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Discussion / .892 module system batch files
« on: September 27, 2007, 11:48:38 am »
Well, I just started looking at the .892 module system (hadn't looked at the .891 one) and saw that there are now 3 batch files:

build_module (that old favorite)
build_module_check_tags (virtually the same as above but with the added line: "python"
process_line_correction (has hardly anything in it)

I'm just wondering if anyone knows what these do, and or if I need to do anything with them...

Modding Knowledge Base / Allowing for attributes higher than 30.
« on: July 07, 2007, 07:30:50 pm »
I didn't see anything for this currently so I though I would give a relatively comprehensible tutorial on how to make it possible to have that strong npc with 100 strength.

Currently, the module system only supports attributes up to 30 with NPCs. To change this you have to edit

Attribute definitions look like this:
str_3          = bignum | 0x00000003

You will see if you look in, that the numbers only go up to 30. Thus you have to define higher numbers yourself.

Each attribute uses a different 2 digits of the 8 digit hex code, the layout is as such:
strength:          0x00000000
agility:               0x00000000
intellegence:   0x00000000
charisma:         0x00000000

To define higher values you just need to follow the format for each attribute and put the hex number for the value of the attribute you want into the two digit spot shown above. Example of attribute of 60 in all 4 attributes below:
str_60           = | bignum 0x0000003c                       3c is the hex number for 60. If you can't count in hexadecimal just use the windows calculater.
agi_60          = | bignum  0x00003c00
int_60           = | bignum 0x003c0000
cha_60          = | bignum 0x3c000000

because it appears that you are limited to just a two digit or smaller hex number, the highest attribute score should be 255 or ff in hex.

Thats it! Now you can extra powerful npcs.

Discussion / Crash to desktop while loading setting data
« on: June 19, 2007, 06:30:47 pm »
After doing a bit of work on my mod I tried to start it up, but it now crashes to desktop during the "loading setting data" section of the loading screen. Does anyone know what is being checked at this point so I can narrow my search. There is no helpful error message the way there normally is.

As an aside, it might be a good idea to have a troubleshooting thread for when those weird unexplained errors come up since making a whole new thread for my problem seems kind superfluous.

Edit: turns out it was the stupidest thing possible. Apparently when you have dialog longer than one line, and its indented after the first line, it will cause a crash to desktop.  :shock: Sometimes the fickle nature of the module system can really get on ones nerves   >:(

For those wondering, the dialog has to be pulled all the way back to the left margin to prevent the crash. (I am using Notepad++ though, so maybe that is partly why)

Darkmod / Contest Winners
« on: June 07, 2007, 03:15:04 pm »
Contest Winners
The time has come to judge the worthy!

1st place:
warspite with his warhammer

2nd Place:
Ebu Deyvus with his small axe

3rd Place:

Lord.Bedham with his axe and bow

Honorary mentions
, (I may use these concepts, but slightly modified)
Quail with his slotted sword:
Janus with his axe:

I would like to say that all the submissions were really good, so choosing was hard. I chose on a basis of what I felt I needed for the mod, as well as on the creativity I felt had gone into the weapons. Thanks again for everyone participating.

_Original message____________________________________________________ __________________________________________

Darkmod weapons drawing contest rules:
1. All entries should be posted in this thread with a link to an uploaded picture.
2. Drawings can be digitally drawn, or scanned hand-drawn pictures.
3. All entries must be feasible within the M&B engine.
4. Avoid submitting a 3d model unless you really know yourself to be a good modeler.


1st Place: The weapon will be modeled by me, and will have a quest built around it in Darkmod. Your name will be added to Darkmod's credits.
2nd Place-3rd Place: Your weapon will be placed in Darkmod in some capacity and your name added to the credits.

Note: If the quality of submissions is really excellent I may award 1st prize to more than one person.

Suggestions (for winning)
Submit weapons that you can't imagine a person actually being able to use. Really high fantasy stuff with lots of spikes and appendages is not what I'm looking for.
Be creative. Try to make weapons that have balance to them, both artistically and physically.

Any questions you might have can be posted here.

The weapon contest will end June 30th.

Discussion / wierd error with new skeleton race.
« on: June 01, 2007, 10:43:26 pm »
I have run into something which utterly stumps me. I Created a new race called skeleton and used Cartread's skeleton model from Hero and Blade (with his permission of course). I got a party of these skeletons to fight and everything worked just fine. Then I added some other undead troops that use the native undead race to the party and I get a crash to desktop every time the battle starts with a standard inform Microsoft query.

Even weirder is that if I make both troops be the same race I get no crash regardless of which troop I delete from the party. Apparently the game has some problem with spawning the two different races at the same time... ???

Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone has any idea what might be causing this weirdness.

Here are my module skins entries should it be useful:

Code: [Select]
    "undead", 0,
    "undead_body", "undead_calf_l", "undead_handL",
    "undead_head", undead_face_keys,
     ], #undead_face_textures
    [], #voice sounds
    "skel_human", 1.0,
   ("skeleton", 0,
   "skeleton", "skeleton_calf_L", "skeleton_handL",
   "skeleton_head", undead_face_keys,
   [])], #face_textures
   [(voice_warcry,"snd_death_moan")], #voice sounds
   "skel_human", 1.0,

Thanks for any help in advance

Darkmod / Screenshots!
« on: April 28, 2007, 12:16:10 pm »

The new evil sword

New Shields

Guardian keep


Evil Keep

More to come soon!!

Darkmod / Help Wanted. (Texturer in particular)
« on: February 04, 2007, 11:51:46 am »
I would deeply appreciate some experienced help on Darkmod. If you would like to help and have some experience modding in any of the areas of scripting, graphics, or texturing please PM me or post here. Graphics are a particularly large priority right now since I'm really trying to give this mod a unique feel.

I feel I should emphasize again that I am looking for very good to high quality work, I simply don't have time to help beginners start learning how to do things.

If you are interested please let me know and we can figure something specific out.

Edit: Seems the coding is going pretty smoothly, so I need someone who can texture the most.

Some of the textures I could use:
Vampire race textures
Blessed race textures
Evil and good shield textures
some good and evil armor textures

Darkmod / Old Releases of Darkmod
« on: January 14, 2007, 06:57:56 pm »
Darkmod 1.5.0 and 2.0.0 beta

Here are links to old versions of Darkmod that were for M&B version .751.


I won't be taking bug reports for these anymore because so many things will be changed in the following versions, however feel free to play them and discuss them in this subforum.

Darkmod 1.5.0

Link to download is here:
Darkmod 1.5.0

Darkmod 2.0.0beta

Link to download
Darkmod 2.0 Beta

Darkmod / Suggestions and ideas.
« on: January 14, 2007, 06:43:11 pm »
This is the area where you can give suggestions and ideas for Darkmod. I don't guarantee I will use any of them because I have many long term plans of my own but I will read over all of them and take what I like. I will then list in this post which ideas I have decided to use.


No posting of duplicate ideas. Read and see if an idea has been discussed already before posting. If you want to add something to an idea or show support for it that is fine. Redundant posts will be deleted at my discretion.

No flaming or saying how much an idea sucks. If you disagree with an idea say so respectfully and give reasons why (even if the reason is personal preference).

Happy Brainstorming

Misc / Temp. thread: suggestions, comments on this subforum
« on: January 13, 2007, 11:02:59 pm »
Ok I set up an outline of how I will keep track of things here, now I just need input and suggestions on how it could be better or if its fine as is. The request thread is pretty strait forward but the indexing of the available resources can be more complex. Let me know if you think I have missed anything! :)

Misc / 2d and 3d Art Request Thread
« on: January 13, 2007, 10:58:10 pm »
This Thread will be for 2d and 3d art requests.

I will try to keep a list going of the current requests and who is requesting it in this first thread.

Misc / 2d and 3d Art Compilation thread
« on: January 13, 2007, 10:54:10 pm »
This thread will be for the compilation of the following resources:

1. Textures
2. Models with textures
3. Models without textures
let me know if you think there should be another category. All entries for being shared should be sent to me for PM or else posted in this thread. Please do not use this thread for things other than posting entries, model discussion and requests will be handled by other threads.

I will present the resources in a format as follows, hence anyone who wants to contribute something should provide me with the relevant information. If anyone would like a new category of info added let me know.
Edit: version compatibility and forum thread link added as entries

1. Entry name
2. Contributers name
3. Description of what the resource contains and what file formats its presented in. If its just a texture then a list of what models it can be used for.
4. Usage restrictions (i.e. ask permission and give credit to creator)
5. Mods currently using the resource
6. Forum Thread Link
7. Version compatability
8. How to obtain the file (i.e. link to download, pm creator)
9. thumbnails to screen shots if available ( I will do them myself if I have time but it would be appreciated if it was supplied by others)

Example entry as it would appear below under one of the subheadings(fictitious):
Note: if you leave info out I will probably just skip it

  -created by Ahadhran
  -10 evil looking weapons mapped to
  -no permission necessary, just give credit
  -No thread link
  -for version .80x
  -Pm Ahadhran for models
  -No screen shots at this time

Models with Textures: 2 entries

Sallet Helm Pack
  -Created by Ursca and Raz
  -Multiple Sallet helms and Visor models in wings format
  -Textures for Normal, Rusted and Ornate variants (with alpha maps)
  -Photoshop source file for the textures
  -No permission necessary, just give credit
  -Warhammer Mod


Ornate retexture of Black Armor
  - By Fisheye
  - Contains a brf (clones of black armor with material switched to and the which is a retexture of
  - No permission needed; credit Fisheye; not-for-profit mods only (mods taking donations OK)
  - Mods using: Band of Warriors, Expanded Gameplay mod
  - v0.8+ compatible


Models without Textures: 1 entries


(unfinished) Building pack
  -Something I made earlier, but didn't really put to much work in so some thing are rather crappy. It has some simple pieces that could come in handy at times. List of items and such are in the linked thread.
  -Credit is is more than enough
  -Fantasy mod, I think RPGmod, maybe some more mods that use it here and there.
  - Link to the thread.
  -Its a pack of BRF's, not a module.
  -See in the thread.
  -Same as above.

Textures: 2 entries


High Resolution Skybox 1.03
  - Created by Talak
  - Contains four new textures mapped to a new skybox.brf
  - No permission needed; just give credit
  - Most mods
  - Compatible with M&B version 0.80x
  -Download version 1.03 from M&B Repository


Black armor retexture
  -by DaBlade
  -dds texture for the black armor
  -ask for file and give credit
  -not in any mod yet (will be in new version of Darkmod eventually)
  -compatible with all versions
  -Pm DaBlade for texture


Darkmod / Darkmod Development Information
« on: January 11, 2007, 05:25:50 pm »
There is no current Version of Darkmod for the .808 Version of M&B.

I am Currently working on the 2.00 Version of Darkmod for .808. Below is a bit of an overview on my progress:

Current Project
Port over quests and fix bugs that were still in the last versions code.
figure out the theme for the basic good faction (formerly the zendar defenders)
adding new troops (mostly done, just need to equip them properly)
making some new items to replace old quest rewards (on the backburner)
porting quests
Create a dynamic war outpost system where the player can choose to "build" them in order to mobilize more troops in an area.
added a "intro sequence" that starts a groundwork for a story

ported over troops
porting over items
purged most of natives code
redoing map
ported over parties
did guardian keep scene
did forbidden keep scene
ported factions
ported ranger base quests
made it possible to hire ranger scouting parties to follow you around
Get all the merchants carrying faction specific items
getting troop spawns sorted out
adding new races (all but blessed race done which will likely wait for a while)

Yet to do
create criteria and ways for the player to become tainted/demonic/or undead
Finish decorating several scenes
add some more towns for the guardians and the rangers
Get hidden treasure spots ported over
make several attackable outposts for various factions (probably won't happen till a later version)

Features for 2.00
once I get further along I will post relevant information here

Mod concept:

The idea of this mod is to create a darker more cryptic atmosphere where the sides of good and evil are constantly clashing. Undead knights roam the land while the human wars go on unchecked. I will work a story line in at some point but getting base scripting in is my first priority.

Thanks to:
winter, fisheye, and silverkatana for coding help
Thorgrim for invaluable tools
Janus for repository
RR_Raptor65 for models
JIK for models
Smiling_cataphract for ideas
Cartread for skeleton model

Many others along the way for their help ideas and inspiration

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