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The Last Days / Re: TLD 3.23 Suggestions
« on: March 13, 2013, 02:51:35 am »
The moddb download link is dead. Please post a new link.

It works. I JUST tested it and it downloads normally.

Make a account in moddb, if gamefront is blocked in your country just make a account then choose download via different mirrors.

Although I really appreciate the benefits of this optimization, I have to say that the definition of armor and clothing in general is too low and I think a part of the pleasure of buying new armor is to enjoy by watching them during the game.
Hope I do not get an answer, "then do not put the optimization and uses TLD as before" ....

Graphics is very much  the same if you put texture detail on 100 and graphics to the max (which i usually do, graphics might look abit different if you put texture detail below 50. I might going to do another optimization which only lower 30% details instead of going for 50. Thanks for informing me though ;D

in the mean time can you tell me your graphics settings so i can know what its like to play on low spec pcs?

Wow, that's just what I needed. Except that I can't download from Gamefront since they banned my country from their list...could someone PLEASE update it somewhere else? I would be really grateful.

Here you go:

Interesting. I might try this for my LP recording, as the performance isn't always great.

That's unlikely to happen. We will support it as an official submod of course, it might even be packed into the mod's folder for players to use or not if they want to. With permission, of course.

Ofc, Feel free to do whatever you want Merlkir, our team owe TLD big time, i will release the optimization pack for each version to keep up to date with TLD :D

I've done it exactly this way, but my mouse pointer has disappeared !
Could you tell me how to fix this ?
Thx !

(nobody else got this problem ?)

Ah the resolution of the mouse pointer got messed up, gonna fix this once i get home, this can be fixed in less than few minutes  ^^

Thx so much!
Beside I've got to say that your optimization is a real boost in TLD performance.
Well done, hope to see that fix directly in the mod itself.
Plz fix quickly, I can't wait !  ;)

Of course, as you wish.
It's possible to fix the flickering pointer too ?


Please tell me if this fixs the flickering pointer, hopefully it will

I've done it exactly this way, but my mouse pointer has disappeared !
Could you tell me how to fix this ?
Thx !

(nobody else got this problem ?)

Ah the resolution of the mouse pointer got messed up, gonna fix this once i get home, this can be fixed in less than few minutes  ^^

Interesting. Can you post a few screenshots to see how that looks?

I do the same for Full Invasion 2 (otherwise the mod will be as big like 10GB), people barely notice the difference (myself as well), and it is hard to tell what has been changed.

I tried a while ago, but I can't play because the pointer is gone ....

Readme says:
You can place your textures in this folder
 and make the game read them by putting a
scan_module_textures = 1
directive in module_info.txt

What's mean ?

You don't need to open the readme.txt, that comes from the Original TLD, just copy all .dds files and put them inside your TLD folder, overwrite all files, simple as that

What this does:

It makes all textures smaller and its a great thing to increase performance/ reduce lag/ crash in battle.

This will also massively increase the loading speed when you run TLD.

A must have for people who have low-spec Pcs!

textures size reduced to 1/3 from the original size of TLD.

How to install:

You need to have a program called Winrar in order to open the .rar.

Extract the texture folder and put it in your TLD folder, overwrite all textures if asked.

For non-steam user:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Mount&Blade\Modules\TLD

For steam:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount&Blade\Modules\TLD

1) Mirror:
Download Link:  (You need the cursor fix after you download or you won't be able to see your mouse at all)

Cursor Fix:

2) Mirror: Mediafire (This one does not require the cursor fix, it is included, full package)

Medium-spec version: 

Please do not worry about how long the download link will last, as long as people are downloading it, it will be alright.

The Last Days / Re: TLD goes Open Source - Merry Christmas!
« on: February 01, 2013, 06:02:59 am »
Optional: Tell us about what you're doing with this OSP, preferably in this thread. Show it off!

Okay, First of all our Team appreciate all members from TLD for making such great mod, and now it is OSP,

ad we would like to tell you what our team do with this mod.

We are planning to add everything from The Last Days into a multiplayer invasion mod called Full Invasion 2 (Especially the orcs, uruks and uruk-hais, pretty much every single item

Where a group of players gathered together to fight against endless waves of invaders and try to survive as many waves as possible.

Here is our mod. Check it out if you want to play The Last Days in multiplayer version


Best Regards,

Full Invasion 2 Team

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