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Does that fix the lords and marshalls not replenishing their armies ?

Has there been any progress on the formation thing that I'm missing out on ? :)
Also, is it normal for baddie gear to be lootable after battle and buyable in towns ? I thought that was impossible in the previous version, and didn't mind that at all tbh..

The Last Days / Getting TLD
« on: March 01, 2013, 12:29:49 PM »
I keep getting corrupt 7zip from MBrepository, Rapidshare says download denied by uploader and the auto install version doesn't work properly this time around (the font during loading is a mingled black blur and the game itself crashes when it gets to 100%, before getting to the menu)

So where can I get TLD from ?

The Last Days / Re: Morale System Feedback and Suggestions
« on: February 28, 2013, 02:50:05 AM »
When has this morale system been introduced ? I mean in which version and is there any way to turn it off ?

Yes, you can turn it off in the options menu.

So which patch lowers the companion req's ? Cause i'm quite tired of grinding through to get that healer and tracker up north just so I get to level 8 and the war gets started with me on the other end of Middle Earth (Playing as either Rohan or Gondor) or Galmyne from Edoras.

Well I've done the ents thing, found the dead marshes as well and the Minas Tirith tomb, do the last two yield any reward other than the visual effect ?

You need to hear something from the people first, and then you can slowly approach the place.
Just be careful and don't clash with the Ents. Choose the right option.
(Although it seems very wrong to say 'turn away' while walking deeper and deeper lol)
After finishing the quest you can roam the Fangorn freely (as you become the Ent's friend?).

The question is which people

It's randomly generated. Just talk to people in (Rohan or elven most likely) towns and ask them for rumors. You'll get the Fangorn one eventually.

The Last Days / Re: Faction Rewards/Companion/Traits List
« on: April 21, 2012, 03:43:52 AM »
What's the influence req on Galmyne of Edoras ?

So even as a good guy you have to fight the ents ??

You don't have to. As a good guy you can even get an ent quest that the evil players can't.

Has anyone managed to hire Galmyne or whatever her name is ? Is her req 150 influence from the start or does it grow over time, cause at first if i remember correctly it was 50. (might be wrong since its been a while since I started the game)

Managed to siege and take Dunlending camp and got Isengard to spent and wavering though Theoden doesn't budge,all he does is scout for enemies around Edoras although there are none to be found no more,all the while in the west Gondor is going down and Mordor is back to strong or above that.

Ty for the explanations, knew there was a point in the older version of the game just didn't know if it still existed here. So spent and wavering it is :)

Anyways I got another question: Is faction strength tied in any way to the number or quality of troops factions can produce ? I mean I managed to get Gondor up to strong and reduced Mordor to fair but as soon as I left Imrahil and the lot started loosing quite constantly and negate the advantage that I left them with.

Also what is the deal with the lords that have parties instead of hosts ? Do they ever grow into hosts or just stay at party level ? Is that too unrelated to faction strength ? Cause Faramir's still a 20 men party and its almost 90 days in since i started, same for a number of other Rohan and Gondor lords. 

This has probably been asked over and over again but I'm really curious is there a set point from which lords initiate sieges on more important targets such as Isengard, Moria, Troll Cave or Mt Gundbad itself ?? I've razed all the Uruk-hai camps with Rohan but now Theoden won't siege Dunlending Camp or Isengard which are weakened and respectively fair all the while Gondor is fading away even after I rushed in and defeated Mordor war parties and lords several times. Further north I've managed after taking down a number of Gundbad raiders to have Thranduil siege the north and south gundbad camps yet things are still fragile here as well.
Also Imladris seems very passive in all my games, even the one in which i play as a dunedain which is quite annoying. Same goes for Celebron's elves. All they seem to do is patrol around their settlements without taking any offensive actions. 

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