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TLD.808 / Trading problems in TLD, 0.808
« on: June 19, 2007, 02:09:08 am »
Not sure if this was an issue in earlier versions, but the trading system seems broken.

Every merchant makes suggestions on what to buy and where to sell it.  Seems like they are all just traitors trying to weaken the war effort, because every one of them so far has lied to me, and lost me some money.  Other than doing a map-wide survey of what goods sell for what prices at what locations, is there any sort of system or hint I can be pointed toward?  (I did search and browse the full forum for this mod, so my apologies if I missed something.)  Even just a file to look at would be fine, then I could perhaps correct the issue myself.

No one has mentioned it, but I suppose I should also ask... are we just not supposed to do any trading to gather money in this mod?

*Note: There is also a minor issue with Pinnath Gelin (and possibly others).  The merchant gives the same "caravan information" text as Edhollond, right down to the name of the city. 

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