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Modding Knowledge Base / MOVED: New in modding.
« on: December 07, 2008, 11:46:04 am »

It's the new one in .95x, can't remember its name.

EDIT: found it:


Elrond's dudes, Mirkwood elves, and Galadriel/Celeborn's dudes.

I totally forgot what they were doing in the books.  :lol:

Tutorials / Porting a mod to a new M&B version: by the numbers
« on: November 24, 2007, 01:22:34 pm »
A simple guide in point form.

WRONG way: Copy over everything, use winmerge to mash the code together, cross fingers / pray / make sacrifice to gods, try to compile and run, cry when the error message appears. Yes, I did it this way before I learnt better. Without the crying.

RIGHT way:

Do a full test of the execution of the mod at each numbered step. That means compile if needed. Use Winmerge to do the merge for files you're unsure about. Note: in some steps you may need to edit module_constants (comment out some stuff temporarily) to get things to compile.

0. Start with a copy of Native.
1. Resources, Textures, sounds, music: BRFs, DDS, MP3, etc... copy them over and update module.ini
2. (recommend putting some of your new items in the Zendar chest to check them out quickly)
3. Basic files: module_animations, module_factions, module_map_icons, module_meshes, module_music, module_particle_systems, module_quests, module_scenes, module_scene_props, module_skills, module_skins, module_sounds, module_strings.
5. module_parties, module_party_templates, map.txt (also copy over the Sceneobj/*.sco files)
6. Scripts I: recommend breaking this up and compiling in parts if possible: module_constants, module_scripts, module_game_menus, module_mission_templates, module_presentations
7. Scripts II: module_triggers, module_simple_triggers, module_dialogs

Now you're done! :)

My first reaction was, OMG HAX.  :shock:,107.msg18551.html#msg18551

Very nice. Post comments on that thread, this one is just for reference and is locked.

PS Also recommended reading is mtarini's incredible TLD map beautification thread, I'll be damned if TLD doesn't look like it's running on a totally different engine than M&B Native.

Modding Knowledge Base / Inventory slots numbering chart
« on: October 03, 2007, 10:25:02 am »

Description (see
ek_item_0 = 0
ek_item_1 = 1
ek_item_2 = 2
ek_item_3 = 3
ek_head   = 4
ek_body   = 5
ek_foot   = 6
ek_gloves = 7
ek_horse  = 8
ek_food   = 9
Contents of slots can be retrieved with:

These slots can be set transparently (silently) with troop_set_inventory_slot.

Their amounts (e.g. 50/50) can be manipulated with


Discussion / Circular dependencies in build_module.bat
« on: September 27, 2007, 10:47:14 am »
When you create a new troop and a new template for the troop, the module will not compile.

Just create the new troop, compile.

Then add the template, and compile.

Yeah, that's fucked if you're porting a big mod.

Modding Knowledge Base / Damage formula for Soak/Reduction
« on: September 27, 2007, 10:07:41 am »
The correct formula should be:

Reduced_damage =base_damage - (armor * soak_factor)
Final damage =  Reduced_damage * (1 -  (armor/100 * reduction_factor)),26790.0.html

Discussion / What the "@"?
« on: September 26, 2007, 09:28:58 pm »
I'm gonna be a noob and ask, "what does @ mean in a string?"

Discussion / Help fix all-heroes party not showing up in battle (M&B v0.891)
« on: September 26, 2007, 03:45:07 pm »
Ok, so when you enter battle with an all-NPC-heroes party, they don't turn up.

When the mission template triggers an add reinforcement, only one hero shows up per call of the reinforcement.

I'm stumped about how to fix this. It's a mod-killer for Band of Warriors, and while I'm not really invested in that mod, it stinks that an unfixed game engine bug is going to kill the mod. As far as I can tell, it's an unfixable engine bug. If anyone can see a script mistake that is causing the bug, please help all of us by letting us know.

To be clear, I'm speaking of FIXING the error here, not trying a workaround like "force the game to always have a regular troop in your party". Complex workarounds are not worth the time because Ikisoft will probably fix the bug themselves with the next major release.

Discussion / "F11 - Use only blunt weapons"
« on: September 23, 2007, 05:03:09 pm »
Would be interesting if you could set up a heavy cavalry troop with guaranteed great lance and guaranteed mace. Then you can do a full lancer charge and then order a melee.

Same thing with archers, pepper them with arrows and then order a melee.

Modding Knowledge Base / troop_loot_troop operation oddities!
« on: September 05, 2007, 12:46:18 pm »
(crossposted from,25988.0.html)

Okay so this is what I THINK is happening in troop_loot_troop (it's a game engine operation so I can't actually see the C code to understand it, but I'm guessing from repeated tests.

(1) First, everything that is equipped is ignored by the looting operation. So for example, Dark Knights and Dark Champions who have a standard "uniform" of full black armor (with tf_guarantee_xxxx)  and no other armor in their inventory, well they put on the armor and nothing is left. Voila, black armor and dark champion helms never turn up as loot. Same for horses: I gave them only one horse and made tf_guarantee_horse, which also guaranteed that these horses never turn up as loot.

(2) Second, the operation picks "some" items out of your unequipped inventory to throw into the loot. The more junk is in the inventory of the troop, the more likely that number of looted items is bigger than 1. If you don't have much unequipped stuff then it's much more likely that no items are looted from this troop. This explains the incredibly massive amount of loot generated by sea raiders since they have a very huge inventory kit. I think the effect tops off after a bit, e.g. you can't give 100 items to one troop and expect a huge haul from killing that one guy.


Go through all the troops and make sure they are holding extra armor to fortify the loot pool. One helm, one armor, etc, is not enough, must have at least 2 if you want it to appear in the loot. Of course if you decide that, for example, one should never be able to loot a black greaves from a dark warrior then you can just give one one set of black greaves and no other footwear. That kind of thing.

Also, go through the troops with a lot of kit (e.g. sea raiders) try to trim down the number of duplicate items, to reduce the richness of the loot. It's a bit unbalanced right now since they're so easy to kill and give such huge loot.

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