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Hi! I started a new game with the last nightly build and all the good factions get very low in faction strength. I am now 300 days and Rohan just got destroyed, even though it has Edoras and two other cities and Rivendel and Lothlorien have advanced camps, and Dunland is destroyed. Its strength became 0, but for long before that (strength was more than 500!), the the Rohan lords were going around with 10-15 troops loosing one battle after another. Right now all good factions except Imladris (my faction) have a strength of less than 2000. I try to save them, for the sake of my game, but can not. Normally there is a chance to reinforce lords, but this dialogue option is missing. Do you know why? How can I make this option visible? Or can I cheat to increase the strength or Rohan im my game?

The Last Days / Re: Open betas for the next patch (3.2 is out)
« on: September 23, 2012, 11:50:58 am »
Sounds like you loaded up a save from a previous version, or installed 3.2 over some modified strange version and not fresh install of 3.1.

I updated older installation of v.3.00 (folder name was without version TLD) to 3.1 and 3.2.
Now I reinstalled the mod properly and started new game. For now it seems to work fine, except I had a CTD after a battle with 38 gundabad goblins. My party was 1 messenger, 2 dunedain scouts and 2 rivendell scouts. I was getting low moral messages and assumed they all fled, but the backspace botton statistic show them as 2 wounded and 3 dead. Once I won and pressed TAB, the game crashed.

I also used the Item Editor v. to make Rivendell bow useable on horse (why is that not so by default?!).

Try becoming a high rank with rivendell and asking for a special item ;).

The Last Days / Re: Open betas for the next patch (3.2 is out)
« on: September 22, 2012, 01:55:48 pm »
Firts, its a great mod. Maybe the best of all. I just upgraded to 3.2 and see some problems. I tried to search for these bugs, but found nothing.

I play as rivendell elf. When I fight wargs, after killing the rider, white rider appears on the warg. Also the in the Gandalf scene, it is not the wizard, but some half naked guy with moustage. There is the problem with the ents at Entmoot aswell - some messed up texture of a guy with tree head floating above.

I have another question. Rivendell are supposed to have archer cavalry, but there is no rivendell bow, that can be used on horse. Why is that so? I don't like it playing as elf, but using some human strong bow.

ALSO there are no horses to be sold at all - only foodstuff. There are no caravans as well. They appear only if you get a mission to escort some supply train.

Someone else also reported this problem as well. Did you load your save game? If you didn't, try redownloading or reinstalling 3.2. If you did load your save game, the item order has changed, so the stuff troops have will be messed up.

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