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Holy War Mod / Screenshots
« on: January 30, 2007, 08:19:10 am »
Submit your screenshots here, and to contribute to the thread I'll start off:

Holy War Mod / Taleworlds Holy War sub-forum shutting down
« on: January 20, 2007, 06:46:54 am »
Hello people, from today on the Taleworlds Holy War sub-forum will be shutting down. I hope you don't have too much troubles with it.

- Raz.

Holy War Mod / Bug reporting and solutions
« on: January 10, 2007, 03:14:35 pm »
You may post your bugs here, but please check if they haven't been mentioned before. I may not be replying directly to your reports, but I'll be reading this topic and fix the reported problem.

I will post bugfixes and solutions to them here.

KNOWN BUGS (with fixes)
The infamous warhorse2.dds bug - You can fix this by copying and pasting any texture in the textures folder, and name it warhorse2. You can also download Roborob's official patch.

Random crashes when engaging in a battle - I finally figured out the cause of it, it was because of duplicate items.

Holy War Mod / Recruiting, requesting and donating
« on: January 10, 2007, 03:12:27 pm »
Everything you see on the pictures listed I can use. Take note that much has already been done, but might just be in need of some retouching.

Western armies:

(thanks to Aqtai)

(thanks to Shashok)

Eastern armies:

(thanks to Aqtai)

(thanks to Shashok)

Some random sketches:

Varangian Guard
Templar Knight (wrong surcoat though)
Professional infantry
Ghulam cavalry

Holy War Mod / (Historic) Development and suggestions
« on: January 10, 2007, 03:11:13 pm »
This thread is here for the purpose of improving the historical accuracy, and make your suggestions. Please feel free to post your critique here as well!

Holy War Mod / Developer updates (gameplay footage May 1st)
« on: January 10, 2007, 03:09:20 pm »
Some gameplay footage to keep you happy. :)

Trailer coming soon!

Edit: Youtube links



Hello everybody, it's been a while.

I apologise for being absent for so long, but I haven't been idle in the meanwhile. I've had some work in the graphics and siege department (which is nearly finished now).

I toned down the colours of nearly all textures because they were too bright. Redid many alpha channels and cloth textures. Also added some new great helms (updated many of the muslim ones) and reins for all the horses. Lots of new Muslim shields as well, and some retextured Crusader shields.

Nearly finished the siege system:

The cost of setting up camp and maintaining the siege depends on the size of your army. If you run out of money you automatically loan it from the Templars with interest or a Muslim bank. (depending on your religion)

(Same applies for the battering ram)

Anyway, what's left is adding villages to attack (depending on the city's size) and balancing it all out.

I would like to thank everybody here for maintaining their interest, especially Merlkir and Ron Losey who kept leading the sub-forum. :)



I'm back from away, but I haven't excactly been standing still.

At first I made the neccesary Ghulam/Mamluk equipment that was missing previously. I made some more turban helms, and added a variety of lamellar cuirasses.

I optimized Belvoir Castle's terrain, wich looks a lot better now with 5x less polygons. I reduced the whole scene's polycount from 15,000 to 10,000.
While playtesting I made a couple of shots:

Lastly, I messed around with the planned siege system a bit, and it turned out better than I'd expected.
Here's the deal: The castle consists of 3 layers of defence. The outer walls, the inner walls and the keep.
You can either frontally charge the keep's outer walls with ladders, as pictured above, wait a couple of days for creating some protective siege equipment like a siege tower, or create a battering ram in the meantime (for opening the gates obviously). Or do all three at once, as I modified the siege script for the AI to follow 4 paths of waypoints.
The best option however is, to build a trebuchet in the meanwhile. It will destroy the whole outer wall.
I will try and complete this part as soon as possible at provide you with some better screenshots.



Today I finished the Ibelin faction troop tree. Including new shields and armours. I will add banners to lances and spears for the various factions later.
Some battleshots:



While playtesting some things of the new version, I got myself into a really big battle. Yeah, half of the units are behind the hill.

So I decided to post some screenshots of it. Note the fixed glare and some new animations, armours etc. It was to playtest some balance and AI functionality. It works pretty good, while the Seljuq's heavy cavalry charges straight onto the infantry, the the horse-archers (mainly Turcoman) circle around the enemy and wear them down. Behind the heavy cavalry come the foot archers and Greek peltasts wich pick off lonely targets and crusader cavalry, and eventually charge into the infantry. Atleast in big battles like these (I tested some 3 of them).



It's been too long since I updated. I'm currently rewriting the Seljuq troop tree.
Since it's army consisted roughly 50% of Turcoman horse-archers, I created some armours especially for them. (Thanks to Triglav for 2 textures)

I'll eventually make modifications in the mesh, when I receive my Milkshape account. Then I'll make their fur trimmed caps too, and round cane shields.

So here's some pictures of them surprising some Templar scouts:


Comments are welcome :)

First update:
I made a short movie about one new attack animation. Download here.

Below are 2 screenshots, respectively about the couched lance tweak, and one about new attack stance and Bedouin helm.

I'll try to make it look more like this.

Here's the new right attack ready stance:

As you can see I still have some work on the grass and rocks.


Hey guys, I finally got a new subforum :)
Keep checking this thread as I will post all updates and media here. You may also reply and give me advice, but that can be done in the development thread.

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