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Title: MBX Modder FTP Service
Post by: Winter on February 04, 2007, 07:33:33 am
Hullo, everyone, this is an announcement.

I'm starting a free FTP service for MBX's major and minor modders. If you have a major mod subforum on MBX, please apply to Winter for FTP access and you will receive the username, password and URL for this communal FTP account. The MBX administration reserves the right to deny the FTP service anyone who we don't think can be trusted with this account.

With this FTP account you can upload any files you like -- such as beta versions of your mods and suchlike -- to the MBX server, and once the files are uploaded you can then provide download links to whomever you fancy. These files will be visible to anyone; if you don't want them accessed by unauthorised parties, put them in a password-encrypted ZIP file.


Anyone who abuses this service (for example by deleting other people's files or spreading the password around) will receive an immediate permaban from MBX and will have their boards/threads deleted with extreme prejudice.
Title: Re: MBX Modder FTP Service
Post by: Brutus on January 05, 2010, 09:26:13 pm
nice service!