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The Last Days / Save / character editor?
« on: April 23, 2013, 12:11:52 AM »
I was just wondering what, if any, save editors were compatible with TLD? I was hoping to do some testing on my own and being able to edit details of my character (more detailed than the Import/Export method) would help a lot.

The Last Days / Battle tactics [Community Guide]
« on: November 16, 2011, 12:09:23 PM »
Post your battle tactics here for your favorite race, to help people who are struggling.

I'll start with Elves, in particular Lothlorien elves, non-RCM:

Assuming you're starting with a fresh army, you have two options for troops: Elf Scouts and Elf Infantry. Both are pretty good troops for their level. At first, you want to avoid Wargs AT ALL COSTS. They will decimate your troops. Fight on open, level areas against small bands of enemies until your troops level up. When your Scouts upgrade to Lothlorien Archers, you have a lot more flexibility. Your infantry has a couple of options; Wardens (mix bow and sword skills) and pure Infantry. Wardens are nice if you're running an archer-based army. When they run out of arrows, they pull out a sword and shield and know how to use them. However, since they are generalists they are poorer archers than the specialists and are beaten by specialist melee troops.

Pure infantry can then become cavalry, which is absolutely amazing. These guys can rip orcs to pieces. They are the perfect anti-Warg troop because they can quickly kill the rider and finish the mount. They ARE expensive and hard to attain, so you'll want to hold them back from any battles until you can get 10+ cavalry together. Try recruiting some cheap Rohan troops to give them a better chance.

Now for the actual tactics: Elves have the most powerful archers, so use that to your advantage. Most players know to put archers on high ground, infantry at the base of the hill and to use cavalry to harass incoming enemies. But there are some tricks that you need to learn, or else you'll be destroyed easily.

Elf armies are small. Usually my army is between 50 and 60 troops, and when fighting Orcs I'm often outnumbered two or three to one. But it is possible to come out of those battles with NO casualties.

Elves, due to their limited number, have a limited amount of arrows. Each archer has between 30 and 50 arrows, and when they are out you are out of luck. So, use firing discipline! Press F5 immediately to order your archers to hold fire while you position them. Send in your cavalry to perform hit and run- that means when they charge the enemy, have them pull back and then charge again. Do this until the army reaches your infantry, and then let them do their work. If your infantry can't hold them back, then order your archers to open up.

With these tactics, you can easily use an army of 30 archers, 20 infantry and 10 cavalry to destroy an army of over 150 orcs.

Gondor, non-RCM:
Quote from: ccx55
I play mostly as Gondor, with default weapon and armour ratings.

I have an almost exact ratio of 50% infantry - 25% archers - 25% cavalry.
Obviously, the strongest Gondorian force is the infantry, because of their large shields and robust armour. The archers are needed to weaken the army before the cavalry and infantry engage. Cavalry are needed because of their speed, to engage exactly where and when you need them. Infantry are the most durable part of your army. They should always be in shield wall formation, except when charging.

You want to get into position as close to the enemy as possible. You want your archers in the middle, as quickly as you can possibly get to the enemy.

You want your infantry either to the right or left of your archers in shield wall formation, again as close as possible towards the enemy. Your infantry should be slightly closer to the enemy than your archers, but not in their line of fire. This ensures that all your arches will be able to fire, but all the enemy's archers will be firing at your infantry shield-wall, bringing your casualties VERY low.

You want your cavalry to be on the opposite side of your enemy, but not as far forward as the infantry. This ensures that the archers focus fire on your shield wall.

Allow your archers to fire almost all their arrows into the crowd of enemies. If the enemy advances onto your archers, wait for them to get closer and tell your cavalry and infantry to charge and your archers to pull back. This gives you a perfect concave and guarantees 0 casualties vs orcs.

If the enemy advances on your infantry (they will not advance on cavalry unless misplaced), or does not advance at all, you need to move. Tell your infantry to charge. Utilize the speed of your cavalry now, and make them ride AROUND your enemy. When your cavalry is exactly opposite your infantry, but on the other side of the enemy, tell your cavalry to charge.

This will mean that your infantry hits exactly when your cavalry hits, ensuring extreme massacre. Do this a few times and I guarantee 0 casualties in every battle, even when you're outnumbered 3:1.

Dol Guldur:
Quote from: Oyclo
Start by ordering your infantry to form a shield wall (k) and then advance 10 paces twice.  Order your archers to follow you (Assuming you are mounted).  Order your cavalry to follow you and hold fire so they draw their swords. Always order your infantry to advance 10 paces at a time so they stay in formation while you proceed on the right flank.  I have archers following because I'm too lazy to set them behind the infantry but that would be slightly better.

Once your troops get about 40 paces from the enemy infantry, order your archers to hold, then order your infantry to charge, and race forward so you are behind the enemy lines with your cavalry in tow. Then order the Wargs to charge, they should hit the elf lines about the same time your infantry does. Now just do your thing combat wise.  If the enemy is a very large army you may want to reform your cavalry having them follow you again for another charge; however, if the enemy is of inferior numbers they don't live more than a few moments after the cavalry charge.

Basically the wargs keep damaging and knocking down the enemy, the warg riders are hacking at them and the infantry is hacking at them.  Odds are every elf has 3 orcs or more on them.

Quote from: Marmalade
For Isengard it's all about your army's composition.

Uruk-hai are mostly without shields, expensive troops but very powerful. They are shock troops and can effectively destroy infantry or stationary cavalry, but die easily to concentrated archer fire. Forming ranks (default) will usually put the Uruk-hai in front, whereas a shield wall formation will put orcs forward to soak the incoming fire.

The Uruk-hai Tracker line are the only bows Isengard get. They are slow and heavy, but can be pretty useful, especially against Trolls and Ents. The Trackers are reasonably good in combat in any case, so the Isengard archery line is primarily limited to a supportive role, damaging the enemy infantry before the Uruk-hai charge. Orcs are essentially fodder, but useful to bulk up numbers with their +2/3 party size increase per Orc. The upgrade lines diverge between the "Large Orc" path and the "Large Orc Despoiler". The Despoiler fork has blunt weapons which are more effective against armour, but more importantly will produce prisoners, which for Isengard can mean food and longer campaigns.

Warg riders are the other branch for Isengard. Isengard gets Wargs very quickly, and they are always effective.
Usually, I send the Wargs in early to harass and skirmish. Typically, by the time the main force closes, some of the skirmishing Wargs riders will have fallen, so the Wargs will be disrupting the enemy foot around the time your infantry close.

-- Vs. Rohan. --

Much of the early game for Isengard will involve combat with Rohirrim, and especially Rohan skirmishers, who are difficult to bring to battle. Unless I get lucky with terrain, I usually keep my infantry together, in ranks or square formation. Any riders which stray too close are easily stopped.

I micromanage my Uruk-hai Trackers, who float around the infantry block, avoiding being overrun, but gradually wounding riders and horses. The Wargs are sent forward to skirmish with the riders. Primarily this keeps the riders from having full reign of the field, and makes it easier to keep my archers alive.

Warg riders are a lot easier to train than Uruk-hai, so they are ultimately more disposable.

TLD.808 / Increased XP rates
« on: March 23, 2009, 09:30:33 PM »
I have asked several times in MageLord's tweak thread, but all my questions go ignored. Is there a way to change the experience rates? I'm getting annoyed with the training time for elves. I need to get some Galadhrim Royal Marksman, but currently, only have Lothlorien Archers.

TLD.808 / Faction armory items
« on: November 19, 2008, 01:28:44 AM »
So, I remember there being a thread around here, that listed all the faction rewards and their benefits. Anybody have that page bookmarked?

EDIT:  I found it. Can I has cookie? http://mbx.streetofeyes.com/index.php/topic,112.0.html I'll bump it. :3

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