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Yeah war parties and patrols often have the captains and lieutenants leading them, along with standard bearers. Black Uruks of Barad Dur appear in limited quantities in certain of the Mordor general's hosts, similar to Theoden and his, also unrecruitable, King's Guard units.

The Last Days / Re: TLD 3.23 coldfix
« on: September 25, 2013, 04:00:47 PM »
It's great to see an update!

Is engineering simply a renaming to crafting? Or is the new description of crafting  something that is possible to do.

"Each point to this skill both decreases the time to craft and upgrade equipment, and allows better quality upgrades."

If it is possible to craft and upgrade equipment, could someone kindly inform me how?

If not, this would be a really cool update for the future.

I'm pretty sure it's not added in yet but is (hopefully) in the works. I think CppCoder has had another unfortunate PC apocalypse recently so I'm not sure what progress is like.

Quick question to the community.  Has anyone ever created a guide to what items and characteristics you receive when you start a game?  So, for example, as a Gondorian you have the option as either a commoner or noble born.  What items and levels do you start with when you pick either?  What about if you decide to compare a Gondorian to a Dunedain?  I've always gone for Gondor for the simple reason that I could store my troops and captives at Minas Tirith which is where all the fun is throughout the game.  I'm curious to what others do and why.


I've never seen one. Maybe there's one over on the Chinese forums with all the lists of other stuff (faction rewards, companions etc). I think the differences aren't huge really and usually fairly obvious what you'll be getting (Riding as Rohan, Power Draw on rangers, that type of things). Interesting to see them all side by side though.

Wow, great! This thread is still active. :green:

I had an odd thing happen to me today. I'm level 5 Female Human Dunlander, and I've been adding most of my weapons proficiency points to "Throwing" and "Archery", since I expect to be using other (melee) weapon types more, and so want to maximize my "Weapons Master" skill and get the bonuses across the board. However, upon completing a quest which consisted of dispatching a couple of rogue goblins in the streets of Moria, I noticed (since I leveled up to 6 as a result, and so immediately afterward navigated to my "Character" screen in order to allocate points) that my "Throwing" and "Archery" had both inexplicably plummeted, by a sum of 15 and 14 points, respectively. Any ideas?

Thanks and see you around Middle Earth!

As a human your missile weapon proficiencies are weaker at night, so it was probably that. You'll notice they fluctuate up and down daily if you pay attention.

A quick question for today.  I gained a "tree trunk" the other day from defeating a troll.  I am able to have it in my arms while walking around, but I can't swing the trunk.  Is there a way to use it?


I think that, since Trolls attack only with scripts (I believe), that it doesn't actually have an attack. You'd have to someone give yourself the troll attack script.

The Last Days / Re: Help for a noob?
« on: August 12, 2013, 06:05:16 AM »
I'd advise starting as one of the good factions. You'll have a much easier time at the start of the game since your troops tend to be stronger and enemy parties weaker. e.g Isengard vs Rohan, Isengard scouts tend to be only 7-10 foot archers where the Rohan scouts are a similar number of the heavily armuored mounted archers. Picking your battles is the best tip though, as someone above said go for only tribal orcs or look for battles already in progress that you can definitely win, helping out allies tends to net you more resources/influence anyway.

Most of the parties that come out are the lord + 15 troops ones and killing them seems to alter Isengard's strength very little. I completely forgot I could reinforce Theoden actually, I'll give it a shot! Thanks.

Well I got them below 1000 and the 520 strong Isengard party spawned, now it's just killing it. Theoden still refuses to actively go on the offensive and the party won't follow me so I can't lure it to Edoras. Seems I might have to solo it. Is this the intended behaviour of the last stand parties?

I believe so. The last stand parties are designed to "guard" their capital. If you're have the right traits and high enough rank/influence, try asking some of the commanders to follow you.

Most of the parties that come out are the lord + 15 troops ones and killing them seems to alter Isengard's strength very little. I completely forgot I could reinforce Theoden actually, I'll give it a shot! Thanks.

Has anyone had any problems defeating Isengard on 3.23 (with Rohan alone). We've defeated the Dunlendings and all Isengard camps and they're down to Isengard alone with Theoden has problems sieging. The requirements are up to <3600 and Isengard sit weakened on 1600.

Elsewhere the war is progressing way more than it ever did in previous versions yet this seems similar to when I've played Rohan before. The problem as it seems to me a bit like Theoden refuses to siege unless he has his full complement of troops in his personal host (i.e 200+). Because no Isengard hosts sally out there's no real way for him to ever be defeated and thus regenerate back at Edoras. He's sat on around 150 men (too low to siege yet too high to go and rest it seems) and just patrols around Edoras/Westfold/Hornburg followed by all of the Rohan lords.

The Last Days / Re: New Lets play - ongoing - weekly updates
« on: May 08, 2013, 03:27:00 PM »
You have to place your shots, I think aiming for the neck and around the sides work well. Other places will often do 0 damage.

The Last Days / Re: TLD 3.1 Suggestions
« on: February 13, 2012, 07:48:02 AM »
Both Rhun and Gundabad should probably have a lot more lords - that's the best way to increase their military presence on the map. Their parties and garrisons were buffed in 3.01, then 3.1, but that's still not enough.
The North Rhovanion theatre is unbalanced, as you said, it's 4 versus 2. And the 2 are supposed to be doing the invading.

I think it's a tough situation. I mean given that Dale/Erebor did defeat the Easterlings in the lore (just) then their forces should generally be in a position to eventually defeat Rhun with no intervention from the player. But then again I believe Erebor was besieged so some reflection of that has to be given. I think I've posited this before so apologies for repeating myself but I think the best solution, where possible, would be to somewhat separate the far North theatre into two. In the same way that the Rivendell/Lothlorien hosts don't ride any further North than against Dol Guldor perhaps Mirkwood and the Boernings could be focused more on Gundabad.

Maybe to this end the evil camps could be moved a bit - the Dol Guldor mirkwood camp means that Lothlorien hosts campaign that far north, whilst the Rhun hosts get distracted trying to siege the Woodsmen camps and end up overwhelmed. I always got the feel of the War of the Ring that the strategy of Sauron was all about isolating his enemies and stopping them from helping each other and for me right now this just isn't quite right in the northern theatres. The evil factions could definitely do with a few more lords though and/or greater numbers. Gunda have 3 lords who generally sit on around 220/90/90 and even just facing Mirkwood who have 210/100/100 ish it's pretty desperate. The great thing with the war/faction strength system you guys have is that, I noticed as Rohan, as you start to win the war more and more of your lords come into play - it was a great sight seeing Thoeden with the entire Rohan army behind him when they went over 9000.

Anyway I'm most likely contributing little at this point - I'm sure you'll do well to fix it when the chance emerges. It's still plenty playable and certainly gives the player an option for a really tough game. My last Rhun game on 3.01 was great fun though, challenging but enjoyable. It obviously did stagnate as most games did though on 3.01. I shall battle onwards in 3.1 and try my best to win. That Iron Hills Quarry has gone down is already a positive (Just under 50 days too) so at least the war is showing itself to be far more active than before.

Quests could do with some changing. As for as I know I think there's based on time. Each quest has an individual timer before you can do it again so speaking to multiple Lords is pointless. This ranges from 0 for a message quest, you can take anther as soon as the first is finished, to quests which would apparently seem to need weeks before they 'reset'. When you start a new game you can easily pick up 4/5 quests of varying types, but once completed you're often left with only messages to deliver before they reset. It is pretty irritating when trying to bump up your rank early game.

The Last Days / Re: TLD 3.1 Suggestions
« on: February 12, 2012, 07:19:07 AM »

I still feel a bit like the war in the North is pretty unbalanced. 2v1 is fine, Rhun vs. Dale/Erebor is a challenge but this is just crazy. 4 factions Lord's just sticking together and alternatively steamrolling the Rhun/Gundabad hosts. I'm not quite sure how we managed to raze Iron Hills Quarry but within about 30 seconds of doing so these lot rolled up. It'd be great if this kind of behaviour could be reduced somewhat - all I can do is run away and leave my friendly hosts to die since there's pretty much no possibility I could ever win this large an engagement. It just takes away part of the fun when the odds are stacked this much against the player and even trying to fight is a guaranteed way to lose all your men.

The Last Days / Re: TLD 3.1 - Bug Reports
« on: February 09, 2012, 12:33:23 PM »
An update on the AI formation problems. Started as a Rhunian in 3.1 and I'm seeing the same problems as I did with Rohan. These definitely did not occur in 3.01 as I played pretty extensively as a Rhunian. Symptoms are the same - AI Lords in battle charge their entire wedge of cavalry pretty much into/around the enemy infantry and then stop meaning they all die.
hmm, that's a serious one. will see what could change that in 3.1

Also, I've noticed that Gundabad/Moria spawn no parties before the war starts. For Moria vs. Elves this means the party count is pretty much 0 vs. 15 or so. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this problem but I've had it starting as both Rhun/Moria Orc.
they do spawn scouts, but given each has only 1 center before war starts, it's not enough. Maybe we'll restrict elf parties from wandering too far before the war. They are supposed to not stick their heads out of their forest until grilled

Is there a way to fast travel on the world map?

In Warband "ctrl + space" makes this possible.  Is there an equivalent function in basic Mount&Blade?


Ctrl + Space does the same thing in TLD. Silly question. Just play the game and try it yourself. :P

I have played the game and noticed that ctrl+space DID NOT work, for which reason I asked the above question.  Maybe there's something wrong with my game though.

I think it's just a feature that was put in for Warband.

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