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The 1257 Edition / Re: Bug reports
« on: January 30, 2009, 06:39:11 pm »
can i get some tech support about this mod here?

What do you mean by tech support? If you have a problem and you think it's a bug, describe it here. We'll see if we can solve it.

The 1257 Edition / Official Screenshots
« on: January 24, 2009, 06:11:49 am »
Feel free to discuss these screenshots in the forum. Upcoming features are marked "WIP".

More screenshots (with descriptions) can be found here.

WIP: New horse for Friedrich.

WIP: New arms for Brother Anno.

The tournament.

Vaegir Archers, Bogatyr and Druzhinnik.

Putting down a tax revolt. You have only one companion with you, but you don't have to resort to sticks to defend yourself...

WIP: A couple of pics to show off the new color mail.

WIP: Chel's morale code (text edited and changed from blue to white).

The 1257 Edition / Suggestions
« on: January 24, 2009, 06:08:23 am »
Post any suggestions you might have for future versions of this mod here.

The 1257 Edition / Bug reports
« on: January 24, 2009, 06:07:39 am »
Any bugs that might occur to you, please post here and I will try to address them in future updates.

The 1257 Edition / Re: The 1257 Edition *Now for M&B 1.011*
« on: December 14, 2008, 05:16:43 am »
Hey Nick, glad you like it and I'd be delighted to check out your mod for ideas, haven't come across it so far. I'm aware that there are many features that could be added to the 1257 Edition and I am looking to build on this gradually as time permits. 1.2 is the basic setup - how I would have liked the original game to be out of the box. Future updates will focus on gameplay features.

Custom shields, but without your banner? That's strange. Hardly any of the troops aside from the mercenaries and Khergits are supposed to have custom shields - I'm sure you're aware of the concept, it's a realism feature - but the black and red pattern is also used on some non-custom shields, e.g. by Rhodoks and Nords. What faction are you playing?

Hi! This mod looks really great. Raz's helmets and all these nice surcoats really impress me. My favorite feature so far are the tournaments. It's really more authentic this way. Check my mod and maybe you get some ideas. You are missing kingdom features to be more complete.



I noticed that my troops that have custom shileds don't have my banner on it. I have a custom shield and the coat of arms appears on it. But on troop shields, no. They have default red and black pattern. A bug?

The 1257 Edition / Re: The 1257 Edition *Now for M&B 1.011*
« on: December 11, 2008, 03:03:49 pm »
I prefer the no-colors variant provided by the TaleWorlds designers because a) the faction colors are rather gawdy and b), and more importantly, this emphasizes the banners on the various cities and castles, i.e. heraldry over the faction color. I'm making a point about how this is the way the world was perceived in the middle ages. You learn to recognize a lord's banner, then when you see that banner flying over a castle you know it is his. They didn't have HUDs. ;)

This mode, btw, still gives you all the information you need when you put the cursor over a town or city: faction and friend / foe.

If you want to change it back, go to your module.ini file and look for the following entry at the bottom.

show_faction_color = 0

Change it to "1".

So um.. Why'd you remove the factions' colors? Makes the map look rather drab, not to mention it's difficult to form an overall image of the situation once a few months have passed.

The 1257 Edition / Re: The 1257 Edition *Now for M&B 1.011*
« on: December 11, 2008, 10:37:03 am »

It's been a long time coming, but here it is... 1257 Edition v1.2, thoroughly revised and updated for the commercial version of Mount & Blade (1.011).

See the first entry in this thread for a link to new screenshots and the download page.

In short, this is what the mod was originally meant to be. There is a lot of new content here such as a more extensive and pure approach to heraldry and the knightly tournaments that makes this a more complete experience, and it benefits from the refined 1.0 build of M&B.

Not in here yet due to complications with scripting and porting are: RCM, morale and formations. But have a look at the features list: I don't think you'll be disappointed. 

The 1257 Edition / Re: The 1257 Edition *updated* (v1.1)
« on: August 26, 2008, 04:04:41 pm »
Timpkin, this is the first time that I've seen the Earlier Days mod, so your guess is as good as mine. You're right, the cultures and the timeframe are very similar - it looks like several modders are interpreting the game's setting in a similar way. Chaos at the Gates would be another example. There are a few subtle differences in terms of culture, in that the Swadians here are based on the Livonian Order rather than the Teutonic (which makes historical sense), and that the Northern Kingdom doesn't correspond exactly to the Danes but is deliberately left to represent any of several historical powers.

Judging by a first glance, they are adding a lot more features than I am, and already tweaking game mechanics heavily. My philosophy was (and is) to focus on the few elements that are necessary to make the experience feel authentic - as few as possible - and get those right through proper research and design. The rest is left up to Taleworlds' original build. If anything, the visuals in this mod have turned out fairly strong because of this approach (see link above), but I haven't seen screenshots of Early Days so I can't compare.

The next update will focus on more historic tournaments, and authentic-looking heraldry for knights. In the mid-term, I intend to add realism mods like Chel's battle morale and maybe formations, though there still seem to be a few minor issues to iron out with the latter. I'm extremely busy with real life right now so I'm not sure when the next update will be, and how much it will include. RCM is also on the agenda, but that might not happen before M&B is released, and porting from .960 might take some time.


What's the differences between your mod and the older(.903) Earlier Days mod?

Each game faction approximates one or more real world cultures. Swadia equals the crusading orders of the era particularly the Teutonic Order. Vaegirs primarily the Kievan Rus with some Novogrod, Polish and Lithuanian influence. Khergits the Mongols and to a lesser extent the Kipchaks and Pechenegs. Nords the early medieval Danes. Rhodoks are a mix of the Old Prussians, Finno-Ugarian peoples and other northern Baltic tribes.

Sounds like you both came with exactly the same idea. Could you please elaborate on what(or will) set yours apart from this one?

The 1257 Edition / Update, and some pointers needed
« on: August 19, 2008, 04:28:14 am »
For those who haven't been reading the Taleworlds thread, here is where I'm currently at. Some pointers would be highly appreciated! I've contacted MarkusII of 867 AD fame but he seems to be busy at the moment.

I am still bogged down in real life, but it is likely there will be another minor update sometime soon. It will include a few minor bug fixes, and also some additional graphical improvements that should enhance the 1257 feel. Also, a preliminary, basic overhaul of the tournament mode.

Definitely in will be:

  • Independent coat of arms for knights recruited in taverns. Mainly based on the earliest known arms roll compiled by Matthew Paris in 1244, the knights in your hire will have a pool of randomly assigned patterns on their shields to mark their individual identities. This will work similarly to the Northmen's shields
  • A few more player surcoats to match selected banners in addition to the current Normandy surcoat, but with a simplified setup
  • More realistic tournaments with knightly armor, close-range weapons and individual heraldry

Help needed

I am currently getting acquainted with the scripting system, but I'd be grateful for some help on the following two issues:

1. Tournaments: Which file contains the information on what troops and npcs take part in the melee (the arena battles)? For greater realism's sake, I would like to remove the mercenary swordsman and the sword sister.

2. Where can I find a good template for a script where the player is given a specific object by a ruler after taking the oath?

Any hints would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

The 1257 Edition / Re: The 1257 Edition *updated* (v1.1)
« on: August 19, 2008, 04:24:04 am »
Yes, the Rhodoks do suck hard. :) Some of that is buggy stats - apparently a few spearmen are expert archers in the current build. Play-balancing has definitely not been a concern so far, also because God didn't just play-balance every nation if you look at it historically. The Lithuanians did manage to hold out for centuries as a pagan nation despite there being a crusade arrayed against them. That seems in part to have been due to the really difficult terrain with marshes and such that made it highly defensible.

Anyway, yes, I would love to incorporate such add-ons provided that they are stable and that they do what they're supposed to do. I hope it won't take too much time to integrate. I'll have to see how much I get round to before the next update!


Would it also be possible to implement Chel and Mirathei's battlefield tactics kit, like the mod Troop Tree Expansion? It would really add to the already wonderful world, and it would make the Rhodoks suck less hard.

It would also go a way to preventing suicidal tactics like 'Hey, let's charge into that mass of Swadians right at the start of the battle! Who cares they have more cavalry than we do? It should be fun! Come on guys!'.

The example above was uttered by Grand Prince Yaroglek of the Vaegir-Rus' before a battle with the Grand Master of the Swadian Order, Master Harlaus. In the ensuing battle, Yaroglek and his cavalry were all massacred but the Vaegirs still won the battle thanks to the bravery of a minor bannerman of the Vaegirs who had been freshly knighted by King Yaroglek. (Guess who that bannerman is :P)

The 1257 Edition / Re: The 1257 Edition *updated* (v1.1)
« on: August 10, 2008, 09:10:34 pm »
If you've downloaded 1.0 of this mod, you won't want to miss this early update (see first post):

1.1 contains new helmets made by Ursca and they really put the cherry on the cake. They fit the period exactly and they're very sexy - check the screenshot link above for updated pics. I made variations on Ursca's original texture to produce four extra versions of the helmet.

Tostig and Cymro have been very generous in sharing what was originally part of their Chaos at the Gates mod - a fascinating work in progress that is looking to expand on the game's backstory, while also keeping the equipment in period. There's an early version over at the Taleworlds forum:,37596.0.html

Check it out!

The 1257 Edition / Re: The 1257 Edition
« on: August 10, 2008, 02:54:32 am »
Umm... any difference with the Khergits?

It's in the readme - no big change other than the new name, alluding to the Golden Horde that dominated Russia at the time, and adjusting the equipment of some of the lords - e.g. those renaissance-style Chargers have been replaced with Warhorses. Sanjar Khan now wears an ostentatious set of Khergit guard armor.

I'm not expert on the steppe peoples but of all the original factions, the Khergits seem to be the closest to their historical counterparts. I'll be happy to consider some feedback on that for the next version.

Misc / Re: Free Colored Surcoats. -M&B game ready
« on: August 09, 2008, 09:42:13 am »
Sunhawken, here's my thanks to you for these surcoats. They've become an essential part of the mod I just released, the 1257 Edition:,1458.msg28801.html#msg28801

I added alpha layers to all of them and tweaked the colors (and in the end, re-did the blue, grey and green). These are really useful for the 1257 setting because at the time, that's what knights basically wore: a shield with coat of arms and a surcoat of a fairly undetermined color. This is the closest to realistic heraldry we can get with 0.960 for the regular troops. Any later and to be realistic, every knight on the battlefield would need to have essentially, his own individual coat of arms on shield and surcoat.

The 1257 Edition / Re: The 1257 Edition
« on: August 08, 2008, 02:34:11 pm »
This is my first real contribution to the forums, guys. Comments welcome! It's been a long time in the making but being a one-man job, I've had to concentrate my resources strategically. Thanks again to Sunhawken, maw and yellowmosquito for their own mods that I was able to draw on. Yellowmosquito's banner standardization pack is a godsend, I can really recommend it. The templates supplied in the pack were what got me started into working with layers in GIMP - the result is the banners you see in the mod.

The 1257 Edition / The 1257 Edition *Update: v1.4 for M&B 1.011*
« on: August 08, 2008, 02:27:31 pm »

The 1257 Edition - Authentic Factions and Equipment
v1.4 for Mount & Blade 1.011

The 1257 Edition of Mount&Blade is a realism mod that grounds the game's original setting more firmly in the history behind its starting date, 1257 A.D. The factions have been thoroughly remodelled and new graphics added, with an emphasis on quality rather than quantity.

Check out the screenshots here (with captions) and here.

Version 1.4 can now be downloaded from the M&B File Repository:


    * Equipment of all troops, civilians and NPCs adjusted to reflect the High Medieval period
    * More authentic-looking and more interesting factions
    * Authentic knightly tournaments
    * Emphasis on individual heraldry
    * Specific items to mark your status as a faction lord
    * Hi-res campaign map
    * Period-accurate helm models
    * New textures added, and hidden models activated to expand the range of shields, helmets, surcoats and other armor
    * New banners for the Swadian, Northern and Vaegir factions, based on heraldic principles
    * Three new knight companions to recruit
    * Extensive editing of in-game text to fit the setting (and correct mistakes)


Please consult the _readme.txt included in the .zip file for more background, and for instructions on how to play with a coat of arms on your surcoat and horse.

The philosophy here has been to concentrate on quality. Rather than spend limited resources on a total rewrite with a thousand new items, care was taken to ensure that what goes in is done right, and that the Mount & Blade experience stays as true as possible to the mid-thirteenth century period within the game's original setting. The factions have been tweaked to resemble the historical powers of the Northern European / Baltic region - both because this seems to be what Calradia is mainly based on, and because it makes for interesting gameplay.

More knights

The mercenaries you can recruit resemble Western European forces of the mid-thirteenth century. The most expensive are now knights with individual heraldry. Knighthood has been emphasized by adding three new knight companions to recruit, and having real knights participate in the tournaments.


In the mid-thirteenth century, knights wore their coat of arms mainly on their shields and on the caparisons of their horses. Surcoats were usually held in one plain color, which either repeated or contrasted a color featured in the coat of arms. This can be recreated in 1257 AD by combining any of the seven colors of surcoat available in the game with your own banner. Ten of the in-game banner designs are available to the player to be worn on the surcoat and horse caparison (see readme file for details).

The Northmen, Vaegirs and Rhodoks won't adapt their leader's banner on their shields, which instead feature many different patterns. Swadian Order troops bear crosses on their shields, while their lords bear their family coat of arms. Khergit have gold shield buckles to mark their rank. This makes leaders easily identifiable on the battlefield.

Gifts of Allegiance

When you take an oath of allegiance to one of the faction leaders, that leader will bestow a special gift to you that symbolizes your adherence to the respective faction and marks your status (see readme file for more details).

The Northern Kingdom

The "Nords" are now the Northern Kingdom, a stand-in for Norway, Sweden or Denmark with cavalry similar to the early Normans. Their equipment is old-fashioned for 1257, which, although slightly exaggerated, has a basis in historical fact (see readme).

The Swadian Order

The Swadians are no longer a kingdom but a crusading order, similar to the the Livonian Sword Brothers. They are ruled by a Master and have various forms of a red cross on their surcoats. As warrior monks, they wear humble civilian clothes. Their officers, usually nobles, can be recognized on the battlefield by the family coats of arms they wear on their shields.

The Vaegir Rus'

The orginal Vaegirs seem to be inspired by the early Viking/Varangian-influenced Russians, such as the Kievan Rus', or the Novgorodians led by Alexander Nevsky. This mod more closely replicates the names, look and equipment of the early Russians.

The Rhodok Commonwealth

The Rhodoks represent the pagan Lithuanians and Old Prussians. They have had their troops extensively remodelled.

The Khergit Horde
The Khergits have undergone changes to their equipment to introduce more variety and eliminate obvious historical inaccuracies. The new name alludes to the Golden Horde of the Mongols that dominated most of what is now Russia in the thirteenth century.


- Hi-res campaign map textures by Punkt (see readme)

- Two updated banners for the Swadian Order

- Covered horse with heraldry for Lethwin Far-Seeker

- All Swadian lords have horses, equipment revised

- Lionel has covered horse with coat of arms from start, no longer available on market

- Barded Warhorses significantly more expensive, to reflect their armor and rare breeding

- Late Medieval war hammers removed

- Swing damage for Northmen faction sword changed to "cut", thrust damage reduced

- The Life of Charlemagne (leadership book) no longer available on market (faction pretender item)


- Cloth-covered warhorses for Swadian lords, one NPC knight, and in shops

- Custom horse covers in addition to custom surcoats for ten player banners (see below)

- Specific faction items now described by lords during oath-taking ceremony

- Pretenders also present you with a gift

- A few bugs eliminated and inconsistencies corrected


- Mod ported to commercial version (1.011)

- New individual shield designs for Knights and Vaegirs

- Authentic tournaments: participants are knights and nobles with their own coat of arms and equipment

- Faction-specific items to mark your status given to you when taking an oath of allegiance

- No-faction-color mode for game map to emphasize heraldry (see readme for details)

- Other changes (see readme)


All new material by Frederic Anklin (a.k.a. Spanky) unless stated otherwise. Please contact me if you would like to use in your own mod.

Used in this mod:

Maciejowski-style great helm and kettle helm by Ursca (textures tweaked and variants added), courtesy of Tostig and Cymro's Chaos Gate mod.

Additional great helm, round helm and war helm models by Raz.

Mount & Blade Banner and Flag Standardization Pack v1.1 (03/05/2008)
by yellowmosquito.

Faction-specific allegiance item code by Galtran.

Punkt's High Resolution Texture Packs 1.2 and 2.0 for the campaign map (steppe texture modified).

maw's shield pack 0527 for v.903 (two crusader shields: red and black on white).

Sunhawken's Free Colored Surcoats (tweaked, and alpha layer added).

Horse texture (blond on brown) by wildhorse.

Thanks to you guys for these contributions. Also, to Raz's ongoing Holy War project and ijzzBloc's Knights Expansion Pack for inspiration.

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