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Hey, everyone.

Here's the status of things.  After an initial flurry of offers of assistance, many of them followed by some real help, my collaborators shrank to one, then to none - often with no actual warning of their change of status.  I'm no better; when this situation led me to wander on to other things, I didn't even have the courtesy to note that it had happened, be honest with myself and you guys, and say so.

What I would like to do at this point is this.

I will open the mod up to the community.  Quite distinct from Craftmod going open-source, where it was quite functional and was being opened for further improvement, this is very much me saying of an incomplete work, "If someone wants to pick this up, do so."

It is not impossible that I'll resume interest.  Indeed, if even two people actually stepped up and started to work with the mod, to make any kind of contribution, then I bet that my interest would be sparked, and I'd be back in the game.  I'm not gone.  I'm not discouraged, even.  I'm just not excited

Schattenlander - Into The Darklands / Version History & Upcoming Releases
« on: February 20, 2007, 01:10:29 PM »

Schattenlander - Into The Darklands / Balance issues & Playability
« on: February 20, 2007, 12:33:37 PM »
This thread is a placeholder.

For the most part, with the mod still being in Alpha test, I do not want to get into game balance discussions.  Please refrain from posting about whether the mod as a whole, or any part, is (a) too hard, (b) too easy, (c) biased in favour of a particular style of play, until I remove this notice.  At that point this thread will go into active mode as our place to make the game as fun (not realistic, not faithful to the original, fun) as possible.

Questions or comments about the interfaces, for instance the potion throwing interface or the orders interface in v0.2, can go here if desired.

Discussion / Causing an NPC to fall
« on: January 19, 2007, 01:32:22 AM »
Don't ask why I need this.  I just do.

I'm trying to find a way to get a recently-spawned NPC hero to fall to his death (well, his unconsciousness).  I can spawn him and set his HP to zero, trivially.  It's getting him to fall down that doesn't seem to be working.  So far I've tried...

1) Spawn point high up in the air: agent actually spawns on top of a solid object at the same (x,y) as spawn point, not at spawn position itself.  Meaning, on the ground.
2) Put invisible barrier under agent; animate barrier away (downward).  Result, agent remains standing in same place.  Apparently if he started in contact with the mesh, he doesn't recalculate whether it's still there later, or something.
3) Instead of animating platform, disable it. Same result as above.
4) Slant platform to, like, eighty degrees, then spawn onto it, hoping for the slide-down-cliff effect.  Curiously, nothing; troop runs down sheer slope to its bottom edge, runs in place at the edge.

Anybody have any other ideas or suggestions to pull this off?  There will be a reward if you can - added content will make it into the v0.1 Schattenlander release...

- Hellequin

Schattenlander - Into The Darklands / Content queries & Suggestions
« on: January 16, 2007, 10:38:02 AM »
Please feel free to post your questions about existing content (how does brewing work?), possible content (will you have wolves, etc?), or suggested content (you should include an X in your mod!) in this thread.

Coming soon to this space there will be a FAQ about the content.

Thread created from the original Schattenlander thread, so there may be some apparent gaps and non-sequiturs.  I've attempted to minimize these, but the first three pages of this thread may not all make perfect sense if read in sequence.  After that the thread is its own entity and should make as much sense as anything here.

Schattenlander - Into The Darklands / Büg Reports
« on: January 14, 2007, 03:09:10 PM »
Known bugs in version 0.1d:
- Some town selections, esp. right after setpiece dialogues such as your sibling's character creation sequence or the bonus companion's very first appearance, appear to either freeze in an internal loop or to bring you to a null menu (the old-fashioned fight menu).  Either is fatal to the game, so try to save after these dialogues if possible.
- Framerate losses and some CTD during the setpiece fight (you'll know it when you see it, when a menu item brings to to events ongoing rather than to the usual menu entry).  Framerate losses are to be expected, try looking away from the lights.  CTD causes unknown, please PM to report if it happens to you.
- Fields with lots of thrown potions appear to be haunted by hovering inventory chests.  This is the mythical german Jägerluggage, it just wasn't meant to appear in these scenes. ;)  Please ignore, it doesn't bite (yet). This seems to have gone away in more recent builds, despite my having done nothing to fix it.
- There may be a mesh issue causing RGL error & CTD with the halberd and pole-hammer items.  Best to save before you buy one.

Addressed bugs from earlier versions:
- Self-duplication in the alchemist's shop.  Found and fixed in 0.1b.
- Brewing potions does not work; no potions appear on the list regardless of inventory or known formulae.  Fix from 0.1b wasn't fully successful, fixed all the way in 0.1c, please report if issue persists.
- Towns, or blank spaces, holding up their hand to warn your party of the arrival of bandits.  Found and fixed in 0.1b.
- Prayers which should enhance your stats (sometimes? only on PC?) do basically the reverse.  Confirmed fixed in 0.1c, please report if issue persists.
- Clicking the 'Q'uests button while on the world map causes a CTD error.  Fixed in v0.1b.
- Some encounters are giving no loot on a win, taking no loot on a loss, or being solved by menu options which shouldn't have solved them.  Aborting throwing a potion to distract bandits is no longer just as good as throwing one.  Alchemist now properly takes all your potions/reagents when he wins.  Both fixed in 0.1b.  Loot from bandits tests OK in 0.1c, though they're poor - expect the occasional lousy haul.
- The monks ringing those church bells just don't seem to sleep, even when you're trying to. ;)  Improved at least slightly in 0.1b, partly a matter of taste, comments welcome.  Shorter bell sounds at lower volume incorporated as of 0.1c.  Still a little cacaphonous but shorter and quieter now, comparable with the other SFX.  Expect this to get further tuned as time goes by.

Schattenländer - Into the Darklands.

In 1992, Microprose made a computer RPG called Darklands which is a cult classic.  Set in the Holy Roman Empire of the 15th century, it's basically medieval Germany where everything the peasants believed is true.  It's an unbelievably deep, immersive look at the middle ages.  Its tagline: In medieval Germany, reality is more horrifying than fantasy.  Fans have entreated the company to release the source code for ages, to no avail.


Current status: RELEASED.
Version 0.1d available from the M&B Repository here.

Contains one major bonus over the originally announced 1.0 content... try and find the added companion.  Here's your hint: After you meet him the first time, look for him when pyrotechnics would be displayed to best effect.

This 0.1b release addressed a number of nonfatal bugs found by our early adopters of 0.1 (thanks, guys!), and some which just hadn't been squished before release.  It also adds some pleasant audio as you start the game.  The 0.1c finished the bugfixes on alchemy brewing and makes it possible to check your potions' ingredient requirements even if you can't currently manage a dose, bugfixes offensive potions other than the starting three, introduces functionality on the Ironarm and Quickmove family of potions, and changes the church bell sounds to shorter and quieter samples which are further quieted when you're resting.  The 0.1c2 release was identical to 0.1c except that the language folder, which is used to alter many small things about the game, and was supposed to be included right from the beginning, was now included.

The most recent release, 0.1d, adds the following features:
  • More variety in random encounters
  • Weapon and armour quality deteriorates with use (although a high Artifice skill will largely prevent this)
  • Full functionality on all potion types.  Heal with New-Wind, slow your foes with Stone-Tar, enhance your bow with Trueflight, and many more.
  • Full functionality on all saints' blessings, except those dealing with local reputation, and the special ones which are unique to one or two saints.


Schattenländer aims to reproduce as much as possible of this amazing game in the form of an M&B mod.  We have high hopes; the game was essentially menu-driven, and we have access to the full text of all of its menus.  The art of the game is similarly available, as soon as Armagan and team implement the ability to associate a graphic with a menu.  And we have already finished implementing some of the elements of Darklands combat never before seen in a released M&B mod - see screenshots below!

The Schattenländer team (updated Jan15/07):
  • Hellequin, lead designer and scripter
  • Fisheye, advisory geezer-type
  • Bryce777, scripting and misc., once free from Leaguer of Maedhros
Sights and Sounds
  • Talak, for permission to use his models (as seen in Band of Warriors)
  • Cartread, for his goblins and skeletons, oh my
  • Pope, era-appropriate models and gear as yet unspecified
  • Jeansberg, music maestro extraordinaire
  • Great Duke, modelling in a brokered deal for explosions code, specifics TBA
  • Stoned-dude, potion models just in time for v0.1 release (yay!)
Content & Data
  • Seengs, novice modder, currently assigned to sequencing and scene design
  • Firefly, sequencing volunteer
  • Breyean, Darklands county survey   
  • Blankshield, sequencer and data-entry
  • Saijonas, saintly cataloguer and career placement officer

We're still recruiting!  Contact me by PM if you're interested.  A Subversion repository and versioning system, already in place, will mean that you never have to wait for access to the code, regardless of who's doing what at the time.  You don't even need to know how to code; many of our tasks (see below) require nothing other than a functioning brain and some good ol' gamers' patience.

We especially need a skilled modeler willing to undertake some challenging collaborations (Dragons! Wild Hunt!) and to be Schattenländer-focused.  I'm offering serious top billing if he (or she) succeeds... because Schattenländer is going all the way.

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