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The Last Days / Important threads collection (including submods)
« on: February 22, 2012, 11:04:59 am »
TLD Podcast *latest episode - 02*
Thanks for making TLD!

Hotfix 2 (TLD 3.12): rebalanced faction strength, etc.
What can you help TLD with
Faction Rewards/Companion/Traits List


Bladnir's TLD rebalanced (more up to date than RCM):,3250.0.html

Combat Damage Model (RCM) - famous submod, designed to model combat more realistically in M&B. This is its version for TLD.,2492.300.html - forum thread for RCM. - the link to current up-to-date RCM version. - you should overwrite the item_kinds1.txt in that version with this file. There were a couple new weapons and armors added and GA forgot to update their values. This file updates them. - an optional troop file. It corrects some mistakes and inconsistencies (like 0 Horse Archery skill for some horse archers) and buffs Dale and Rhun a bit.

Companion recruitment with resource points instead of influence mini-mod - this submod changes companion recruitment to be priced in resource points instead of influence. Influence prices are very steep in current TLD version and companions are hard to recruit.,2675.0.html - forum thread. - the link to current up-to-date version of the submod.

Female armor meshes for TLD - this submod adds female meshes for most armors present in TLD.,2489.0.html - forum thread. - for 3.0 only. - current up-to-date download link.

Control your forces by voice - a script that allows the player to control his forces by voice commands.,2641.0.html - forum thread with description, script text and links to necessary software.

Grothag's rebalancing of equipment and troop stats - this submod is based on RCM equipment stats, but introduces some changes to them and to the troops.,2708.0.html - detailed description and discussion. - download link to the up-to-date version of the submod.

Warband-like animations:,2889.0.html

The Last Days / What can you help TLD with:
« on: November 06, 2011, 01:03:54 pm »
Now that we are released, and it turned out pretty good, can we count on some help from the community?

1) To make game more stable, many of the item models need good LODs. Almost all of our lods in brfs are done with openBRF automatic lodifier (praized be Marco Tarini!), which does help polycount reduction.
But automacy has its drawbacks - mainly inability to reduce geometry w/o serious destruction of the model. E.g. helmets can be riddlede with holes so that you can see head texture from a distance. Armors and shields can lose whole surfaces (so we did not do some lods for some of them at all). If you go through vanilla BRF files, you would see that LODs for items there are mostly tidy neat meshes, obiously done by hand. And they look good from a distance, while having extremely low policount themselves.

So, w/o further ado: we would welcome any help in 3D department, which would do some LODding, even if it is only copying/resizing/uv-map adjusting of vanilla meshes. UV adjusting is simple but tedious stuff, and we do not have manpower to do it all and frankly a bit burned out now. So any help here is appreciated

A Balancer - someone to go through items and fix overlooked nonsense in prices dmg and so on, someone to test how factions perform, how their troops are equipped and balanced. Possibly start off with RCM and go from there. This is seriously needed and it's serious work. Only for the dedicated among you!

Snatch your chance to jump into TLD credits list! :)

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