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Minor Mods / Re: Peasants v.1
« on: April 14, 2008, 01:16:48 am »
There isn't anything to discus at this point.  I'll pick up the pace in a few weeks.

Hero & Blade / Re: Hero & Blade 808 Z!
« on: March 12, 2008, 02:31:30 am »
Oh.  Thank you for that Ron Losey.

I should ask Winter to put this in the Hibernating category, though.

Minor Mods / Re: Peasants v.1
« on: January 31, 2008, 04:21:45 pm »
Here's the super little mod that lets you visit the 54 villages by talking to dranton:

conversation.txt(replace the original conversation.txt in Modules/Native/

The screens would be best if you took them in edit mode and showed the whole village
you can do edit mode with "windowed" and "enable edit mode" in configure before starting M&B.

I've already took pics of 1 2 and 3, so start at four and go as high as you like :P

Minor Mods / Re: Peasants v.1
« on: January 31, 2008, 02:34:53 pm »
Anyone want to help me out by doing something monotonous?
take screens of as many of native's villages as you can--there are 54(like this  village 1: village 1)
pm me with your email and i'll send the dialog.txt which'll let you talk the constablein native and visit all the villages

you'll get special thanks in the coming release...if that's any incentive :P

Minor Mods / Re: Peasants v.1
« on: January 30, 2008, 04:23:17 am »
Thanks nema and others.

I've fixed all the major bugs and am now adding..stuff.

Discussion / Re: New Mod Base
« on: January 30, 2008, 01:11:51 am »
Nicely done Winter.  I wish I had this back in November.  I didn't see much else to take out, but I got rid of all the global variables warnings (I know it's not necessary, but I think it should be done):

Here's how I did it in case you don't want to keep my changes:


I re-added the Arena Masters dialog and the 2 troop_arrays troops (so the arena mt is more useful).

,and then commented out the following with #~ (so you can edit-find in files them if you want)
, most of these were just assigned to.

in faction scripts:

in dialogs:

in gms:
$g_last_rest_center in scripts, too


faction scripts


Discussion / Re: New Mod Base
« on: January 28, 2008, 05:46:37 pm »
Good idea.  Native is much more complicated then it used to be.  I'm wondering how this will be carried out--simply getting rid of a lot of features should be the first task?  The huge factions info in native is useless for modding, I say.

I've done a lot of cutting for my Peasants mod, so it's more similar to 751 or 808.  I'll post the source within a day and it may be useful for this.

I haven't played Chel's M&B Classic mod, but it could also be helpful.

Tutorials / Re: Adding new skins into M&B .903
« on: January 26, 2008, 03:39:08 pm »
tf_male               = 0
tf_female             = 1
tf_undead             = 2
tf_skeleton          = 3

 (troop_set_type,"trp_player",1), makes the player female & tf_female in troops.py makes a troop female

 (troop_set_type,"trp_player",2), makes the player undead & tf_undead in troops.py makes a troop undead

and so on

Tutorials / Re: Adding new skins into M&B .903
« on: January 26, 2008, 02:11:04 am »

troop_set_type is needed, and the 4 chooses the fourth skin, yep.

"start_elf" is just the name of the menu and could be anything.


this works for .903

tf_skeleton          = 3
is needed if you have tf_skeleton in troops.py

if the skin is only used by the player then it is not needed (because no troops in troops.py use it)

Minor Mods / Re: Peasants v.1
« on: January 20, 2008, 12:38:48 am »
thanks for the help offering Elpolodiablo.  I'll pm you if I can find something to be done.

thanks for all the suggestions Blademaster, which I'll look up while editing.

Cymro: I've still got the native damages items.py, so i'll add the .py to the next version.

Ron: Ah, got it this time! thanks, yes it shall be used :)

Macemen and crossbowmen shall be the plate-defeaters.

I'm also thinking about something you said, Ron, so that mounted swordsmen may become knights and be more expensive--in terms of gold, and gold will be pain straight and from the player.  Gold which is mined will need to go through a mint.

Minor Mods / Re: Peasants v.1
« on: January 18, 2008, 07:44:48 pm »
First week of college in.  I'll work on Peasants this weekend.  apologies for not replying

Minor Mods / Re: Peasants v.1
« on: January 12, 2008, 08:48:54 am »
Ron: Thanks for the info.  Yes, I'll change it back to .5, because its armor-defeating ability shouldn't be better than piercing.  The maceman in the picture up there is the only one who uses a blunt weapon, a slightly-bigger two-handed version of the spiked club.  I think I'll up its damage from 24->28.

I'm thinking of increasing melee_damage_speed_power, probably to 1.4 or 1.5 (but not too high because of power strike).

KON_Air: thanks!

Oh, I see, Merlkir.  Good luck on them.

Marcus: You may have won them because you killed their leader (Sir Maximus, etc.)?

Minor Mods / Re: Peasants v.1
« on: January 11, 2008, 10:58:54 pm »
Thanks so far, everyone.

I assume you're using the latest RCM numbers:


Highly advise you stay with my 0.5 on blunt damage.  Otherwise, blunt weapons are going to be FAR too effective against heavy armor, entirely out of proportion to their weight.  (A mop handle should not dent armor better than a sword just because it's "blunt" - it's just a question of weight.)

This is some impressive-looking work ... stuff that I'm sure some of the Major Mods will want to incorporate, as soon as it's completely debugged and confirmed to be playable.  (Actually, OnR, Mesoamerica, and Holy War have all been considering this sort of thing ... I'm sure they would rather include your code than try to write it themselves.)

Yep, I'm using your latest.  Well, I was riding full speed and using a mace and couldn't even hurt a swordsman, so I lowered that (although they did have huge +defense shields at the time).  I also figured the power from blunts is in that unlike swords which hit armor ridges and slide off, blunt weapons (clubs, not pointed) simply impact and occasionally knocked helmet-wearers unconscious.

I got a bug while attacking another village, I appear to have defeated all of the soldiers guarding Sir Jacob's village, yet I see no options to take over, I just get the attack options. I click on one of them, and I go to the village, my troops are still, and seconds later it says I've won the battle. Annoying, to say the least.

I thought I got rid of that...Have you tried waiting on the map for a bit?  It's caused by trying to use "infantry_first" and there being no infantry, but I thought I added an infantry troop whenever there were none..
Well, waiting on the map should hopefully heal them and have them appear in the battle again.  You can go to the thieves' guild to see how many troops he has.
Well, thanks, I'll have to think of a better solution to this.

Minor Mods / Re: Peasants v.1
« on: January 11, 2008, 04:29:37 pm »
Yeah, give it a play, Highlander. :)

looks pretty impressive :) I think I'll try it after all my exams are done ;)

What?  Isn't that in like 5 months or so? ???

Minor Mods / Peasants v.1
« on: January 11, 2008, 12:52:14 pm »
Peasants borrows from Lords of the Realm II, Age of Empires II, Heroes of Might and Magic and Sword of the Samurai, and is a turn-based management/builder/strategy mod for M&B.

Talking with this guy is where most of it gets done, week by week:
Time (the game's progression) goes by via dialog rather than by map-time (native).

Build your "region" from the ground up as seasons change:




There are 4 opposing regions who grow as weeks pass (you can choose Earth, Fire, Water, Metal or Wood):

You can invade them...

Or be invaded...

If they have castle walls built, you need to use a battering ram:

there's archers in the battlement, so use it for cover

There are numerous new features and numerous features taken out of native, so it's quite different.

If you like the games mentioned above, you'll probably enjoy it.

Features I can remember right now:

The goal is to either become allies or conquer the opposing four regions

The scenes are built from the ground up are have much less triangles than native battle scenes (although you can fight bandits on the map and sell them to a younger Ramun at the thieves' guild).

Fixed disappearing chargers, armors

Scenes and map icons change according to what you build and the week (1-48).

-Gather Food, Lumber, Gold, Ore or Stone

-Cultivate Farms, Build Houses, Lumber Mill, Gold Mine, Ore Mine, Stone Quarry, Armory(blacksmith), Training Yard, Stables, Tavern, Windmill, Academy and either a Wooden Palisade or Stone Fortress defense.

-Farms give +50 Food in Summer and +100 in Autumn
-Houses add 5 peasants to your region
-Lumber Mill increases Lumber gathering
-Gold Mine allows...gold mining
-Ore Mine..same
-Stone Quarry..same

-Training Yard trains peasants into militia whom can become troops
-Armory: the blacksmith uses Ore to produce weaponry and armor to equip militia (who join your party as Archers, Crossbowmen, Macemen, Axemen, Pikemen, Swordsmen or Mounted Swordsmen)

-Tavern raises peasant happiness
-Windmill increases Farm Food acquisition
-Academy allows the construction of a Wooden Palisade or Stone Fortress and siege weapons

-Wooden Palisade or Stone Fortress surround your region for defense.


-Use Food to feed your peasants and troops
-Use Lumber, Stone to build stuff

-Use Gold to build, become allies with the other governors, buy information at the thieves' guild, buy at the market (you can trade resources there as well) or donate to the peasants to raise their happiness and your charisma (makes large parties possible).

-Use Ore for the blacksmith


I've used Ron's RCM as a base for most items, but somethings ,like shields for example, are like native.

Future plans:

more siege types (catapult, belfry)
addition of miscellaneous places to map
ability to talk to all peasants
more diplomatic talks, sabotage, etc.
more background pictures

The base of the mod is laid out now, so if anyone would like to contribute features or even just ideas, that'd be nice.

On the repository: http://www.mbrepository.com/modules/PDdownloads/singlefile.php?cid=7&lid=643

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