specialized troops: (Add to players tracking/spotting/pathfinding skills. Larger numbers net larger bonuses)
Rangers of Ithilien
Dunedain Rangers
Lothlorien Wardens
Orc Trackers
Uruk Scouts (maybe, I cant remember)

Disciplined troops: (Can use formations (press I to cycle formations, tab to select))
All Gondorian and Rohirrim infantry above youth
All Elven infantry (possibly dunedain infantry too, iirc)
Uruk-hai pike
Dunnish pike
Corsair pike
Black Numernorian infantry
Black Uruk of Barad-dur (iirc...)

Formation basics:
"Form the Line" orders your disciplined infantry into a long line, where they will hold.
"Form Ranks" orders your disciplined infantry into a box formation, where they will hold.
"Fall Back" order will work with all units and sends them back to your baggage/flag.
"Break Ranks" cancels all formations.

Formations require that the units being ordered be given only the standard "charge" order. If you give them standard hold or follow orders they will ignore the modded formation orders. They are for melee infantry only though archers without ammunition and dismounted cavalry will obey a "fall back" order.  

Miscellaneous tips:

--The old man at the brigand fort will let you change many game options for the first day only. This includes strategy script changes and npc hero wound/death chances, troop skill modification and other gameplay modifications.

--Faction strength has the following ratings:
     --Unmatched  (mordor start)
     --Very Strong (isengard start)
     --Strong        (default start for the rest)
     --Weakened  (rivendell and moria start)
     --Spent and Wavering
     --Fallen or Withdrawn

--The war will begin before you hit level 10, its based on level and will be adjustable from v2.2.1 foward.
--Check the state of the war and the health of various factions by talking to the lords.
--Once you have a faction down to spent and wavering, eliminate their largest units. They should fall.
--Factions can recover over time or rally if the enemy is dealt a serious blow.
--Mordor cannot be reduced beyond spent and wavering. Getting them to that level is one of the conditions for victory for the free peoples or Isengard.
--The starting position for a faction is their strongest position and is the most difficult one to reduce.
--You can modify the starting strengths by talking to the old man at the brigand fort on the first day.
--There is no recovery from fallen/withdrawn but an occasional (rare) remant army may spawn.

--Orders to allied armies last 24 hours, except 'travel to' which lasts for 48 or until they arrive at their destination.
--You can only have one set of a given order active at a time. One follow, one travel_to, one hold.
--Orders to your own heroes dont count toward your orders limit but you can only have one "travel to" order for a hero active at at time.

--uruk archers of isengard are better than orc archers of mordor. As in the book, the uruk-hai use man-sized bows. The orcs dont get better than short bows.
--Neither orcs nor uruks are captured. They are assumed to be finished off after the battle.
--gondor feudal units start at tier-3 but only advance to tier-5. They have light armor and are experienced filler units in general.

--elven units can only be recruited with faction influence points from the elven leaders.
--elven units cannot be captured. They are assumed to be finished off after the battle. Elven leaders can be captured though.
--elven units can become the most powerful troops in the game (tier-8/level 40+) if you can keep them alive
--trolls can only be recruited with faction influence points from the leaders of dol guldur (olog_hai) or moria (cave trolls)
--trolls cannot be captured. They are assumed to be finished off after the battle.
--some armies of dol guldur and moria contain a few trolls. Mordor's southern armies dont have them at the moment.
--warg riders can be upgraded into from isengard or moria units. You can only purchase wargs to ride at moria at the moment.

--Active items will only grant abilities when wielded on the worldmap. Passive items will grant abilities when you own them and enter the worldmap (might need to move around a bit for it to kick in).
--Enchanted weapons that affect the same attributes will only allow one of that type to provide a benefit at a time.
--Enchanted weapons or equipable items will only give/take  abilities when wielded or put away on the worldmap. Once in combat those abilities wont change even if you put the items into your storage box. After combat it will update again.

--There are two hero npcs in each capital. You can recruit one at the start, you get the other later. You can also recruit one hero in the allied capital.
--All of the lords of towns and camps (cept the 4 faction "leaders") are also recruitable heroes, they are very powerful but require spending faction points. You cant hire them or see the option until you have enough points.
--Heroes can become wounded if you get ko'd in combat (its an additional penalty)
--All wounds heal over time. Its pretty random when but the rate can be accelerated by visiting the healer at Morannon, Edoras, Isengard or Minas Tirith.
--Once wounded in combat (with a major wound) it becomes possible for an npc hero to die in combat. More wounds=greater chance.
--You can change the wound chances, healing chances and turn on/off the chance of death at the old man at the brigand fort.
-- You can ask your heroes how they are feeling when you talk to them and they will notify you of any wounds. There are healers in the "capitals" that will accelerate healing a bit but it can still take a while if you are unlucky. If your heroes get badly wounded they can get killed in combat, even if in the rear at the moment. Best to get them healed at the healer or rest at an inn for awhile.
--Until you hit captain rank, you can only visit the healer once a week. More visits will cost faction points. The healer heals all standard damage for your company as well.

--Orcs, Uruk, Uruk-hai, Trolls, Elves, Goblins and Tribal orcs cannot be taken prisoner. They are finished off after a battle. Some elven leaders may be captured though.

Mini mods and optimization:

Low-Res Orc Pack 1.0

A low-res orc texture pack for Stefano's TLD orcs. For TLD v2.4 but should work with any 2.4.x version. Might improve your performance if you have a lower-end rig.

User made guides:
There are several guides floating around the back pages of this forum.

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