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I get the RLG error ''Unable to open file: CommonRes/human_anim.brf'' plz help I rly wanna try this mod :(
Check if you use the right version of Mount&Blade, you need 0.960.

Onin No Ran / Re: Knight vs. Samurai
« on: October 20, 2008, 04:50:00 am »
The problem here is that both knight and samurai are not equipped to handle the other. Also what aera of knight and samurai are you talking about?

On horses - the knight uses a heavier, bigger and slower horse.
On lances - The knight uses a longer lance.
On shields - if I remember correct the samurai uses these large shoulder plates (forgot the name) to deflect arrows and likely other attacks.

I would say that medieval knights would win in a direct comfrontation unless the samurai manage to shoot down enough horses. I would also say that any unit would be stupid to confront knights directly.

There was a several pages long article in one of the old Dragon magazines - I think the conclusion was: As they never met we will never know for sure.

Guardians Party / Re: pls help i cant find nemas chest (equip)
« on: September 03, 2008, 04:21:33 am »
If you look in the last post to that problem you might find that it is in the pile of sand to her right (her right not your right).

Onin No Ran / Re: a realy stupid question
« on: August 26, 2008, 02:57:34 am »
Well... it's a good thing to know why anyone does not like this mod because maybe then the problem could be fixed or maybe it's  just something that still needs more work.
So knowing what people think of a mod could be helpfull (unless the reason was "I just hate samurai").

Thats why I usually don't just vote but add some comentary to it.

I didn't do it here because I like this mod for a simple reason - it is very different from native and it shows how much work went into it, new map, equipment, towns...
It also reminds me of a time 20 years ago when I was game master in a RPG called Bushido (I doubt anyone knows that one).

Onin No Ran / Re: a realy stupid question
« on: August 19, 2008, 04:53:26 am »
Hey... who voted "Hate it"?  :lol: 
Perhaps someone who hates this mod :?:
Perhaps someone who lied :?:
Perhaps I don't know :?:
Perhaps you really don't want to know :?:

Guardians Party / Re: M&B v.0.960 Where nema equipment anh some chest
« on: August 18, 2008, 05:52:17 am »
Could it be that nema's chest (the nema that is in the game, not the one in the forum) is invisible :idea:
When I move my cursor over it, it says "Chest" but I don't see it :?:

Craftmod Community Expansion Project / Re: [NEW] Bugs
« on: August 14, 2008, 07:14:51 am »
Not sure if this is a bug or feature, either way it's really annoying, but my cartridges don't replenish in between battles, it was a pain in the ass to find a keg of black powder to make the cartridge in the first place, and now I have to make new cartridges every 40 shots, it's annoying the hell outta me.
This seems to be a problem from native. If I remember the thread correct the workaround is to give the ammunition to a companion, then it is replentished after a battle.

Is that intentional?
I got the quest to find the "kidnapped girl" from one of the sisters (nema I think, can't remember).
I go to one of the cities and immediately get the quest to resque the kidnapped girl (ransom 280 denar).
I go the the named village and find:
  • 1 peasant woman
  • 100 darkness
  • 1 kidnapped girl (prisoner)
When I talk to the peasant woman I neither get the option to pay the ransom nor the option to attack (I would loose a fight of course). I have enough money so I guess I missed something (talking to a sister or such). So far I only get the options to say "release her first" and "I don't have the money with me".

I hope I have the time today to try out some things. (I got Drakensang yesterday ;) )

And one more gun ammo does not replenish its self after a fight.

You have item called guardians mana or something with you? It is munition for this weapons. Check in all inn chest.
To my knowledge this is a bug from native. Ammunition for firearms (this includes the magic staffs here) does not regenerate it's ammunition after a fight. It has been recomended in the M&B Forum to give the ammo to a companion. It seems it does regenerate after a fight if in the posession of a companion. I haven't tried it myself yet.

Thanks to all of you, who help me with this annoying bugs.
But tell me, about the story line. Is there everithing OK?
I haven't progressed far in the story, I'm still gathering the sisters (currently having problems with the kidnapped girl).
But the reason I'm playing your mod is that it has a story and so far the story is good.

Yes you are in war with all of them, except guardians. I leave goblins first as friends in case that goblin lord in Nagual won't talk with you if you are in war. But I think that he speaking with you in any case. Or I am wrong?
You are right, the lords all speak with me regardless of disposition.

You must hitting alt+x for use of glass sword? isn't it so that waring itself already increase your stats, and you can wear it. I will check how is it.
Sorry, I said that wrong. I needed ctrl+x for the money cheat (360.000 or so) to buy it (there were two at one trader) to see what it does. I didn't check if the increase already happens if it is in the inventory, I just equipped it.

"Book of the Dead" that increases all skills by 5 ranks but it seems that it has no effect.... Try it on your self.
I will...

When I manage to beat a party led by a hero (lord, priestess...) I get the dialog to either capture them or let them go. Whatever response I choose each time the hero appears on the captured list and I can get them as a prisoner.

How did you get Pristess of Saturn. It that mean that it works sometimes and sometimes not. I must conffes that this part in not tested enough.
No, I get that effect with every enemy hero. It happened with all the lords of the desert elves for example. I beat their army and I got the capture/release dialog for each of the seven lords. I chose release (disposition +10) and in the screen with captured enemies and freed prisoners they all were listed. I could just transfer them as my prisoners.
I only transfered the priestess to my prisoners (different fight) and after I warned her not to flee I had the option that she joins me or that she stays prisoner.

Back on the vanished equipment bug.
I gave a helmet to the engineer sister twice, each time the helmet vanished.
I gave a helmet to the scout and trader sisters, each time they stayed.
I gave elven greaves to all companions - the Priestess of Saturn suddenly wore only blue stockings. I unequipped these and the boots reappeared when I looked next.
I had no problems with melee weapons (each got one), missile weapons (most got one) and gauntlets (each got one).

Problem with items that give a skill bonus
I captured the Pristess of Saturn and got her on my side (talking to the prisoner).
In her equipment slots is a "Book of the Dead" that increases all skills by 5 ranks but it seems that it has no effect.
I tried to give her a shadow charger (needs riding 5) but she can't use it and her hit points also aren't increased.
I haven't tried the book on myself yet but when I gave myself a glass sword (hitting alt+x a lot) it didn't increase my hit points either.

Problem with prisoners
When I manage to beat a party led by a hero (lord, priestess...) I get the dialog to either capture them or let them go. Whatever response I choose each time the hero appears on the captured list and I can get them as a prisoner.

Thanks for the quick answer. I installed the new version and started a new game (female goblin)

In my game the dark kingdom (forgot the name) is at war with itself. Currently four different units led by a priestess are running aroung near Tir and hunting and avoiding each other. As they haven't caught each other I don't know if they would fight or whatever.
P.S. Actually kind of funny :green:, for now it keeps them occupied.

The behaviour of the new enemy troops seems erretic. They do not advance toward me or my companions unless we are nearly in melee range. Those with missile weapons do fire at us though.

When I use a bow and fire an arrow it goes BANG.

Don't know if its intended or not. At the start (or when I choose the guardian way) the opinion of Guardians was positive but all others were negative exept of the kingdom of goblins (regardless of race). Goblins also went negative when I got the hunt for undead quest by Aasayah.

On my last post: The missing items never reappeared but I didn't give it many tries.

On my last post: Yes, the bootless npcs are the females. I just thought that perhaps their boots went missing because of the conversion to 0.960 or such.

Onin No Ran / Re: Recruit
« on: August 05, 2008, 07:49:17 am »
The current formular for party size is:      Base (10) + charisma + leadership *3 + reknown/250.
Your maximum party size of 23 tells me that you have leadership 2 at most.

From the formular above you see that if you concentrate on charisma and leadership you can have a group size of 10 + 30 (charisma) + 30 (leadership) = 70 plus whatever you get from reknown. One of my characters in native could command armies of 150+.

P.S. I know that charisma above 30 is possible but in my opinion it's not worth it.

Guardians Party / Re: bugs report for GP 2.0.//common suggestions
« on: August 05, 2008, 05:59:10 am »
I haven't checked the whole thread so some of these might have been mentioned already.

  • When I equip my first companion (forgot her name) the helm and the second pack of arrows are gone when I talk to her again.
  • Guardian Sisters aren't very good at fighting with their 20+ skills, it should be more like 220+
  • All NPCs seem to be missing boots and most have no helmet.
  • After the healer at the tower in the lake joined me all NPCs I talked to also joined (the trader DeeDee, the three women in the tavern, nema...). In each case I got there by a door from the tower.
  • Armor and weapons come with wrong attributes like wellmade armor or rough weapons. This seems a problem from the porting.
  • The starting attributes of the character are rather low with 3,2,2,2 and 3,3,2,2.
  • Finding the secret Guardian places like On is both difficult and easy.
    No one told me where On lies for example.
    But if I use the places page under Quest I can jump right there.

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