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The Last Days / Re: Official Screenshots and Videos thread - post yours!
« on: February 26, 2014, 12:21:45 pm »
Ya, I added postscripts as I watched the vids. :)

It is of course fair enough that you comment whatever you like about anything you like. What someone likes about a game, what someone doesn't like about a game and how they play that game, is esentially really none of my business. They play it, put it up for views, and I can watch it or not. Plenty choice for everyone... Sure, if someone records a critical review, then, as a modder responsible for some decisions, I feel obliged to explain or justify them. Why some things are as they are, etc.

But, playthroughs or let's-plays, should be more about the game experience, with some subjective criticism just mixed in, yet at the same time they are very helpful tools for someone deciding about a game. I know I watch all kinds of them, when deciding whether to buy some game. So, as a regular viewer of various playthroughs of many games, I can also give some of my criticisms and comments about them. In general, not just specific to your one.

To all guys making playthroughs: Edit the damn things! Many games have long loading screens, long map travel, long menu clickings, stuff, etc. Noone cares. I wanna see the menu for 10 seconds, then I don't care about all the buttons you tick on it.  So I end up skipping through YouTube videos and spend on average 5 minutes on a 20 minute video, fast forwarding all the boring shit. Only keep the full thing if it is really substantial. Positive example in your first video, a good detailed explanation of the start game side/race/faction choices, there each detail was good to note, so I observed carefully. Negative example, 5 minutes messing with your character's face setings... Could easily edit it out and just present us with your character. (I know I can be ridiculously obsessive with avatar creation in games, to the extent that I could restart the game after 10 hours of play, just because I don't like some detail about the player character. So prolly the first hour of my playthrough, if done this way, would be just designing the player character...) In Total War playthroughs they bore us with building menus, in other games with other endless selections and tweaks of weapons/units/stats, etc. Unless it's relevant to the play and the player, skip through it.

Funnies are good. Humour is the key. Every time the guy playing does voices, play-acts stuff, roleplays stuff, goes a bit over the top with emotion or drama, tells anecdotes, other interesting info, that's fun. Some dull people drone along "So then I click this... ... and here ...  ... and now I select this ... ... and this...". Stfu bitch, funny or gtfo, to put it eloquently. In your case I did get quite some such lol moments, but can always do with more. :) A YouTube video is meant to be entertainment after all, and you're the director... So as a director it can't do any harm to have a bit of script ready even before your play.

Taking things for granted. Just because it's logical to the player why they clicked something or selected some unit or some weapon or quickly clicked through some conversation, doesn't mean the viewer will get it. So, with the boring stuff I fast forward, but with some conversations I actually have to pause the video to read through the dialogue. In your case, it's good when you slowly and in an appropriate voice act through some dialogues (except when Borat of Rohan breaks your tongue ;) ), but sometimes some menus were just clicked through with lightning speed, before I got what's being debated (sure I know most of the dialogues, but I still like to get into the whole narrative of them). So... dialogue, possibly acted out, throughtful pause, a bit of commentary on what was said, then only comes the next action.

Repetitiveness & storytelling. After a 3rd or 4th video, the same cycles of quick menu->quest giver->new quest->shop->battle, if there's nothing more to it, gets very boring and likely won't hold my attention to watch them for long. Again, that may be the force of habit of playing Vanilla for most players. Or any games for that matter. You know...playing for effect. Making all the best and most efficient choices by quickly clicking through, to beat the game effectively. But hey, if LOTR was meant to be like that, the eagles woulda carried Frodo to Mount Doom on Gandalf's command, dumped the ring in there and voilá, Sauron falls, game over in 5 pages of the book. But instead it's about telling a story. And a darn long one too... You the character, your choices, your interactions with people, etc. That's what makes a story. How you find it fun to play is one thing, but how viewers find it fun to watch, is quite another! The mechanics of Mount&Blade engine can be understood in 5 minutes of watching, so no need to record 2 hours then. But to keep us watching for hours, you need story. Drama. Tension. Roleplaying your character. Like, you pass a town, but not go talk to the lord of the hall, cause "you've already got some quests to do"? Why? What fun is that? How about some common courtesy of saying hello to the lord, introducing yourself, meeting your allies, sharing info? You been figthing nasty goblins in out in the wild, an allied patrol comes by and you don't click on them to share news with the commander, but just speed along instead? How about a chat, sharing info, maybe give them some troops to help em survive longer? You see a caravan, you don't stop and ask for info and if they need help? Some moral dilemmas, perhaps? I am from Pelargir, shouldn't I clear my area of enemies first, because they threaten my home, rather than go for an adventure to Rohan? If you read LOTR you know the distances are big. The fellowship mostly travels and only meet a few encounters in the long travels. We tried to portray that. For a Gondorian even Rohan was far. And Lorien was just a legend. And dwarves in the north, noone ever even saw them... That's why one rumour says "Dol Guldur, never heard of it..." and why we have separate "resource points" for various factions. They didn't trade with each other much. They didn't like or trust each other much. You have to win over each faction to earn their points, to make them trust you, to give you items. This isn't Disney with everyhting accessable, and a happy ending around each corner. This is Tolkien, the guy who built a functioning and sometimes very grim fantasy world, with all its intrigue and death and sorrow too, and we've only the gentlemanly times Tolkien lived in to thank, that he wasn't a dick to his characters like GRR Martin is nowadays. :)

Chapters. Let's-players that divide games (particularly adventures and RPG's) into enclosed chapters are most fun to watch. Some games do that for them, by their internal structure, others are skilled enough to do that with their editing/storytelling. So, your limit shouldn't be 15 minutes as such, but a nicely rounded chapter/adventure. Like a trip from Erech to East Emnet, for instance and all the jolly adventures during that particular trip. And exploration should be part of such trips. Why bother building a fully made Minas Tirith and every other custom place, with accessible towers, viewpoints, etc, if it's only breezed through once, then shops are accessed by quick menus only? Sure, just for quickly playing through that may be preferable, but is it fun for a viewer watching to just watch endless menu clicking, inventory screens and battles only? If oyu have some talent for voice acting (and I think you do) and drama and fun narrative, use it. Give us entertaining 15 minute chapters that'll make us eagerly await the next one.

So, something that'd be a nice story like this, with a lot of personal involvement of the player/narrator, his interpretation of events, dialogues, relations between characters, an involved approach to battle, why attack the archers, why the left wing cavalry, what the allies are doing, how he feels about companions performance in battle and their wounds or death, talking to prisoners, discussing with allied commanders, exploring all terrains, settlements, little anecdotes or made up fan-fiction about them, relationships with rulers, etc... Basically, a real adventure and roleplay in the rich LOTR world, that'd be something I'd find a joy to watch. An endless cycle of quest-battle-merchant is something we've seen plenty of already (you got some such even on this forum already) and quickly get bored of and start ignoring after a few episodes.


The Last Days / Re: Official Screenshots and Videos thread - post yours!
« on: February 26, 2014, 07:40:58 am »
Hi all.  Just wanted to share the Let's Play I've started of the Warband port of The Last Days.  I won't spend an hour talking myself up, I'll just ask you to watch and give an opinion where appropriate.  Thanks!

Haha... you sure did do a lot of whinging at first "I don't like this and I don't like that":P
(the map is empty, because the lore doesn't really mention many locations and already we kinda made up several, just to have some things on the map...some towns are big, some small, basically, tried to keep it similar to lore too..and the weird arms on your female idea what that is about, but we only made male forms of all armours initially and later they got done in female forms too by someone else, but not by remodelling but just by some twisted algorythms, so anomalies are bound to occur)

But when you were jumped by those 10 orcs in your first battle, you kicked ass and really made me laugh. :D

Also, since I made all them scenes and put all the detail there, I always like it when people actually walk around a bit, exploring and finding lore details, rather than just
using the (damned) menus.  8)

So, overall a nice and good job. Many playthroughs only focus on battles, which can get quite repetitive, so I'd suggest you rather show more exploring, revealing lore stuff, each rumour or talk you see has something to do with LOTR lore, each location has many details, etc, and for battles only show us the most epic moments or ones that you kind amost enjoyed (or panicked and screamed like the little girl your're playing, as was the case with the first very amusing one lol)

Good luck!

You can cheer after won battle by pressing space. At least original M&B allowed it.

Why the rush? Take more time. You shoulda punched that mysterious door in Minas Tirith.
TLD isn't just quest-battle-merchant-quest-battle-merchant-quest-battle-merchant, that's how you play vanilla, TLD is about LOTR look & feel.
You got all those additional action menus. Try walking around in various areas (as notified by "You're entering..."), try inspecting troops and prisoners, the various trainings in various factions, etc. :)

"A horse is like a man..." Rohan rumour that totally broke your tonge :D

Haha, you throw the javelin into your soldier's back and he turns around, ignores the goblins and looks at you "WTF dude!" Kodak moment!

Wait so let me get something clear, even on Warband, you still can't siege? Is the compatibility for warband only to let people enjoy TLD without buying the original mount and blade? Why are you guys so against sieging? Wouldn't it be super easy to code in, at least in the warband version?

Glad to see you guys are still up and running! Despite my old, long save getting corrupted, I'm happy to see you skilled modders still developing this fantastic expansion!

For the zillionth time! It was a gameplay decision of the TLD mod team.

1. We wanted sieges to be a major big deal, and not just a whim of any ol' adventurer to go sieging Minas Tirith or Morannon, just because they're there. Read the books again and observe it took several superheroes, kings, megavillains and magical beings to carry out sieges...

2. There aren't as many locations in TLD as there are in M&B or Warband. Our locaitons are all unique and if they'd be sieged and fell too quickly, there wouldn't be much of the game. You're supposed to battle and grind down the enemy overall strength and then hope your king will go siege them and then you can help... Going straight for the siege would just be super-easy.

3. Once and for all, TLD is NOT M&B or Warband in LOTR dress. It's a total conversion. That means it does not try or want to use all Vanila gameplay mechanics, but instead it introduces its own ones that are in accordance to LOTR lore. So the sieges aren't there because we couldn't put them in, but because we didn't want to.

After all the years, after all the FAQs, after all the forum explanations, that we still get questions like this, shows unbelieveable ignorance on your behalf ajaytech! Not impressed!  >:(

The Last Days / Re: TLD 3.23 Suggestions
« on: February 01, 2014, 07:25:23 am »
but add plate armor to

Did someone say "plate armour"? OFF WITH THEIR HEAD!  >:(

The Last Days / Re: Bladnir's TLD Rebalanced
« on: February 01, 2014, 07:07:37 am »
P.S. On a side note, I would like more food units per item like in Grothag's submod but his other changes went too far for my tastes. If someone knows how I could implement that one change into my game myself I would be very happy.

Just so you know... We purposely made orcs consume food faster, so that they'd always be hungry, so that they'd bicker and infight more and so that the player would be forced to feed them more prisoners... Countering that with more food per item kinda defeats the purpose...

Actually, Merlkir, I think it is time we admit to the general public that we put the save corruption bug in there intentionally, because we're wicked people who feast on players' tears!

 >:D >:D >:D

I've been to amon hen just recently, haven't found anything interesting there, so i'm wondering did i fail to find it, or did developers fail to add everything they wanted?:/

Did the devs fail? The devs never fail! They add or remove things precisely as they like!

The Last Days / Re: IS RCM compatible with Speed/stability fix?
« on: December 13, 2013, 10:39:55 am »
Afaik RCM hasn't been updated since a couple versions ago, so likely there would be conflicts.

Is there a way for me to change the size for uruk shields from 40 to 60? I'm playing as uruk of Mordor for a very long time now and I like to play with as much uruk stuff as possible. It just bugs me that the uruk shield is as small as orc shields even though it looks bigger. Getting shot in the knees a lot.

I used to be an Uruk like you, but then I took an ...

...oh wait...wrong game.

I don't have a question or anything, but wanted to share a mildly amusing anecdote.  Talking about capturing commanders.  I was given the quest to capture a commander, and I captured King Theoden.  Before I could take him to the person who gave me the quest, Rohan fell.  So then the quest giver wouldn't accept Theoden as a captured commander.  I then tried to take him to the barracks and get some resources for him, but they wouldn't take him either.  I thought I would be stuck with this guy for ever, so I clicked on him and noticed I had the option of eating him.  So now my Dunlending character and his Dunlending troops are eating King Theoden.  It was very satisfying.


The Last Days / Re: NORTON 360 removed a hotfix .exe.
« on: October 07, 2013, 06:51:32 am »
It's what you get for using Norton :D
Use ESET instead. A lot less false positives and better detection.
And they help pay my bills, thus you support TLD. :D

The Last Days / Re: Creating 3D Models for TLD.
« on: August 18, 2013, 09:47:18 am »
Yup, unfortunately for any item we'd want to add some other would have to be removed. The native game's item limit...

The Last Days / Re: Help for a noob?
« on: August 12, 2013, 03:52:38 pm »
Good. Spoken like a gentleman.
I suppose we can take it from here then...
Welcome to the forum. :)

The Last Days / Re: Help for a noob?
« on: August 12, 2013, 07:02:08 am »

Thanks for the tips, I'll try them. On the last two, he kind of was being an asshole. I mean, there was unnecessary Caps Lock, the fact that he was putting them in every reply, and the way he was typing them up.


Why not just put:
"Got a bug, question, or need help? Go here:"
Instead, he took the time to type it out the way he did. It wasn't a rude attitude, it was not taking the $#!7 that he was dishing out. Speaking of which, if you read my post, why not reply there? And I didn't find my problems in the FAQs.

You're welcome.

Most people around here already know that I haven't got much tolerance for stupid twats (not trying to be rude here, just stating a fact).

Even if things are in caps, like "Ask any other questions here! DON'T START A NEW TOPIC. ASK HERE!" or on ModDB in huge letters "PLEASE DON'T USE COMMENTS HERE FOR BUGREPORTS OR TECH SUPPORT QUESTIONS! TLD DEVS DON'T HAVE TIME TO CHECK ALL AND ANSWER YOU. GO TO OUR FORUMS PLEASE!" you still manage to miss that and do exactly what we asked you not to do.

I am currently doing the job of occasionally checking comments on ModDB. You ignored the request on the first page to please direct all questions to this forum. You ignored the fact that every other question had the same copy-pasted answer, in CAPS SO THAT MAYBE YOU'D GET IT that we don't want to answer question on ModDB (because it's clunky, because the one occasional TLD modder that checks ModDB may not know all the answer or is tired answering the same shit over and over to people that didn't read the manual, nor check if their question has already been answered in one of the 1300+ replies there already) and your post was so rude it should have been deleted out of hand "This mod sucks, the resource points system is bullshit, change it for the next version or tell me how to uninstall game..." but I still bothered to direct you to this forum so you could get some help, thank you very much, but when you spiced it up with calling me an asshole it was deleted (as our disclaimer clearly states we will be deleting flaming or rude posts).

Why didn't I just answer you there? Hmm... Why didn't you just scroll through the 1300+ other comments for an answer? Why didn't you just follow the instructions to come to the forum and look for the answer? Why didn't you post this in the topic where we ask people to post questions? Cause you're special right? Never mind that most other people can follow simple instructions, but you, oh no, not you...

So yea, you're right, you shouldn't take any shit from asshole modders. But guess what, buddy, we don't have to take any shit form you either. You don't like the mod? Ask for your money back... oh wait, we gave it to you for free? What assholes indeed.

The Last Days / Re: Help for a noob?
« on: August 11, 2013, 05:47:49 am »
1. Any character should do. It's how you pick your battles that makes a difference. Start with bands of tribal orcs, where there's 2-4 of them, you can easily beat those. Take some message delivery or find food or find scraps missions from lords or town elders to get some starting money. Then start building your army. So far you're the only person ever (out of millions of downloads we've had) that complained they can't win a single battle.
2. Don't think anyone starts mounted, but a lame horse or warg is cheap to buy.
3. For uninstalling, just delete TLD files. If you still have trouble, reinstall M&B. If you still have trouble, play something else.
4. Don't call modders assholes (on ModDB or anywhere else) when your rude attitude doesn't get you the answer you wanted.
5. Read manuals, FAQs and follow instructions, like on this forum written in big letters "TLD 3.23 FAQ & Ask any other questions here! DON'T START A NEW TOPIC. ASK HERE!"

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